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Found 45 results

  1. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Tips for Hosho?

    I got Hosho today, and my first game went rather well; 2 Destroyed 50k Damage and 3 Citadels (I didn't notice that the Hosho had AP dive bombers, I thought they started at the Ryujo). I noticed a significant improvement with the Hosho over the Ranger, even though the Ranger is of higher tier. However, the games after that I was only able to get 20k-30k damage per game, with the same number of citadels. I don't think I know how to lead torps correctly; I can only hit one torp on a destroyer in a run and it's difficult for me to hit cruisers and battleships. With the attack planes I think I will get better as I get a new computer, but is there a good angle at which you should come in with your attack aircraft? With the AP dive bombers I watched Yuro's Ryujo at least three times, but when i try to drop from mid height I don't start the run correctly and my bombs end up missing. When i stick to high height it;s the same thing. I have gotten mediocre with the AP dive bombers, but once again I would like to get better. Are there any tips that you experienced payers can give me, someone who sucks at CV in general? Also, does anyone have recommendations for captain skills and upgrades? I'm training a IJN carrier captain (obviously) that currently has Air Supremacy and Torpedo Acceleration. For upgrades I have Air Groups Modification 1 and Aircraft Engines Modification 1. Thanks!!!
  2. Are any of these World of Warships logos editable on the game opening "logging in" screen? (see link below or attached pic... marked 1 and 2) https://imgur.com/a/ZUxIfPF If you can, where are these files located? I tried looking everywhere in the flash files as well as all the loose files everywhere else but I can't find them. Cheers if anyone can help!
  3. metus_regem

    Help picking a BB line

    Greetings, thank you for taking the time to look at this... I'm trying to figure out the right BB line for me to go down, I've got USN/KM/RN BB's upto T4/5, but I'm trying to figure out what line I really want to invest in, I don't mind starting a new tech line if that helps. Right now my favorite ship to play is the Graf Spee, I don't mind the lower speed of her and I love her hitting power (ability to punch above her weight class), so I guess what I'm asking is, is there a line that can give me a similar feel (between T1-10, not just T10) to the Graf Spee all the way up the line?
  4. LaBombarde

    12 hours of Tickets.

    If I try to re-install the game, do I need to also re-install the Game Center for any changes to be made? I re-installed World of Warships but not the Game Center and I still have the same issue. Log in. Get to my Port. 30 seconds later, I lose connection. I spent 12 hours sending War Gaming reports and updating and researching and relaunching and restoring etc...Ticket after ticket after ticket, leads me to believe it's my computer that won't play the game. It has been playing fine for months. It started the day of the newest UpDate. I'm a carpenter, so any tips would be appreciated.
  5. Been playing this game since beta and have 12 tier X ships. This is to say I know how the auto resupply works and the separate selection to purchase with doubloons which I have unchecked. About 80% of the time since a December patch my selection for auto resupply is not holding, after a battle I then must repurchase every premium consumable and select auto resupply again. I play 95% of the time tier X's and have 255million silver so lack of funds is not the issue, I have repaired and reinstalled the game and this has not solved the issue. Of my group of friends, I play with I seem to be the only one having this problem. I will try and record a full game in which I have all the correct settings for auto resupply and show how post-game they do not refill regardless of the auto resupply selection.
  6. xSunSTrike_


    Buenas dias/ noches gente vengo a pedir ayuda a ustedes les explico: Deje de jugar al juego hace tiempo y decidi volver a retomar y vi que en steam estaba el juego y lo descargue pero me entere al rato que no se podian migrar cuentas de wg a steam y decidi DESINSTALAR de STEAM y descargarlo normal por WG LAUNCHER y normal lo descargue y oh sorpresa le di a jugar y me aparecia la pantalla negra solo se ve el puntero del mouse y pense que era normal y espere mas o menos 1 hora y nada entonces comprendi que era error del juego o de mi pc AUNQUE dudo mucho porque paso de sobra los REQUISITOS MINIMOS entonces por eso vengo aqui pidiendo ayuda a cualquier buen alma que pueda hacerlo lo agradezco de antemano,estoy atento a sus respuestas Gracias! dejo screens con el error del juego y mis specs de pc. BUENA NOCHE!
  7. Greetings commanders, HMCSH needs your help. We are currently a small but dedicated Clan with around 8 to 15 Active members but we need more active members for clan battles. Ideally a small group of individuals that want to team up with us. We range from California to eastern Canada currently. What we Offer: - A developed Clan Base with 2 steel upgrades (working on the third) / All commander XP upgrades / 4 out of 5 of the regular XP upgrades / 5 out of 6 for repair costs / All the reduced ship cost upgrades / 2 of 3 coal upgrades and all free XP upgrades. -An environment where we want to play clan battles and improve. Ideally getting to at least storm league where we have been once before. -Mature Environment: our players are between 30 an 50 We can't do this alone Captains and we need a few more comrades to help keep us move forward. More Senior members would be very welcome as we could use some extra leadership/guidance as well. For more information leave a post or send a message in game. ChevalierClass
  8. Koogus


    Got 3.5 hours of sleep last night Am I memeing right?
  9. Alright so I was not going to post about this but with the recent release of Jingles as a commander, I wanted to get him, right? So, a bit of history. I was running wow on a macbook pro 2017 on bootcamp windows, but I couldn't play because the game kept having these odd connection lag spikes and then it would kick me out of the match back to the main menu to log in again. I stopped playing, but now I got a new computer. It's a Razer Blade 2016 with the 1060, and I was excited to redownload wow to play again but somehow I am still getting the same lag spikes and the game continues to kick me out to the main menu! This is obviously not the computer hardware, does anyone know a fix? Thanks
  10. Probable fix for those whose launcher is stuck at receiving updates. In my case this was due to my university's network's blockage of torrents. Fix is as follows: edit WOWsLauncher.cfg and make the change from <launcher_transport>3</launcher_transport> to <launcher_transport>2</launcher_transport> Very respectfully, Cadet 4th Class Lotofcash original fix courtesy of SurgeryAddict
  11. So I've been working my way up the IJN torpedo boat line because I wanted something different from my usual USN DD gameplay, and I've been doing reasonably well so far. The line really started to click with me starting with the Akatsuki: she had good torps with reasonably fast reload times, she was fast, she was decently maneuverable, and her guns—while not exactly award-winning—were better than most people thought they were. Then I unlocked the Kagerō. And I gotta say, I'm pretty underwhelmed so far. She's about as maneuverable, but she's slower. Her guns are almost identical to the Akatsuki's, but at a tier higher and with shorter range, so decidedly worse. Her torpedos take forever to reload, and she has less flexibility with them because she only has two launchers (and one fewer torpedo total). Granted, they hit harder than the Akatsuki's, but I wasn't exactly struggling to kill things with her, so this doesn't feel like much of an upgrade to me. I guess I can take torpedo reload booster instead of smoke, but given that she's slower than the Akatsuki and can't evade enemy gunboats as easily without smoke AND that means I'm playing more selfishly, I'm not a huge fan of the idea. She definitely does have the stealth thing going for her, but again, I wasn't really struggling with managing spotting distances in my Akatsuki. Overall, she just feels like a bit of a downgrade to me. I would honestly rather be facing Tier IXs in my Akatsuki than in my Kagerō. If anything, she just kinda feels like the power creep hit her pretty hard. What, if anything, am I missing? Are there any Kagerō pros out there that can give me any advice? I'll be playing her all the way through, since I do intend to complete the IJN torpedo boat line, so I'd love to actually learn to enjoy her.
  12. ARGamingChannel

    Coupon disappeared when I exited checkout

    So, I was planning on buying a ship with a coupon but when I accidentally exited the checkout my coupon disappeared. Is it possible for me to get it back? I don't think it expired as it still had two days left.
  13. Kutejikashi

    Game freeze in the Login screen

    Yesterday I was playing normally, doing the new halloween mission but then the game started crashing mid match, twice. I have some mods installed, maybe that was the reason why the game crashed, then I uninstalled EVERYTHING. have 0 things installed. But now I can't join the game because the game didn't want to pass the "login screen". I already try the "safe mode" but even in that mode the game didn't proceed. Any ideas why this happen to me?
  14. It doesn't open past the launcher. Pressing play on the launcher simply results in that little window appearing. Please help, I just wanna try out the new CVs.
  15. Last_Roll_of_ToiletPaper

    Replays Won't Load

    My replays won't load anymore. I right click, open with, Client Runner (WoWS). The load screen appears where I type in my account info. Then it just gets stuck loading. The replay never starts even after five minutes. I haven't been able to load any of my replays since 8.4 came out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a replay from Clan Brawls that I really want to capture. Thanks.
  16. destawaits

    Propulsion Mod help?

    I've run either Damage Control System Mod 2 or Steering Gears Mod 2 on all of my BBs. I've heard the propulsion mod is good for BBs, especially in Clan Battles or Ranked, but I'm not sure what classes or nations of BBs I should equip the upgrade on, as the wiki seems to only suggest the other two upgrades.
  17. So uh, due to lack of better direction I'll be posting this here. Now what the actual problem is: I just reached Account/Profile Level 3 and with it I unlocked the mission system, but after that , and having to dissolve division with a friend due to him having to leave, I selected the "Win 2 Battles for 20k credits" mission and double clicked, with no battle que starting, nor with the battle button given on missions or the battle button at the top of the screen. Exiting and re-joining the game seems to have fixed the issue but it's still something odd happening. Is it the mission system or perhaps the division getting disolved?
  18. NippleSnipplez

    Tips for UK Cruiser Line

    Any tips/strategies for a beginner playing the UK Cruiser line? I'm currently at the Tier V Emerald and I honestly feel like I just get instadeleted when running into anyone on the enemy team, BB blow me up from far away before I can gap close, DD come out of nowhere and blow me up, my AA seems really inefficient against CV's but I honestly die before having trouble with them most of the time, I've only really had success against other British Cruisers. I never sail in a stright line when I am detected, I change up my speed and which direction I am going constantly but it seems to really only postpone death. I know I'm supposed to stick to my team's BB but it's pretty difficult when I start way ahead of them and am faster than all of them even when at half speed. I do not want to say that the Emerald just sucks because I know the fault lies in my gameplay somewhere but it really feels like it does.
  19. Although (because I use a Mac) I cannot view my own replays, I have noticed that apparently I have a general problem with proper positioning while sailing cruisers. Namely, I seem to have trouble finding a perfect middle between (IMO) ineffectually tossing HE from near max-range or getting too close and thus getting destroyed by the whole enemy team (even when angled). Separating my problems into 2 categories: In cruisers not dependent on firing from concealment (like Japanese cruisers, French cruisers, or sometimes American heavy cruisers), I find that I tend to stay at close to maximum range. However, I believe (not sure if I'm correct or not) that this is overall bad for my damage capabilities, as I feel that the further away I am, the less effective I am. In addition, I find that my first instinct when being targeted by any enemy ship is to turn away, even if I don't know if it's just a destroyer lobbing a few potshots at me or a battleship getting ready to bring the pain. This may increase my survivability, but I dislike having to constantly be retreating. In cruisers more dependent on firing from concealment (like British and especially American CLs), I find that my results in a battle are essentially dependent on a) setting up in a place with concealment so that I can shoot at the enemy without getting shot at in return and b) said place having a firing line on a good portion of the enemy team. More often than not I find that either a) I set up in a position with great concealment but effectively zero targets, forcing me to relocate or b) I set up in a target-rich environment but also end up exposing myself too much and becoming the latest snack on a BB's menu. I also use destroyers and battleships, but both of those classes have advantages which allow more leeway in positioning. Cruisers have neither the concealment to do damage without making themselves vulnerable nor the armor/hp to tank anything thrown their way. I'm aware that I will never be able to control entirely what targets the enemy team chooses to shoot at, but I would like to know how to best balance my own survival/aggro-ing the enemy team and my damage output. This, I feel, is critical to my success in both categories of cruisers. All tips/advice are appreciated.
  20. LowSpeed_US

    WoWSLauncher.cfg file

    Hello Captains, While trying to change regions (yes call me silly), I have inadvertently messed up my "WoWSLauncher.cfg" file. Could someone copy and paste theirs ideally EU (but NA server would be okay too)? I'm asking this since re-downloading 20GB + file is rather time consuming when I can edit few letters within that file. Many thanks in advance. This is the section I've messed up: Could you compare it with yours and tell me which section(s) I may need to edit?
  21. bubbleboy264

    Supercontainer help/luck

    Ive unlocked over 100 containers so far, a mix of try your luck and the other options. So far I've gotten only 2 super containers, and with both of them I wasn't using the try your luck containers. And the rewards in the 2 containers? 50k free xp and 250 flags of some type I can't remember. Meanwhile I see posts of people getting multiple super containers each week, getting free Nikolai's and gremyaschy's while I get rotten luck. I've opened several dozen try your luck containers, gotten NOTHING. The most I got was 5 premium camos. Why does this happen? Why is my luck so bad? Even when I get all 3 containers in 1 day i still get crap. Please help me...
  22. As the title suggests. I have completed the 3rd part of the directive. Yet, I have not received any of the rewards for completing them. Below you can see the screen shots. @iKami, what course of action must I take to resolve this?
  23. killedbynoob_official

    Hey, may i know what is happening?

    My beta test account cannot be accessed and also the email i used is not recognize. It is killedbynoob. You know it by some of stupid topic i used to post asking about why arky got no AA and stuff please help me staff i created this second account using EXACTLY the same email i used before what is happening? Who deleted my account and why?
  24. Deathlyshadow

    Updates and Downloads are stuck!

    Hello, After a couple of weeks of inactivity on the servers, Ive just attempted to download the newest updates for the game. My update started off fine, and got to 11% where it is now stuck. I have no progress, and there is no download speed being displayed. Wargaming Game Center is using 11% of my CPU and almost 50 MB/s on my disk, but not downloading anything. My download speed is fine, at 120 MB/s. I am also having this issue with my update for World of Tanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am not sure where to go next. Thank you,