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Found 239 results

  1. French battleship

    I heard from others that the next version, wg will take back all the French battleships only save the XP on the ship you got and played. So we have to start over at beginning. Is that true?
  2. [HELP] Game Crashed

    Hello people. After i updated my game, the World of WarShips dosent works anymore.. Someone of STAFF help me please.. Here the print.
  3. I just got World of Warships and I started downloading it at 10:05 AM CST (UTC−06:00). I have been waiting about 5 hours and counting for it to finish installing. How do I speed that up? Thanks in advance, Boatman115
  4. Help need

    How do I change the player list to battleship names instead. Please help and thank you. P.S. there is no name or shame here ... just need help
  5. It is my hope that this guide will help some players out there that might be struggling to reach the level. Even if you are that "good" player, this is a good checklist to go over if you are in a rut to make sure you are doing the things you need to be doing. Or, you can pass it on to others in need of help. This is neither definitive not complete, and I hope to expand on it in the future.
  6. A Newbie in Need

    Ahoy!...Er, ah, whatever you sea types say. I'm new...very new to Warships. I was an avid WoT player for a while, before I stopped playing about a year ago because of a lack of interest. I am, however, a big Jingles fan. And I've seen loads of his WoWS content, so I decided to give it a shot. And? I really like it so far. Its very different from WOWS, and I have some questions for those more seasoned among you. 1. Where do I go? I'm not really sure which nation or ship type to go for. Battleships seem like the likely option; lots of armor and big old guns, not to mention healthy HP pools. But...well I've seen enough "Big Dumb Battleship," moments on the MIghty Jingles' channel to know you cant just fail your way through those and not be punished. Destroyers? Not sure. Looks like they require at least a good deal of experience to play well, but they are powerful little beasts. Aircraft carriers are a definite no. Definitely look to require a great deal of knowledge to play. So I'm looking into cruisers for now, and easing myself into the other types. So... what's a good choice for a new player? Thus far I've played all the Tier I ships, but its obvious that (like in WoT) Tier Is don't really give you much insight into what you'll be up against. I really enjoyed the Bougainville and Black Swan. My first game in the Bougainville I stood up to 3 CPU opponents and won alone, doing a bit shy of 20,000 damage, which seems good for a Tier I. I loved the power of those guns. The Black Swan has those unique AP shells and a rapid rate of fire, which is nice. In fact, the British cruisers seem intriguing to me, having seen them on YouTube. But they seem like they'd be a bad starter line, no armor and being limited to AP shells. What do you all think? How are the French Cruisers? Russian? German? I'm not overwhelmingly interested in the American or Japanese cruisers, I've seen enough of them in replays to see they aren't overwhelmingly attractive. I am looking into American Battleships. Not sure on destroyers yet. Give me some advice? 2. Any "New Player," offers to get? I know WoT had some things like this, and I did notice the "Invite a Friend," option. Any way I can take advantage of those? What do you get and how can I get them? I've been thinking of getting my girlfriend into this, as she enjoyed WoT as well, and we'd like a new game to play together. 3. What's the best way to quote "Git gud"? Are there any newbie mistakes to avoid? Ships/Ship lines to avoid playing until the future? Thanks for the help guys, hope to stick around, _Caesar_
  7. Tech Support has stopped responding

    I opened a ticket on January 6th because the game started crashing with alarming frequency. For the first 23 days I went back and forth with Tech Support trying to solve the problem. No luck. I have been sending them daily updates but they have stopped sending me help, or even acknowledging my issues. They have ignored questions I have asked that might help me solve the problem. My request is: is there anyway to elevate this? I found a phone number for WOWS in Emeryville California, that I am considering calling. Has anyone had any successes getting a help form Tech Support under these circumstances? Thanks!
  8. What tier 4 skill should I pick for my commander? air supremacy is a core skill to have? Thanks~
  9. Long story short, what tier 4 skill should I pick up for my tier VI carrier Ryoujo? Thanks~
  10. Beginning 4 days ago (January 20), my PC began locking up while playing World of Warships. This doesn't happen every time I play and I can't find any combination of in-game actions, length of session, or other factors which would explain it. I've been playing off and on since shortly after release (stopped playing for most of 2017 & returned just before Christmas) and have never had this issue before with this or any program on my machine. My stats: Intel I7-6700K 4GHz 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Home NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Water-cooled with multiple fans, all working flawlessly The machine itself is about 18 months old, and again I have had absolutely zero issues with it until the past couple days. Things I have already tried: Updated all drivers (only the NVIDIA driver was out of date) Confirmed that all power save options were disabled Ran Memory Check Ran Disc Check Ran System File Check Manually adjusted virtual memory to manufacturer recommended settings Clean install of WoWs I don't believe this is a bug with WoWs specifically, as I'd played dozens of games between the last update and when these crashes began happening. Two other significant changes were made right before the issues began, however: a windows security patch was issued/installed (I have since uninstalled the patch which made no difference), and our modem was replaced with a new XFinity modem/router combo. I currently have bridge mode enabled on the new modem to continue using my existing router (NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S AC2600), which I connect to via a USB stick. I mention this because yesterday evening the USB stick "crashed", which was resolved by unplugging it and then reinserting...I did notice that the connector was very hot to the touch when I first removed it from the USB port. I've ordered a replacement unit (I've been using the current one for about a year), which should be here later today. At this point I'm at a total loss on what to do next. I was running Performance Monitor on my second screen during the most recent lock and saw absolutely no spikes before the machine locked up. Going through the notification logs has shown no errors reported prior to the crashes, and no error messages which hadn't been happening intermittently for months without causing problems (things like Windows Hello for Business not being compatible). If any of you more technologically inclined folks have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them...I'm not really up on advanced PC tinkering, but I'm not afraid of doing some providing I know exactly what to do & why. Again, I have only had this issue while WoWs was running on the PC (several times while playing and once while running in the background). EDIT: I do have Aslain's mod pack installed on the computer, but I am not currently using any of its mods in the game.
  11. insane loading time and massive GFX load

    So as of yesterday i notice my wows client is using alot more of my GFX card power then it has ever used before. in fact maxing it out, I now get severe stuttering in game and massive framerate drops when wows is the only game running. furthermore my load times have bene fluctuated highly since yesterday as well, including a game that took nearly 6 minutes to load today...any idea's?
  12. 11 crashes in 12 hours. Already did all troubleshooting recommended from support and still an issue. People I play with also report the game just 'kicking them out to the main screen' like I have. it happens 3 times in 1 battle. this is a sad joke. no mods being used... all drivers up to date. no other game having these types of issues and internet not having any issues. @SuperNikoPower @Super_Splash_Bro @Radar_X @Pigeon_of_War don't know who else I need to tag in this, but its getting really old really fast.
  13. (facepalm)

    these days I cannot seem to hit anything... I've looked over vid, forums...etc, but all the crosshairs seem off to the timer. I guess I am just too stupid to play anymore.
  14. Almost to Amagi!

    I'm only about 10k xp away from researching Amagi and I'm earning ~5k xp each battle in Nagato so I want to know what to expect. I'm running a secondary build on Nagato right now (everything except for manual secondaries) I've heard great things about Amagi. Just eyeballing Amagi (wiki is borked), I'm seeing thinner armour (but thicker bows), it doesn't look like Amagi can bowtank and still fire as many secondary guns forward because they aren't "stacked" in front like Nagato. I have this problem... I still want to go with a secondary build but the secondary positioning is giving me doubts (more HE shells going out sounds nice though) and I don't know if the guns are as accurate as those on Nagato. Horrific rudder shift though...
  15. How to Atago

    So, I got an Atago in a big chest (along with De Grasse and Perth), and had never played Russian CAs before, Only cruisers played is UK CLs up to emerald and Belfast. So how do you play the Atago with no smoke generator? Btw suggestions on playing De Grasse and Perth would be nice as well.
  16. Christmas Crates?

    Across three battles for some reason I've gotten four Santa crates tonight. What? I mean, I'm not complaining or anything... I've gotten my first ever doubloons in Warships... @Radar_X You know anything about this? The challenges section has been empty, but Winter Mystery has popped back up for some reason. ???
  17. So, I'm doing the "Incapacitate or destroy 60 modules" mission right now. I already know that main guns, propulsion, and rudder are modules. But do AA guns and secondary battery guns count as well?
  18. Can't uninstall the game

    So since early 2016, I haven't been able to uninstall the game on my laptop, when I try to uninstall it, it just crashes and I have to use task manager to close it, I don't know what to do and its really annoying. If anybody has any idea or clue it would really help me out.
  19. Sleep mode

    If I sit in port looking at commander skills or ship specs my computer goes into power save/sleep mode and will not come back. I have to shut down the entire PC and restart it. I would be annoying if it only affected me, but now it seems to happen anytime I play ranked. 3 games so far and at about 10 minutes in the screen goes black, I can still hear everything but no picture and nothing I do will get it back. I've made all kinds of adjustments in my PC settings but nothing works. I'm not super tech savvy but I know there has to be a solution to this. It's beginning to affect my enjoyment of the game.
  20. I Primarily loaded PTS 0.7.0 to try out the training room. The first thing I noticed under game modes was a second new mode "Introductory Mission" (which I didn't recall seeing in the patch notes) and decided to give that a try since I think some "live" training (as opposed to watching videos) is needed for the new players. Here's my comments. In WoT there is a pretty good introductory mission that walks someone driving a tank through the controls and how to move/aim/shoot. I would recommend that the WoWS developers load WoT and go through that mission to get an idea of what a really good introductory mission is (and what they're goal should be in the WoWS introductory mission). This mode is severely lacking in information that helps explain how to maneuver and attack - there were only two instructions that were displayed: 1) Press W to move forward. 2) Use RMB to look around. After capturing Zone A, a third instruction was displayed about "leading" the target. But that wasn't very helpful as there was no help in how to determine this and nothing about zooming in/out. For example, shell timer and the reticule could be explained AND also how the target's speed can be estimated (by looking at it's smoke trail). To help perhaps a combination of an observer mode (game AI zooms in, aims and shoots with text explaining too much, too little, and just right amount of leading - and some guidance on where to HIT a ship). Since the game has torpedoes, it would also be good to have either a multi-stage mission where after completing basics of shell firing that there was another to practice torpedo attacks. The tutorial right now either is very incomplete or if complete then it assumes a fair amount of information and knowledge already about how to play (and then you wouldn't need the introductory mission other than the show the mechanics of "scenario" battles). Also the ships I was escorting kept firing at the rocks on the islands but there were no shore batteries that I could see. There were also return fire shells arcing overhead from somewhere.
  21. I've done Replays for vids for sometime now this update has tips in the game but now they pop up in replay and wont stop is their a way to get rid of them its such a annoyance and issue for me. I hope it can be fix soon this is really giving me a headache and most vids I cant record anymore because of it. And then no ones replays sent to me can be shown. If i'm lucky the shift key will work and I can stop it for a few minutes. But will come back and show up in the worst time. I just don't like it to show up at all together in the game. Thanks anyone who can help me out this is been annoying me since about last patch. Their is a photo of what it will look like down below. I just want a way to turn that off if its possible.
  22. Should I purchase tr USS Sims or the USS Indianapolis?
  23. Just got Aoba Today

    So I just bought Aoba today... What order should I research the modules in? I'm planning to grind out B hull first in operations grinding GFCS next, would that be the best course of action? What signals should I fly? Right now I'm only flying detonation flags. I carried over my 7-point captain over from Furutaka and he is undergoing retraining and is using Preventative Maintenance (in retrospect, Priority Target might have been better), Expert Marksman, and Demolition Expert. Right... and what upgrades should I use?
  24. ive played woprld of warships for a long time, but i havent played it in maybe 6 months. i just downloaded it onto my new computer but i will not allow me to log into my old profile. i am trying to send in a ticket but it is saying the email is invalid/doesnt exist. yet i am able to log into my account on the forums!!! please help, ive spent alot of money on this game and have high teir ships. i do not want to have to start over!!
  25. There has been, and always will be I guess, alot of posted frustration with new players.... "they shouldn't play Premium ships above their tier/ level" "they cap wrong" "they get in the way" "they ruin the weekend" I think there is a better way. My best and most instructive time in this game has been when I have sailed with someone who was kind to me. Someone who showed me how they played a class, a nations' ship, a map or a scenario. My in-game name is Sinton. If you are new, add me to your friends list. Ask to me play and if I'm on and we will sail together. If you need help on a grind, getting an achievement or want to swap ideas..I can help. If more of us did this, this game would get better. I'm not that good, but I'm not afraid to make a mistake and besides it's always more of a laugh when you win or fail with someone else We do more damage together, we stand a better chance of winning together and we move up together. Sinton