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Found 273 results

  1. Insignia Help.

    So I was playing a random battle on NA and came across a player with a " ВТФ " insignia that had 2 Russian flags behind it. I could not locate any info on it what so ever so I figure I would ask the community for help. Thanks.
  2. Arsenal Bug

    Hello WG, I have recently run into a problem with my arsenal (and my news page). Every time I click on the Arsenal button, it shows the Arsenal, but it keeps flashing in and out of sight. Furthermore, when I try to purchase something, the Arsenal just shows nothing. Thank you for your time, and I hope you can fix my issue.
  3. Hola Colegas Alguien me ayuda por favor el problema es que Se me desapareció el camuflaje "Aurora" del evento SpaceWarships sin embargo sigue apareciendo en mi inventario: Espero su ayuda o comentarios, Saludos
  4. I’m doing some research into the navies of various countries during the late 1800’s for a pet project and this keeps bugging me. All the sources that I can find basically state that sometime between the American Civil War and the year 1900, there was an invention now called the gun stabilizer, that utilized a gyroscope to stabilize the gun and keep it balanced despite having the ship move up and down from the waves. The problem is that none of these sources go into any more detail about the device, such as when it was first used, who used it first, who invented it, and how it works. Any further searches I have done pulls information on tank gun stabilizers from WWII and beyond. The things I’m looking for are from around 1880. Any help?
  5. I'm new to the game and I've been playing IJN CAs exclusively. I own Yubari and all the tech tree IJN CAs from 1 - 7. My eventual goal is Zao, but I'm in no rush. I also bought Atago in a moment of weakness after I got a 30% coupon from WG. But after getting spanked in it a few times I see that I'm not ready for tier 8 yet. I'm not sure if I should be camping out in my Yubari to train up my commanders, or perhaps Furutaka for mid-tier play that still nets good credits? Or is Myoko a good place to sit and learn, as long as I'm looking at grinding 110k XP on it? Thanks for any advice.
  6. flag confussion

    so i mseeign a flag in games ive never seen red flag with i think a sheild with what looks like an american flag inside the sheild im seeing it on alot of ships and i cant fidn it and i collect flags so really want to get if possible if anyone can help me id really appreciate it if it was one or two people id let it go but its alot so i feel like im missing a flag that i can get which i dont want to happen any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  7. Hola colegas. Me gustaría informar un error en el barco Moscú, cuando usas el camuflaje de Aurora SpaceWarship, el fuego que sale de las chimeneas permanece en las banderas conmemorativas, Como si se quemaran. Como verás en las imágenes de abajo: Lo publique en el foro en ingles pero no me respondieron ni comentaron nada. ¿ En este caso donde debería enviarlo ? Saludos
  8. So since the update whenever I try and load into the arsenal it will work for a second then display WEB SERVER UNAVAILABLE and I have to exit it, what do I do?
  9. How should I learn to play DDs

    I have played CAs, BBs, CVs, and even CLs and have gained a level of mastery on some (Hindenburg). But DDs seem to elude me, the Ruskies, I zoom around, don’t help the win, and get blapped by a Chapayev. When I still played the Japanese DDs, I got cornered and blapped, and after 1 game in Clemson, I get blapped. How should I play DDs, and which lines should I start off with, I would really like to learn this rather influential ship class. I think it will help me improve my gameplay, because the best way to counter DDs is to think like them, and the best way to know the actions of a radar cruiser is to be forced to counterplay radar, so I know when the 2 key will be most useful on Hindenburg. Thoughts?
  10. Why should I keep playing this game?

    I used to like this game. I really did. I'd recommend it to my friends and watch all the videos. I loved the level of detail and the gameplay seemed fun. But I'm struggling to keep playing it and enjoying it. My damage is terrible (32k average) and the teamplay doesn't exist. BB's camp, CV's don't spot, DD's hide behind island rather than spotting and screening for torpedoes, etc. I can't seen to get damage done, I can't get a win if someone died and willed it to me. Credit earning ingame is terrible, progression takes too long, ships seem to be optimised for one role and when that role isn't available they can't perform, loading into battle takes i kid you not 5 full minutes. ome on WG, make your servers easier to use, the list goes on and on. Someone give me a reason to stay with the game, because it seems like with every new patch it just gets worse.
  11. Izumo is great at overpens, bounces, and straddling misses at 10km against broadside BBs. There's one main reason for me why playing Izumo generally feels unrewarding and unsatisfying. It's not the awkward turret layout or the fact that it eats HE pen damage everywhere, because a seasoned player can deal with those flaws. In my experience, it's really how inconsistent the guns are even at brawling ranges despite how some claim Izumo has good dispersion. I really wanted to believe that it was up to player skill that explained why I missed so many broadside opportunities in Izumo in regular games, but a training room stationary target will explain my frustration the most that I believe to be the reason why many others skip the Izumo grind. I think these few clips show a pretty good representation of what most of people's Izumo shots end up going in general. If it isn't a complete straddling miss, it's an overpen. The vertical dispersion on Izumo's guns is far too large that it either overshoots or undershoots despite aiming in the same location over and over. Typical broadside Iowa/Missouri that should be easily punished with citadels. And then in the same setup, we have the one salvo out of ten that magically connects to a citadel every shot. If I could get the grouping of the first shot in this clip every few salvos, Izumo would be a great ship. But that clearly just doesn't happen for most salvos in the other clips, as they regularly bracket all over the place. It screams the fickleness of the guns even when presented with optimal positions of firing opportunities that good players try to find. Yet, you don't get rewarded consistently in Izumo even with the best aim you can place. In comparison, I take out the Missouri and realize how massive the disparity in dispersion between the two ships are. People enjoy the Iowa/Missouri for very good reasons. Its guns are god tier consistently grouped when compared to Izumo that it's basically a joke to take out Izumo over Missouri in battle. You can even get citadels against angled Iowa/Missouri because of how accurate your shots can be placed into the exact magazine locations consistently. Trying to do this in Izumo will get you nowhere even if you understand a ship's weaknesses because your shots just don't go to where you want them up even when up close. It rewards aiming at very precise locations incredibly well as you can see and Izumo doesn't have the capability to do this anywhere as well as Missouri. It pains me to see that Izumo can nowhere compete with this level of consistency, grouping, and damage potential that Iowa/Missouri has. If any ship deserves a buff with the recent trend of WG buffing older ships, I think Izumo should at the very least get access to the dispersion module that Missouri has. Nonetheless, I am nearing the end of my full Izumo grind to Yamato and after some 50+ games, I end up with the following Izumo stats after trying really hard to understand this ship while ending up with some better games towards the end. I'd like to say I've gotten better in this ship as a more experienced player, but it still holds back so much potential and enjoyment because of the lack of gun consistency.
  12. How to Bismarck in the currrent meta?

    So i got Bismarck a while ago, and I cannot figure this ship out for the life of me. I've had 2 decent games in her since I bought it, neither over 95k damage. Other than those two, my average damage is 33k. I can't snipe cause bad range and terrible dispersion, and can't usually push cause I get focused and die. I would wait to push, but the moment I'm spotted, PT goes to 4-6 right away, and get torched and die or loss 70% of my hp in the first few mins. I find her hard to handle and usually end up blundering around and not able to do much. What I do shoot at I miss or bounce/shatter. The one decent game I had was a two-Bisko division with @Avenge_December_7, but other than that one one, it's been really rough. I did well in the rest of the German BB line, even Gneisenau, but I cannot get Bismarck to click for me. I'll try to bow-tank, but the HE spam from every BB out there is real. So that is useless. What am I missing? I am about to quit on this line and go play German cruisers. Help needed!
  13. How to play this ship

    Okay, so I battle in the Kagero. Up till now, I've been doing really good in the IJN DD line, and some of my Kagero battles are very good. However, recently, I find that when uptiered, I run into a problem. When I cap, I get radared and killed despite my best efforts to stay as far away from the enemy as possible. When I don't cap, the team whines and forces me to cap and die. What should I do in these scenarios?
  14. Which destroyer line for me?

    Hey everyone, I've taken an interest in the destroyers in WoWS. I grinded up to Kagero and Mahan, but I can't decide which one to continue (or if I should start a new line entirely). My stats overall aren't great, but in IJN DDs, I've doing really good until I got to the Kagero. I'm a very aggressive player (which gets me killed a lot), but I want a DD that rewards this playstyle. In most of my games, torp damage gives me the majority of my overall damage. Please help me decide which line to grind. Thanks!
  15. i have gotten this crash at least 12 times, causing me to get banned for match dodging, so that sucks. I am on a new iMac
  16. I want to get better at Randoms, but my main issues (I feel) are being too aggressive in battle and having tunnel vision. I had these issues in WoT, as well. I'm just not sure how to get better with these. In Co-Op, at least, these are less of an issue, as the bots are equally aggressive (This is why I prefer Co-Op).
  17. Prinz Eugen build?

    I'm thinking about buying the Eugen bundle currently 4 sale in the shop. She comes with a 6pt captain. What do you recommend taking for her?
  18. Controls

    So I’m relatively new to the game (T6) and I’ve been watching videos on how to play certain ships. As I’ve been watching I’ve been noticing some things like looking at stats or even following your projectiles. If anyone could give me the buttons to press to see the stats or follow the spread or any other shortcuts for the game that could help please tell. Thanks!
  19. I recently got a new ship and commander from twitch prime as well as some crates. I don’t know how to use the crates, or assign the commander to the new ship. Also, assuming I get camis I don’t know how to use those either. THANKS
  20. MacWrapper 2.0 Problems -- HELP PLS

    Hello guys, I just bought a brand new MacBook Pro 3.1 i5, OS Version 10.13.4 and typically always played on my PC but followed the instructions for downloading to the new Mac and it installed and opens fine - HOWEVER - it has me listed on the Asia server. I need the North American server. Is there a way to change this? There is no drop down menu to select a different server at all. I don't have a profile in the Asia server and have over 5000 games into the NA server. No way I am starting over LOL. I know there is some spectacular computer folks on this forum that likely know there is a quick fix. Please help ! Thanks in advance, Western1168
  21. Hey Guys! I got a channel I am looking to grow, I enjoy talking to new players mostly showing them tips and tricks. Everyday I do a WoWs live stream on YouTube under the channel Sforcecubed! Just looking to get new players to the game, and watch someone who's very small so they can watch and hopefully lean form. Thanks for your time guys and I hope to see you on todays stream! Included is a link to yesterdays stream.
  22. I've been playing WoWS for some time now and I found out the game is on steam for free so I downloaded the game from steam but there was no option to log in via twitch or my wargaming account is there any way to transfer my current progress to my steam account?
  23. I normally don't post on here, but I'm getting desperate. Apologies for the long post. I play all lines, but I mostly play CVs since I'm more of a strategy game person than an action gamer (27% of my games are CV, compared to 26% for cruisers, 26% for battleships, and 21% for destroyers). I was perhaps one of the few people that enjoyed playing strike Lex (for those who weren't around before the patch, it was 0-1-3). Sure, it was incredibly lacking in air cover, but its damage potential was off the charts. I managed to not only set my damage record in it(290k), but also managed to average a solid 85k per round. While Shoukaku wasn't as much of a monster damage dealer, she could still do solid damage while providing air cover, and I love her for it. I boasted 55% and 56% solo winrates on the two tier 8 CVs, respectively, as well as a 75% wr on Enterprise (albeit only 16 battles) and a 53% solo wr in total, so I think I can say I'm not a potato, at the very least. Yet when I got to Essex (still grinding silver for Taihou, which is a bit tricky when you're grinding every single line at once), it's like I just hit a brick wall. That 41% wr is a black mark on my CV record; a valley in an otherwise smooth climb towards higher wtr. I heard good stories about strike Essex and thought it would just be a tier 9 strike Lex with a fighter for air cover, yet I only just got Essex before the patch, so I didn't have time to try out 1-1-3 Essex. I heard all the USN CV players on forums proclaim that Essex would no longer be useless against Taihou. What I found was disappointment and frustration, if I'm going to be honest. At first it thought it was typical new ship blues or the tier 8 planes, but then I realized something else. I just couldn't seem to match the success I had with strike Lex on the new Essex. Hell, I'm actually doing less damage in Essex than in Shoukaku or Lexington. A list of frustrations I have with Essex right now: tier 8 fighters: yes, I realize that Essex's air control is quite solid, and I generally manage to kill more planes than I lose to the enemy CV (usually because I try to bait enemy fighters into rushing in and then surprise strafing them when they thought I was not paying attention), but Taihous, with their faster and sturdier planes, still manages to give me one hell of a fight. I've seen their fighters actually outrun my strafe when they started squarely in the middle of the strafing box they didn't fly to the side to avoid it; no, they actually outran my strafing fighters, like the equivalent of someone fleeing from a cannonball and actually managing to outrun it also, yes, Essex holds my highest average plane shot down per match (26.4) not to mention these tier 8 fighters drop like flies against any high tier AA; oftentimes I hear a squad report being under attack, and the next second 2-3 planes drop from the sky; scouting is nearly impossible, even against destroyers, when your planes are that fragile these fighters tend to get overwhelmed trying both to outduel Taihou's fighters while also defending against Taihou's 3 torpedo bomber squads (I'll be honest, I ignore the dive bombers since their only threat is fire damage and they're fast as heck) tier 8 torpedo bomber: no cross-drop really hurts, but it's something USN CV players have dealt with for a long time, so I'm used to that what I'm not used to is the more consistent exposure to tier 9-10 AA without having the corresponding plane buff to deal with it I've heard some people argue that the tier 9 bomber health upgrade compensates for this, but what everyone forgets is that Taihou gets the same upgrade as well as tier 9 planes and more squadrons simply put, these planes melt under any sort of AA; hell, today a fletcher in a division with a Taihou managed to bag 42 of my planes; the carrier got little more than half of that tier 9 dive bombers I'll be blunt: I find AP bombs to be quite useless at this tier; most battleships are immune, all cruisers have heavy AA, and destroyers are barely affected; at least HE is versatile and still hits hard (1000 lb bombs rock, don't know why they're more inaccurate than IJN dive bombers though) the problem with having only 2 dive bomber squadrons is that stacking damage over time (DOT) is quite a bit tougher simply put, I used to pair 2 dive bombers and the torpedo bomber with the remaining dive bomber in strike Lex and used them to tag team ships, with the torpedo bomber group going first since most people would rather repair floods than fires; then I'd use the all dive bomber squadron to set fires and watch the red ships cook now, since it's no guarantee one dive bomber squadron can set 2 fires, I have to alpha strike any ship, thus giving up all DOT still, they're the least of my complaints If you want information on how I play CVs, I'll provide a short description: start of match move fighters over a cap or between 2 caps with both of them close enough to support each other (but not close enough to get strafed at once) carefully watch enemy fighters, and when they get impatient and rush my seemingly afk fighters, set a strafe if the strafing squad gets engaged and is outnumbered, do a strafe-exit and strafe with my other squadron; this usually works, although I've also had it fail before for unknown reasons (like the enemy squadrons, despite being slightly off the center of the strafe, coming out completely unscathed) hold my bombers back until enemy fighters are down (or unless I know they're occupied elsewhere and can't intervene) target battleships (destroyers if I think they're not paying attention, but generally I find getting guaranteed torp hits on a BB is more efficient than gambling on a destroyer), ignore cruisers unless they have terrible AA like Atago; this also applies to USN BB's and DD's unless I see an AA-heavy ship like a Des Moines using defensive AA, I prefer to press my attacks through dfAA I honestly am not particularly aggressive with my CV placement; usually I'm hiding behind the rest of my team instead of hiding behind an island closer to the battlefield also, I don't run any signals, camos, premium consumables, etc. I'll be honest, I prioritize killing enemy fighters over spreading my planes out to better cover my team (my logic is that once all the enemy fighters are dead, I'll have a clear run for my bombers and can deal with any subsequent enemy CV attacks Recently, on advise of a CV unicum who I shall not name for the time being, I've tried being more aggressive with my play, sending in bombers even if enemy fighters are still up, but all I've found is that the enemy fighters massacre my bombers while my fighters desperately stall before being wiped out by enemy AA I've seen another thread about Essex help (the answer was to play it like a Hiryu), but it has honestly been very little help. With the incoming Midway nerf, I'm wondering if I should simply abandon hope for the USN CV line and treat it like any other line, rather than a line that I genuinely enjoy (like the USN or Russian DD lines). Am I doomed to give my hopes solely to Taihou and the IJN CV line, while Essex is burdened with the disappointment of crushed hopes and dreams? As someone who volunteers on one of the four remaining Essex-class carriers, I sorely hope that won't be the case. P.s.: this is my first time posting here, so please be gentle
  24. Help: Master Chief's commander title

    Greetings, Is there a way to change my commander's title? I can change name and the picture. For role-playing purpose, I want to title to be Master Chief/ John 117 instead of "Commodores". Thanks
  25. the new ships space are permanents?

    please help me with this