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Found 28 results

  1. I just wanted to ask if I should buy the black Friday containers or wait for the christmas containers. I have never spent any money in world of warships and want my purchases to be worth it. I don't even know if the christmas containers on NA will be any good.
  2. TurboTwinky48

    Konig - Torpedo defence

    I just got the konig along with hull B. I like it, especially after the abysmal accuracy of the Kaiser. I know I'm not supposed to be in the direct front lines because of destroyers and I understand how to use the amazing armor and secondaries (my Kaiser games were full of up close encounters). I also know that with the better accuracy, I should try to keep out of front lines but not too far away since it's still a german BB at it's core. My problem is that I'm always getting spammed with torpedo walls and even with other team mates nearby to help, the torp bombers still find their way in. torps weren't nearly as bad with the Kaiser. But konig really gets spammed with them in a heartbeat of detection. It's slow, the turning is meh and AA, even with B hull, is absolute crap. Even when I stick to the rear, the destroyers and carriers always go for me. So I really need help. I know the konig is supposed to be nice, but I can't get used to torpedo spam. Even when I ask for help, it's usually no good anyways But I am still a new player, so I guess I might be missing something here
  3. GabeTheDespot

    How should I learn to play DDs

    I have played CAs, BBs, CVs, and even CLs and have gained a level of mastery on some (Hindenburg). But DDs seem to elude me, the Ruskies, I zoom around, don’t help the win, and get blapped by a Chapayev. When I still played the Japanese DDs, I got cornered and blapped, and after 1 game in Clemson, I get blapped. How should I play DDs, and which lines should I start off with, I would really like to learn this rather influential ship class. I think it will help me improve my gameplay, because the best way to counter DDs is to think like them, and the best way to know the actions of a radar cruiser is to be forced to counterplay radar, so I know when the 2 key will be most useful on Hindenburg. Thoughts?
  4. Korn_Bread

    Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a still relatively new clan that is about more than Warships. We are about family, an online family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats, we don't require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active Having a microphone and being social is what makes clan play fun and enjoyable. What's the point of playing with people if you can't talk to each other? Being respectful is just a part of being a human being. To be in any clan you have to be active, however, life happens. Just let people know if you have to take a break. We currently have 25 members. If you're interested join our discord and talk to us!
  5. embeddeddear97

    Game won’t update

    I use WGGC and the update acts like it’s updating the game but doesn’t show a progress bar, anyone have this issue?
  6. After acquiring this Gneisenau BB, my win rate plunges down very dramatically (win rate for this ship alone is ~30%), My usual strategy is: -Find the side with the most people. -Go there -Snipe some DDs until I arrive (Might as well) -Push and stay angled to as many ships as possible (I die here the most) -Do my job as a brawler type ship and exploit as many broadsides as possible. -if my team is suddenly deleted, I turn and retreat (I die here a lot here too) I am quite new to this game and the videos from youtube don't help a bit as they offer things that are easy on paper but hard to execute. (500,000 credits left till I get a bismark)
  7. sillyhyper

    e-mail addy change

    Not sure if this right place ask this but let me start from the start. From oct 27 2017 til sept 2018 month month i had not net due to a personal matter wife left me. This left me no net when i came back on sept 28th my old e-mail addy was gone. How do i change it for all games i have in wargaming?
  8. im on the konig for the germans right now but i just cant do the legendary damage that BB's are known for, i mean just now, i fired at a full broadside Queen Elizabeth at a range of 6 kilometers, yet out of 8 rounds, only 1 AP round hit and it was a overpen, i really don't know what else to do. I can't get close because if I go toward them I risk getting into range of DD torps, if I sit at the back firing from long range with the spotter plane, my shots will still miss. I just dont know what to do. i really need help. update, i know the positioning and timing of each shot its just that when i fire, at the correct area i know where they're gonna be, my shots either fly over their ship or fall short with only 1 shot hitting while the enemy BB's like up to 4 or even 6 of their shots on me.
  9. So asking the community for a bit of help. trying to build a captain for my Belfast, but the fun part is I am trying to see if I can Jack Dunkirk and all of his bonus perks. I honestly don't have a better place to put him at the moment so I figured I would as your fine folks out to see if we can make a build that gets the most of the Jack here. Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.
  10. CLAN FALCO Currently FALCO, is being restructured for social players, who speak English or Spanish. With a good atmosphere and camaraderie, willingness to help new players, We have the benefits of the Naval Base. Only 2 simple Requirements:1- Have a Microphone2- Install DiscordServer: NAContact a mp. @zproxy or @Miguel_gtz_cas94 If you have any questions, leave a comment. Best regards
  11. Yeah... We're really getting stomped here. Pretty bad when a New York can shoot down half my Tier 7 Ranger planes. Looking through the damage report, Half my T7 torpedo planes wiped out by T5 and T6 AA. Only 59K damage. Came back in a Scharnhorst.. and pretty much the same thing happened, except this time - I got 5 kills and 106K damage. Both Battles ended the same: Base is destroyed. They don't get into the harbor, but they are focus firing from waaaaayyyyy out. .... Does anybody have a working plan - other than div'ing up... ..... My thoughts: DO NOT bring a carrier. They may do a little spotting, but this takes away desperately needed firepower. I seriously thought I could do well, until half my torpedo planes were eaten on approach to a T5 BB.. got two hits - and those planes were shot down too. All I could manage was manual drops on DDs. DO NOT bring a destroyer. You will be focused and killed first. Will be fighting a LOT of cruisers, and not many battleships... like bringing a knife to a gun battle. DO set your ship up to control and suppress fires. Analysis shows I only got 2 AP hits for 0 damage, and the rest was all HE Spam. Fires happened twice both battles. My CV got a fire on the bot Ranger, and it shows that the bot let it burn until the air was clear. So the AI is on 'Expert' mode here. They also have flags and camo, so your first two salvoes will form perfect circles and wash their decks as the dispersion wears off. After knocking out the AA cruisers, DEFEND the base. To hell with the CV and the funky 'special' targets... Just try not to lose for now. I believe 5 stars is out of reach with random assortments of players.
  12. Is it possible to set it where the voice mods only affect your quick chats and not everyone else's on the team? For example, if I set my voice mod to be ARP Kongo, is it possible to make it to where I hear the Kongo voice over for my quick chats, while everyone else's quick chats use the default national voiceover?
  13. So i got Bismarck a while ago, and I cannot figure this ship out for the life of me. I've had 2 decent games in her since I bought it, neither over 95k damage. Other than those two, my average damage is 33k. I can't snipe cause bad range and terrible dispersion, and can't usually push cause I get focused and die. I would wait to push, but the moment I'm spotted, PT goes to 4-6 right away, and get torched and die or loss 70% of my hp in the first few mins. I find her hard to handle and usually end up blundering around and not able to do much. What I do shoot at I miss or bounce/shatter. The one decent game I had was a two-Bisko division with @Avenge_December_7, but other than that one one, it's been really rough. I did well in the rest of the German BB line, even Gneisenau, but I cannot get Bismarck to click for me. I'll try to bow-tank, but the HE spam from every BB out there is real. So that is useless. What am I missing? I am about to quit on this line and go play German cruisers. Help needed!
  14. Buenos días camaradas. Luego de terminar varias batallas seguidas, que en las cuales no hubo ningún inconveniente con el server, no se me registran ninguno de los logros de dichas batallas, ademas de que eran las primeras del día, por ende ya no me tendrían que figurar los bonos de 50%, pero siguen ahí. Espero una pronta respuesta y saludos.
  15. Alright, so I've been leveling the Akizuki, the Farragut, and the Podvoisky. I'm wondering which T10 lollibote I should go for if I want to pursue an aggressive, gunboat-y role (as I'm a bit strapped for credits and time). I don't like using torpedoes and only rely on them when the enemy is <5km away, so I feel that I won't perform as well in hybrid DDs than I would in a pure gunboat. I like smoking up and setting ships on fire, as well as murdering enemy DDs in caps. I hear that the British DDs are good cap-contesters, but I want to know which T10 DD would suit me best. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hola Colegas ¿Cómo están espero? Espero que estés bien. Hace algún tiempo con la ayuda de varios amigos logre incluir un trabajo de pintura o camuflaje dentro del Modpack Oficial de Wargaming. Y actualmente se encuentra en el nuevo Paquete de Mods o como los Rusos lo llamaron "ModStation". Aquí esta el link para descargarlo https://world-warships.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/WorldOfWarships.ModStation.Setup.exe Foto del trabajo dentro del Paquete Oficial de Mods para WoWs: Me gustaría saber a quién puedo escribir para incluirlo en el juego. Mi idea es que se implemente a travez de una serie de misiones o que WG venda el camuflaje y el dinero recaudado se dona a la Fundación Battleship Texas como si hizo algún tiempo atras o tambien se puede donar a los Veteranos. ¿Qué piensas sobre esto? o ¿A quién debería dirigirme?. Comparto algunas imágenes del Camuflaje. In honor of veterans: Más fotos: Video dentro del juego: Agradecimientos a:
  17. Downloaded the game on my steam account. Couldnt figure out how to use my existing NA account on it. Please help me. Cheers for the Loard of Luck™ Nvm just read the FAQ. Fix your stuff WG. How the hell do you not advertise this before i expended 24 gig of my data limit.(yeah in Australia we have limits by our ISP on data) BIG BOLD LETTERS EXPLAINING SUCH THINGS IS USEFUL. So the steam client is basically useless because of some [edited] WG will spew out. Well played.
  18. Advice for new carrier captains (tiers 4&5) and apologies for the wall of text to follow. So... you finally unlocked a CV and want to be the next Captain Chtholly (https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1027898162,ChthoIIy/ ). Well, here are some things you should know. Some would say the CV line is very broken. Very unbalanced at some tiers. And the learning curve when you get to tier 6 can be unforgiving. That's when the game gives you the opportunity to strafe with fighters and manually drop your bombs and torpedoes. And until you learn those skills you will be at a most definite disadvantage. But playing the tier 4s and 5s can be a lot of fun. Play them right and you can rack up the wins. Play them wrong and you will hear nothing but complaints from your teammates. CV's can carry a game, but just as easily lose it before it's even started. One is way more fun than the other. 1) Don't play a random battle until you've upgraded at least your fighters on the tech tree. If you don't, you'll be pwned like a wood cutting noob. So either use free XP or fight Co-op battles until you get them. 2) Buy the Air Group Modifications for your upgrades. They are inexpensive and will certainly give you the advantage over many who don't. 3) Captain skills should be Aircraft Servicing Expert, although Dogfighting Expert comes in handy for US CV's. And then Torpedo Acceleration. If you play them long enough to get 6 or 10 skill points then it's Torpedo Armament Expertise followed by Air Supremacy. 4) When the battle is loading, hover your mouse over the enemy ships to see what their AA level is. There are some ships, even at those lower tiers that will absolutely devastate your squadrons. Just avoid those ships until later in the game. 5) Your planes are on a Carrier, not an airport. Which means you can move around. Ideally you want to be in a place close enough to the action to get your planes back quickly, but far enough, not to be spotted. Also, don't forget to check how the battle is going and relocate as needed. 6) Unless you're directly under attack, your priorities should be BB, CA, DD, CV. And preferably a ship that's all alone or at least on the edge of a cluster of ships. That way you limit the amount of AA that will be brought to bare on your planes. 7) When dogfighting enemy fighters, try to engage them over your ships. It will give you the edge in what would otherwise be an even battle. 8) Watch your attack planes go in, if your target ship thinks it's your target, it will turn. Change your attack angle appropriately until you have the shot you want, otherwise it will be a wasted strike. Bombs line up straight as you can and torpedoes from the side. 9) Many DD's and CA's are very hard to torpedo if their captains are paying any attention because they have such great maneuverability, learn which ones are a waste of time to attack. Unless you're playing a IJN CV, they can come with 2 torpedo squadrons, in which case, learn to cross drop. Basically, you want them to attack at the same time, but at a 90 degree angle from each other. You don't have to worry about the angle of attack on the ship, just the timing and the angle to each other. 10) Don't use your fighters to escort your own planes. It's always a losing proposition in so many ways. If the target is that well protected, pick another one. Instead, use them to keep the other carriers planes away from yours and to spot enemy ships. 11) Yes Spot!... Spot spot spot. Especially enemy DD's. It's often worth it to use a returning DB squadron to just hover over an enemy DD that's causing your side grief until it's sunk. Your team will love you for that. 11) Don't attack ships that are about to die anyway just to get a kill. It's a waste of a strike and takes those planes out of the game for far too long while they return to rearm. But Do attack ships that have taken a lot of damage, even if they're on your avoid list as there's a pretty good chance their AA will be greatly degraded. Also, if you notice a ship has just put out a fire, go for a torpedo run. If you get a flood or two you will do tons of damage if not the kill. 12) If there are 2 CV's per side, coordinate your fighters to get air superiority. You can link your fighters to theirs or just follow manually. But as soon as they're engaged make sure you join in as fast as you can. Also, avoid the fighters that have a higher tier than yours one on one. Just press the alt key when they're on you tactical view to see what tier their planes are 13) And finally. As a tier 5 CV, you will occasionally be up against tier 6 CV's. If that's the case DO NOT link your fighters. They will get wiped every time your opponent tries to strafe your teammate. Keep your fighters close enough to your allies to help when he engages, and your strike squadrons far away. Tier 6 CV fighters can strafe for devastating results without dogfighting and can literally wipe out multiple squadrons at a time if they're in close proximity to each other.
  19. I'm new to the game and I've been playing IJN CAs exclusively. I own Yubari and all the tech tree IJN CAs from 1 - 7. My eventual goal is Zao, but I'm in no rush. I also bought Atago in a moment of weakness after I got a 30% coupon from WG. But after getting spanked in it a few times I see that I'm not ready for tier 8 yet. I'm not sure if I should be camping out in my Yubari to train up my commanders, or perhaps Furutaka for mid-tier play that still nets good credits? Or is Myoko a good place to sit and learn, as long as I'm looking at grinding 110k XP on it? Thanks for any advice.
  20. Malarkey_

    Insignia Help.

    So I was playing a random battle on NA and came across a player with a " ВТФ " insignia that had 2 Russian flags behind it. I could not locate any info on it what so ever so I figure I would ask the community for help. Thanks.
  21. AquaKing777

    Arsenal Bug

    Hello WG, I have recently run into a problem with my arsenal (and my news page). Every time I click on the Arsenal button, it shows the Arsenal, but it keeps flashing in and out of sight. Furthermore, when I try to purchase something, the Arsenal just shows nothing. Thank you for your time, and I hope you can fix my issue.
  22. I’m doing some research into the navies of various countries during the late 1800’s for a pet project and this keeps bugging me. All the sources that I can find basically state that sometime between the American Civil War and the year 1900, there was an invention now called the gun stabilizer, that utilized a gyroscope to stabilize the gun and keep it balanced despite having the ship move up and down from the waves. The problem is that none of these sources go into any more detail about the device, such as when it was first used, who used it first, who invented it, and how it works. Any further searches I have done pulls information on tank gun stabilizers from WWII and beyond. The things I’m looking for are from around 1880. Any help?
  23. Hola Colegas Alguien me ayuda por favor el problema es que Se me desapareció el camuflaje "Aurora" del evento SpaceWarships sin embargo sigue apareciendo en mi inventario: Espero su ayuda o comentarios, Saludos
  24. Izumo is great at overpens, bounces, and straddling misses at 10km against broadside BBs. There's one main reason for me why playing Izumo generally feels unrewarding and unsatisfying. It's not the awkward turret layout or the fact that it eats HE pen damage everywhere, because a seasoned player can deal with those flaws. In my experience, it's really how inconsistent the guns are even at brawling ranges despite how some claim Izumo has good dispersion. I really wanted to believe that it was up to player skill that explained why I missed so many broadside opportunities in Izumo in regular games, but a training room stationary target will explain my frustration the most that I believe to be the reason why many others skip the Izumo grind. I think these few clips show a pretty good representation of what most of people's Izumo shots end up going in general. If it isn't a complete straddling miss, it's an overpen. The vertical dispersion on Izumo's guns is far too large that it either overshoots or undershoots despite aiming in the same location over and over. Typical broadside Iowa/Missouri that should be easily punished with citadels. And then in the same setup, we have the one salvo out of ten that magically connects to a citadel every shot. If I could get the grouping of the first shot in this clip every few salvos, Izumo would be a great ship. But that clearly just doesn't happen for most salvos in the other clips, as they regularly bracket all over the place. It screams the fickleness of the guns even when presented with optimal positions of firing opportunities that good players try to find. Yet, you don't get rewarded consistently in Izumo even with the best aim you can place. In comparison, I take out the Missouri and realize how massive the disparity in dispersion between the two ships are. People enjoy the Iowa/Missouri for very good reasons. Its guns are god tier consistently grouped when compared to Izumo that it's basically a joke to take out Izumo over Missouri in battle. You can even get citadels against angled Iowa/Missouri because of how accurate your shots can be placed into the exact magazine locations consistently. Trying to do this in Izumo will get you nowhere even if you understand a ship's weaknesses because your shots just don't go to where you want them up even when up close. It rewards aiming at very precise locations incredibly well as you can see and Izumo doesn't have the capability to do this anywhere as well as Missouri. It pains me to see that Izumo can nowhere compete with this level of consistency, grouping, and damage potential that Iowa/Missouri has. If any ship deserves a buff with the recent trend of WG buffing older ships, I think Izumo should at the very least get access to the dispersion module that Missouri has. Nonetheless, I am nearing the end of my full Izumo grind to Yamato and after some 50+ games, I end up with the following Izumo stats after trying really hard to understand this ship while ending up with some better games towards the end. I'd like to say I've gotten better in this ship as a more experienced player, but it still holds back so much potential and enjoyment because of the lack of gun consistency.
  25. pestilence66

    flag confussion

    so i mseeign a flag in games ive never seen red flag with i think a sheild with what looks like an american flag inside the sheild im seeing it on alot of ships and i cant fidn it and i collect flags so really want to get if possible if anyone can help me id really appreciate it if it was one or two people id let it go but its alot so i feel like im missing a flag that i can get which i dont want to happen any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance