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  1. This past weekend a computer issue meant I had to do a clean install of World of Warship. Windows 10 went nuts on my laptop and now its back to a Windows 7 machine. All I know it was a hard disk error that disappeared when the system reset. Computer seems to be working better now that W10 is gone. But World of Warships has a problem. I Can't See Smoke, of any kind. No smoke coming from the funnel stacks. No smoke from smoke screens, laid by enemy, friendlies or my own smoke carrying ships. I also can't see any fires set on ship or the smoke they produce. It is difficult to play when you can't judge ship speed because their funnel smoke is missing and you are trying to hit a ship from 16k. Or a destroyer disappears and you can't tell why until you are in range to see the smoke rings on the water. Please help me, I've messed with every graphical setting, I've restarted the game 3 times, and even done a game integrity check nothing seems to work. And yes I submitted a support ticket yesterday and haven't heard back. I normally run WoWs on low or medium settings and have never had this issue.
  2. Okay, when I start a match, sometimes I am randomly taken to the login screen, I will be able to log back in after and continue the match (but far behind my team) a couple of times i tried to play a few matches but got kicked to the login screen when i loged back in, it kicked me again and it kept on doing this until i died. Does anyone know how to fix this???
  3. Hello fellow captains, I've recently gotten the New Orleans, and I just cannot figure out how to play it. I keep getting citadeled from the bow, made a prime target, while having extremely slow reloading guns. I had absolutely no trouble with the Pensacola, but I am struggling quite a bit with this ship. Any help is appreciated!!
  4. Hey! So I'm at a bit a loss with the Edinburgh, while British cruisers are my best line I cannot get anything to work in this thing. I went from averaging 60k in the Fiji to mid-20s in the Eddy, it seems that no matter what I do I either straddle the ship or get deleted in two salvos. I was under the assumption the playstyle was similar to Fiji but so far that doesn't seem to be working. Is it better to just play ultra-defensive and hug a friendly BB?
  5. Okay, so I just got the kolberg, and I'm having a hard time deciding if i should go with German Cruisers or Battleships first, what do you guys recommend?
  6. two issues that are related started to take the in game survey for World of Warships ,but the DNS server crashed mid- entry and I would like to take the survey again. Can someone help me find how to do that again? I have been having terrible problems with my in -game ping lately and have been forced to uninstall WOT as the server connections got so bad. Other games don't have similar issues ,only WG games.
  7. Hi all, Been around for a long time, this is my first post. I need some serious help because I can not understand what may be very simple to most of you. 1) I want to download a MP3 to the games music player (STRIKE BACK THEME by The Heavy) 2) I have checked to box in the audio section to allow this to happen. I have re-booted. 3) I can not find the folder \res\userMusic\ 4) I have found the res, res_mods, res package folders, but not the userMusic. 5) I have read in posts by others that sometimes you have to create the folder yourself. 6) I have no clue how to create a \res\userMusic\ file or folder, or how I would download to it, or anything about it at all. NOOB-[edited] that I am, I need someone to give me step by step instructions being very specific on how to get my music into the game. You may email me if you like GIVEROFDOOM@COMCAST.NET My game name some of you will recognise is PANDA 2 GUNS. I do appreciate any help. Sincerely, Panda
  8. Why do I keep dying? I mean: *Wyoming appears* Me:
  9. Sooooooo I leave the game as a regular for quite some time (think not too long after 5.14) and, lo and behold, things have changed substantially. Back in my day, AP bombs were for actual historical aircraft, and suddenly my fantasy about adding pew-pew sounds for my ships has come true while simultaneously completely and utterly screwing with how I change the skins on my ships, how in the he-changing how skin implementation works. Impending working on/scrapping of my Star Wars skins aside, and also saying in advance that I have a lot of patch note reading to do, anything change much that I should be aware of? ...Oh, and I did a stupid and used Free XP to get myself a North Carolina because I was so close apparently from the last time I played...Those first couple games did not go well...
  10. It's me again ;v as always I need some help with the gameplay of the CV's. SO, I unlocked Ryujo and I know I can manual drop until tier VI but the problem is: I can't do it, I press alt and M1 but the manual drop don't acccour. It need to be activated in the controls menu or something? as always thanks to you all
  11. I fxp'd the engine because it was only 6k and I can only endure so much "suck." I think once Steven is retrained (thank you Alabama - a ship that's growing on me), I might even start flailing about wildly and hating life in her. ;-) Excuse me...gently rocking back and forth as I search for a 21 kt top speed and curse my existence and wish for the HP pool that Tier V BB didn't mock... OK, OK, seriously...I put this off for a long time, really not looking forward to it...but, the only way to North Carolina is to get through her...and it was more fxp than I could stomach spending.
  12. Hello, my name is Caxi and I want to get better at the game. I've leave my stats for you to look at while I explain some of the aspects I need help to improve on ( Here are some of the situations I often have no idea how to play and end up potatoing under pressure: 1. Pushing against a smoked up DD/CV that has torps while I'm spotted. I do the usual (pop plane/ play torpedo beats) but I don't know what to do after that. If I stay back and wait for smoke to run out I get HE spammed and die. If I push up to proxi-spot/scare them out of the smoke I get torped and die. How can I approach these situations better? 2. Knowing when to go in/pull out when the battle is going even. When the flank I'm holding looks it can go either way, I sometimes push in too hard and get killed or play too passive (such as taking the safe-side of an island) and miss out on potential damage. How do I read the battlefield better? 3. Carrying the game. I do relatively decent/well in the matches I play, but I often feel that the result of the match are often out of my hands. What are some things I can do to increase my overall impact in a match? (things I already do: as DD i always cap/ smoke up friendlies/ torp enemy BBs; as CA I try to live as long as I can and set fire to BBs; as BB I push into caps with DDs and bully out enemy DDs and their cruiser support) 4. Playing the standard battle gamemode. I have no idea where to go, especially when I'm playing a DD. 5. T10 games. The meta just seems so different. BBs are no longer tanky, DDs are no longer stealthy, and CAs are no longer squishy; everyone is smoked up and the water is filled with torps. Especially as bottom tier (T8), I am happy just to not get he spammed out of the game withing the first 10 min (which is a bad attitude to have really). How do I play in these games? Right, I'm sure that's a wall of text. If you do respond then I thank you here in advance. Just some extra info: Yes, my number of games are low and I'm "THAT GUY" that plays tirpitz/scharn basically always, so let's be educational first and shame me after. I am a solo player basically always until recently (and my new division mates are not very good). Lastly, these are certainly not the only things i suck at, feel free to point out anything you think are also making me crap.
  13. Hello Captains! After finishing the underpowered IJN DD line and the KM CA tech line, I don't know which line to grind now I have already researched the next ships: - Benson (t8 USN DD) - Ibuki (t9 IJN CA) - Maass (t7 KM DD) - Bismarck (t8 KM BB) - Fiji (t7 RN CL) I don't know which of them to continue grinding, considering I hate BBs (in terms of annoying them in game). I would like to read you opinion
  14. So, every time I exit my torpedoes the first time My camera goes into this really high view that makes my ship hard to see which i right clicked to check and sure enough it is the same height as the free look cam. My camera was zoomed in to the rear of the ship previously.
  15. I really need help on figuring out this ship.... If it is a mirror match up (against an enemy Essex) I can hold my own as long as he doesn't run 3/0/2 flight mod. What I need help with is figuring out how to counter a Taiho. I've tried looking at youtube videos, but those are a year old and when the Essex still had 1/2/2 loadout, so not very up-to-date. I play it like I did my Lexington but I'm usually running out of planes earlier and I can never do well against a Taiho. I go in with 1 or 2 Dive Bombers, then follow up with my Torpedo bombers and Dive bombers. I use my fighters to escort/defend against Taiho Torpedo bombers. Here is my loadout. Flight mod 1/1/3 All tier 9 planes Stock hull (going to upgrade soon) Air Groups Mod 1 Flight Control Mod 1 Air Groups Mod 3 DCS Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 Concealment Expert Captain Skills: I've talked to other Essex Players and they say my build is solid... Am I just gonna have to pray I don't get matched against a Taiho? (please don't troll and tell me to sell it and play Japanese CVs, I'm already at Shokaku and I don't need the credits)
  16. Ok so I torped my team mate, I said I was sorry and was forgiven and we won, but I am PINK 5x. So I thought, how can I avoid this in the future. Now to learn things, I usually look to my past and apply knowledge from the then, to the now and the future. I thought of a rhyme that I learned. I think in kindergarten. "Stop look listen, before you cross the street, use your eyes use your ears and then use your feet!" So what can we come up with, that could be used as lessons for the game? I am not compiling these or any thing, but thought it might be fun to see what we all can come up with. It can be for any subject (how to shoot, how to torp beat, how to team play, How not to yolo, potato or bacon etc...) and especially how not to torp your team mates. so I will start it off with this. Look, Look, Look again, before you shoot your torp, if you don't you'll be pink, and look like a Dork! The very sorry, Sovereigndawg
  17. So, I invite a friend to the game using the link I found in the WoW's page. The thing is; I know I should get a "bonus chest" reward for inviting my friend to the game (he's like lvl 4 or 5 by now), and I don't even get nor the coins (3 000 000) or the flags (25 each). Does he need to reach a certain lvl of his account to I get those rewards? As always thanks to you all
  18. When I join a game, I was connected to a server IP ranging from like to from what I found from the windows resource monitor. whenever I was connected to this specific IP sv4-sl-a80.fe.core.pwf, I got 500-1000 ping in game while all other servers IP are good within 100 ping. Here is what I got from the PingPlotter Is there any way to fix it or avoid this specific IP. I don't like to restart the game every time I was rolled into this server IP and hope I was not through into it again.
  19. Probable fix for those whose launcher is stuck at receiving updates. In my case this was due to my university's network's blockage of torrents. Fix is as follows: edit WOWsLauncher.cfg and make the change from <launcher_transport>3</launcher_transport> to <launcher_transport>2</launcher_transport> Very respectfully, Cadet 4th Class Lotofcash original fix courtesy of SurgeryAddict
  20. So, some days ago I finally get my Amagi after a hard time grinding exp to it, the thing is I'm curious in how I'm doing with my commander skills. The image is too big to upload so i'm gonna be writting it down: In the line number 1 I have the skills number 1, 3 and 5. In the line number 2 I have number 3 and number 7 and in the line 3 I have the number 5 skill. (sorry I don't know they exact names xd) Also I have 2 skill points that I'm saving for the 4 line of skills, wich one should I get? I remember you I have a Stock Amagi and I'm looking for some advicement from veterans captains in wich build should I do and the skills I will be getting next. That's all folks, thanks to all of you.
  21. So, I'll admit I'm writing this for entirely selfish reasons. Lately, there have been quite a few posts being made that upset my sensibilities as an author, and as a reasonable human being. I want to go over how to make a good post that quickly conveys a message in a way people will take seriously, and how not to say stupid stuff in said post. (Bonus points for fancy alliteration.) Formatting Firstly, one of the most important parts of a good post is formatting—and there are some that falter on this most basic and humble of skills. You know them—the ones who post a wall of text, or do odd things to the layout of said text. Such things often turn people away from whatever you wish to convey in the post, or immediately have them dismiss you. After all, if the OP can't even spare the effort to make their post look good, why should anyone pay attention? Trust me when I say there's an easy fix to such a problem. On your keyboard, there should be a key. That key should say "enter" on it. Amazingly, when you press that key, whatever you're writing drops down a line. This can be useful for separating different points into an easy to read way, giving them clear boundaries while also introducing an artificial pause in the reading. Now, that pause can be very useful in some instances, where you want people to stop for a short second or two, or if you simply want things to look and sound pretty when people are reading the post over. Like now. I had finished the points I wanted to make in the last paragraph, so I hit the enter key twice and dropped down to start a new one. It prevents the post from taking on a 'wall-of-text' feel, while also making it easier to understand and read. And when you're done with an entire section of points which are related to each other, and need to move on to the next big idea, either drop down a bit further, or introduce a divider element to the post. For shorter posts, I'd recommend just dropping down two lines, but for something like this, it's helpful to visually divide one section from another. I accomplish that like this: Now, onto my next topic! Grammar I won't wax lyrical on why proper grammar is important, because I'm pretty sure everyone understands or at least has heard that speech before. Instead, I'll tell you what grammar can do for you! First off, proper usage of grammar makes you sound good, and has people taking you seriously from the get-go. When I see a post missing capitalization, punctuation and such; I cringe a little. It immediately tells me that this person must have not put much thought, time, or effort into their post. Proper grammar will have people reading your post, and thinking about the points you make instead of "oh, there should be a comma there, oh, that's hideously misspelled, oh, that should be I, not i...." and so on, so on. Really, proper grammar is proper etiquette. Just as poor manners at a black-tie event will get you called a bumpkin and lessen other's opinion of you, poor grammar will have your readers think lesser of you. Now, how do you improve grammar? Well, there's no easy way about it. You have to read. *Gasps of horror* No, really. Just read a book every now and then, and take note of how things are written. Then, whenever you find yourself writing something, take a step back and think about how it could be improved. Authors call this process editing, and pretty much all of them do it. I know that once I finish writing this helpful little guide, I'll go back over it—combing for grammatical errors, awkward turns of phrase, and the ever present spelling mistake. And it's even more likely that there will still be something wrong that I missed. Word Choice Word choice is an oft discounted, but extremely important part of writing. And there's only one thing I can say about it. As long as the words are not overtly inflammatory, nor vitriolic in nature, stick with what you know. Too many times I've seen someone misuse a word pulled from a thesaurus in an attempt to sound smart. Hint: It doesn't work. If you can't think of a fitting word off the top of your head, use another. There's nothing saying that the vocabulary you have right now is inadequate. As long as you can articulate your message in an understandable way, everything is fine. But for those who want to add that little extra something special, and brutalize others with a massive vocabulary, well. Read more. That's how you grow your vocabulary list. I'm sure you've noticed how many big and not-so-well-known words I've used while writing this. That's just down to years of devouring every book thrown my way. So, in other words, don't use a thesaurus. Don't try to insert smart sounding words to sound smart. Instead, actually get smarter and learn while reading. Writing Style This is what I like to call "The Product". It's what comes from the other three points discussed thus far. Formatting, grammar and word choice come together to form a writing style that distinguishes you in some way or another. A lot of writers are vaunted for their unique and different writing styles. However, that doesn't mean that you have to develop something which separates you from the crowd. No, writing style is just the natural off-spring of everything else. It does have an impact on whatever you write though, in the same way your speech patterns change how you interact with people. Sometimes it can be antagonistic in nature, or humorous in other cases. My own writing style is a fine blend of pointed sarcasm, humor, and what I hope is intelligence. If for any reason you find that people are responding badly to something you've written, ask yourself if it might be the writing style. If you write very aggressively, then people might respond by getting defensive. If you write poorly, people might not take you seriously. Just stuff like that. Now, you can change your writing style. It's sometimes employed as a literary technique by authors to portray the different personalities of various characters, or changes in environment and setting. Unfortunately, changing your writing style requires you to be as objective as possible, to not be biased towards your words. It might be helpful to get a second opinion on the initial style, and some advice as to how it might be changed in a different direction. As I'm not an expert in such things, I'll refrain from outlining exact ways of accomplishing it. How to not be stupid. Congratulations. You can now write a somewhat cohesive and good looking post. However, there might still be a problem. The contents. It doesn't matter how good of a post you write, someone will think otherwise. To be human is to have opinions, and someone is certainly going to have one different from your own. I have my own opinions on right and wrong, and I occasionally blast someone I perceive for being a dummkopf. Now, there are some rules to writing a post which will not end in a typed screaming match. At least, these are the rule I try to use. Generally, they've worked out well. 1. Think before posting— "Is this really a good idea?" "What's the popular response going to be?" "Have there been other threads like this?" "How did they end?" Just stuff like this. Consider deeply whether it's a good idea to hit that Post New Topic button. 2. Be understanding— If people are demonstrating an opinion different from your own, wonder why they have they opinion. Don't automatically think that you are in the right. 3. Be humble— Otherwise, be ready for others to take a dump all over your post. Nobody likes a braggart. 4. Research— If you aren't sure something's true, then it might not be. Make sure that you've researched all your content for consistency's sake. 5. Never assume— The snakes will come out of the woodworks to prove just how wrong you are. 6. Be patient— Really. Like, really really. Nothing is accomplished by going off the rails at someone, even if it feels good. 7. Be helpful— Ask yourself, "what does this post add to the community?" If you don't have an answer, don't post it. These rules can also be applied to replies or comments after the initial post. In fact, they should be. You've all probably seen a thread that starts out well, then just implodes due to the things being said in the comments. Exercise these rules in that case. And whatever else you do, at least try to be nice, okay? Otherwise, I will become cross, and annoyed River is not a happy River. If you're reading this in order to better your writing skills, then I hope you've found this guide even the slightest bit helpful. If you're still struggling, I highly recommend checking out some of LittleWhiteMouse's ships reviews. Those are all great examples of a fantastic post, and demonstrates most of what I mentioned in the above post. If you're reading this because it looked interesting and there was no other new topics, then I have an idea. Post a link to this thread when you think someone else can benefit from it. I would like to see this community become better writers, one and all. TL;DR—Really? Put in a bit of effort man. Or watch this. It's what happens when you don't english right. Credit to Macabe for suggesting it, and Weird Al for the OC.
  22. So, I upload 3000 doubloons to save them and try to get Atago, but I notice I can get Ichizuchi at 2500 doubloons. The thingy is I'm trying to grind exp to jump over Amagi and get Izumo, but I don't know if Atago earns more exp than Ichizuchi. What do you recommend me to do?
  23. So, I'm a relative "new player" in world of warships and a few days ago I finally farm the exp to get my Nagato wich i'm proud for. The thingy is, can someone tell me what to spect from her? I mean, from "veterans commanders" of Nagato some angling skills or what I can make in the battlefield with her, stuff like that. With not more to say, thanks to you all.
  24. Hey all, I just got done building a new PC, upgraded to the 21st century and the world of 4k. I need some assistance with links to any other support pages that can help best optimize the UI scale to Resolution. Playing on 4k is near impossible as the UI is just microscopic .
  25. Hello, My WoWs today decided it wouldn't start up. I kept on getting error messages, tried uninstalling all mods. Still doesn't work, it seems like it's a Windows Error. Help? (picture is big, I don't want to spam you with huge images)