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  1. i recently downloaded the new update only to find that the game would encounter a "critical error." I originally thought this was because i downloaded this patch over bad wifi, i put it away to re-download when i got home, only to find that the new downloads would not even open! only showing this for a split second: so i went back to the original file and re-uploaded it only to have the same issue after you press OK it says to either press okay to shutdown or cancel to start wine debugger (seems to the same as pressing OK) devs or whoever can fix this please help! any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Since the last update everything goes smoothly until i connect to the NA server. The little anchor spins and it loads... A completely black screen. I have to force quit WoWS and once i do, i get this message: (please note that i am on mac)
  3. Hey! So I'm at a bit a loss with the Edinburgh, while British cruisers are my best line I cannot get anything to work in this thing. I went from averaging 60k in the Fiji to mid-20s in the Eddy, it seems that no matter what I do I either straddle the ship or get deleted in two salvos. I was under the assumption the playstyle was similar to Fiji but so far that doesn't seem to be working. Is it better to just play ultra-defensive and hug a friendly BB?
  4. Just a friendly, competent player looking for some Tips & Tricks for Carriers. By no means a noob at Carrier captaining, but I wouldn't say I'm the best in the world either... Thanks in advance!
  5. So i reached tier 6 Fubuki which used to be tier 8 i think, anyway how to play her? I cant get in close like i did with Mutsuki, what do I do any suggestions?
  6. How do I cange the text size!!!??? (In game obviuslly)
  7. Not certain the most appropriate place for this topic. Now that clans are available, is time to add more options to help players form into divisions. #1 A battle timer should be available so I can see how much time is left for anyone currently in a battle. Even better if a health indicator and current score was also shown. It would make it much easier to decide when to wait vs start a new battle. For example would show if someone has just entered battle (start a new game) or is in the final few minutes. (wait for them). This feature could be a query to minimize the use of computing resources. #2 Also players should have the ability to set their current status. Options could include *Looking to play in division *Not Looking to play in division *In 2 man division, room for 1 more *In 3 man division no spots open right now *Waiting for response, status uncertain at this time *Away from computer at this time
  8. Hey guys... haven't made a Help an Ensign video in a while, so here's the latest. Decided to do a guide for beginners on strafing. Seems a lot of new CV players (and even more seasoned) are unaware this exist. This is further evidenced by the hacking accusations that pop up every now and then when a player loses all their planes in a split second. This guide should level the playing fields for begginers and help them out.
  9. Hello fellow captains, I've recently gotten the New Orleans, and I just cannot figure out how to play it. I keep getting citadeled from the bow, made a prime target, while having extremely slow reloading guns. I had absolutely no trouble with the Pensacola, but I am struggling quite a bit with this ship. Any help is appreciated!!
  10. So ive been trying to install the game but it refuses to let me. i keep recieving a you dont have enough permissions to install, error. im using the admin account and ive checked the file info and it has full permissions. changing the file location changed nothing. can anyone tell me whats going on?
  11. Alright, I kinda need help in Phoenix and light cruiser playstyles. I've been failing hard in it, and I really hate it. I'm only doing it for the Cleveland, so can anyone tell me how to play this ship and its class?
  12. When ever I hit play on the war of warships game center this message comes up, pls help? Should I just reinstall?
  13. Can somebody help me with terrible lag spikes, I'm in the middle of a battle and everything freezes for about 5-10 seconds. In other threads, people pointed out this link but it just gives me "Error code: 2F173/H"
  14. this error pops up everytime I launch the game, I don't understand it and need some help.
  15. Ive unlocked over 100 containers so far, a mix of try your luck and the other options. So far I've gotten only 2 super containers, and with both of them I wasn't using the try your luck containers. And the rewards in the 2 containers? 50k free xp and 250 flags of some type I can't remember. Meanwhile I see posts of people getting multiple super containers each week, getting free Nikolai's and gremyaschy's while I get rotten luck. I've opened several dozen try your luck containers, gotten NOTHING. The most I got was 5 premium camos. Why does this happen? Why is my luck so bad? Even when I get all 3 containers in 1 day i still get crap. Please help me...
  16. This past weekend a computer issue meant I had to do a clean install of World of Warship. Windows 10 went nuts on my laptop and now its back to a Windows 7 machine. All I know it was a hard disk error that disappeared when the system reset. Computer seems to be working better now that W10 is gone. But World of Warships has a problem. I Can't See Smoke, of any kind. No smoke coming from the funnel stacks. No smoke from smoke screens, laid by enemy, friendlies or my own smoke carrying ships. I also can't see any fires set on ship or the smoke they produce. It is difficult to play when you can't judge ship speed because their funnel smoke is missing and you are trying to hit a ship from 16k. Or a destroyer disappears and you can't tell why until you are in range to see the smoke rings on the water. Please help me, I've messed with every graphical setting, I've restarted the game 3 times, and even done a game integrity check nothing seems to work. And yes I submitted a support ticket yesterday and haven't heard back. I normally run WoWs on low or medium settings and have never had this issue.
  17. Okay, when I start a match, sometimes I am randomly taken to the login screen, I will be able to log back in after and continue the match (but far behind my team) a couple of times i tried to play a few matches but got kicked to the login screen when i loged back in, it kicked me again and it kept on doing this until i died. Does anyone know how to fix this???
  18. Okay, so I just got the kolberg, and I'm having a hard time deciding if i should go with German Cruisers or Battleships first, what do you guys recommend?
  19. two issues that are related started to take the in game survey for World of Warships ,but the DNS server crashed mid- entry and I would like to take the survey again. Can someone help me find how to do that again? I have been having terrible problems with my in -game ping lately and have been forced to uninstall WOT as the server connections got so bad. Other games don't have similar issues ,only WG games.
  20. Hi all, Been around for a long time, this is my first post. I need some serious help because I can not understand what may be very simple to most of you. 1) I want to download a MP3 to the games music player (STRIKE BACK THEME by The Heavy) 2) I have checked to box in the audio section to allow this to happen. I have re-booted. 3) I can not find the folder \res\userMusic\ 4) I have found the res, res_mods, res package folders, but not the userMusic. 5) I have read in posts by others that sometimes you have to create the folder yourself. 6) I have no clue how to create a \res\userMusic\ file or folder, or how I would download to it, or anything about it at all. NOOB-[edited] that I am, I need someone to give me step by step instructions being very specific on how to get my music into the game. You may email me if you like GIVEROFDOOM@COMCAST.NET My game name some of you will recognise is PANDA 2 GUNS. I do appreciate any help. Sincerely, Panda
  21. Why do I keep dying? I mean: *Wyoming appears* Me:
  22. Sooooooo I leave the game as a regular for quite some time (think not too long after 5.14) and, lo and behold, things have changed substantially. Back in my day, AP bombs were for actual historical aircraft, and suddenly my fantasy about adding pew-pew sounds for my ships has come true while simultaneously completely and utterly screwing with how I change the skins on my ships, how in the he-changing how skin implementation works. Impending working on/scrapping of my Star Wars skins aside, and also saying in advance that I have a lot of patch note reading to do, anything change much that I should be aware of? ...Oh, and I did a stupid and used Free XP to get myself a North Carolina because I was so close apparently from the last time I played...Those first couple games did not go well...
  23. It's me again ;v as always I need some help with the gameplay of the CV's. SO, I unlocked Ryujo and I know I can manual drop until tier VI but the problem is: I can't do it, I press alt and M1 but the manual drop don't acccour. It need to be activated in the controls menu or something? as always thanks to you all
  24. I fxp'd the engine because it was only 6k and I can only endure so much "suck." I think once Steven is retrained (thank you Alabama - a ship that's growing on me), I might even start flailing about wildly and hating life in her. ;-) Excuse me...gently rocking back and forth as I search for a 21 kt top speed and curse my existence and wish for the HP pool that Tier V BB didn't mock... OK, OK, seriously...I put this off for a long time, really not looking forward to it...but, the only way to North Carolina is to get through her...and it was more fxp than I could stomach spending.
  25. Hello, my name is Caxi and I want to get better at the game. I've leave my stats for you to look at while I explain some of the aspects I need help to improve on ( Here are some of the situations I often have no idea how to play and end up potatoing under pressure: 1. Pushing against a smoked up DD/CV that has torps while I'm spotted. I do the usual (pop plane/ play torpedo beats) but I don't know what to do after that. If I stay back and wait for smoke to run out I get HE spammed and die. If I push up to proxi-spot/scare them out of the smoke I get torped and die. How can I approach these situations better? 2. Knowing when to go in/pull out when the battle is going even. When the flank I'm holding looks it can go either way, I sometimes push in too hard and get killed or play too passive (such as taking the safe-side of an island) and miss out on potential damage. How do I read the battlefield better? 3. Carrying the game. I do relatively decent/well in the matches I play, but I often feel that the result of the match are often out of my hands. What are some things I can do to increase my overall impact in a match? (things I already do: as DD i always cap/ smoke up friendlies/ torp enemy BBs; as CA I try to live as long as I can and set fire to BBs; as BB I push into caps with DDs and bully out enemy DDs and their cruiser support) 4. Playing the standard battle gamemode. I have no idea where to go, especially when I'm playing a DD. 5. T10 games. The meta just seems so different. BBs are no longer tanky, DDs are no longer stealthy, and CAs are no longer squishy; everyone is smoked up and the water is filled with torps. Especially as bottom tier (T8), I am happy just to not get he spammed out of the game withing the first 10 min (which is a bad attitude to have really). How do I play in these games? Right, I'm sure that's a wall of text. If you do respond then I thank you here in advance. Just some extra info: Yes, my number of games are low and I'm "THAT GUY" that plays tirpitz/scharn basically always, so let's be educational first and shame me after. I am a solo player basically always until recently (and my new division mates are not very good). Lastly, these are certainly not the only things i suck at, feel free to point out anything you think are also making me crap.