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Found 198 results

  1. My record in Akatsuki is abysmal so far with only 7(!) out of 23(!!) battles won and is ninth from the bottom in terms of win rate in my profile summary. I don't really want to practice in Co-op because I don't feel that fighting bots in Co-op will give me a "realistic" experience. Links to up to date guides and tips would be appreciated. How my Akatsuki is currently set up below: Modules: B Hull Stock GFCS Type 90 mod.1 torpedoes (the upgraded torps) Captain Skills: Preventive Maintenance Last Stand Superintendent Concealment Expert Upgrades and Camo: Main Armaments Mod 1 Main Battery Mod 2 Steering Gears Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 Type 5 Camo Signals: Equal Speed Charlie London India Bravo Terathree Sierra Mike November Foxtrot Victor Lima Juliet Whisky Unaone Juliet Charlie I also fly The Hard Fought Victory flag, if you must know. My AA is turned off unless Planes fly through my air detection range and I tend to fire all nine torpedoes at once (not a good idea, I know). Have some replays of some of my better/average games to analyze how I play(yes I do like aiming in and out for no reason and hitting other buttons down the left side of my keyboard for no reason) help example 1.wowsreplay?dl=0 help example 2.wowsreplay?dl=0 You may, if you read my earlier thread regarding Pan-Asian DDs, recognize it as the result of the second replay.
  2. Hi there! If you are a new player, allow me to welcome you to World of Warships and to point out some of what you will experience here. I will preface everything that follows by telling you that I am not a great player. I am perhaps slightly above average. But I have been around a while, have been active (albeit with few posts) on the forums, and have played a lot of games here. World of Warships recently having been added to Steam, I expect we will see an influx of new players. Maybe you are one of them. If you have been playing games online a while, you likely know that there are often issues with what can be loosely termed as "toxicity" among players, in the game and on the forums. Not everyone is rude or hyper-critical, but those that are can poison the experience with just a few lines of text. So, allow me to suggest that you do your best to ignore it when you see it, particularly if it is directed at you or your game play. In game there is a function for reporting players. Make use of that if you feel it is merited. But try not to engage in a shouting match with another player. It really never helps. The fact that you are here, reading this, suggests that you are one of the relative few interested in engaging in the community beyond simply playing the game. Please consider this forum an opportunity to learn about the complexities of the game. There is a lot of knowledge in the people that visit here regularly, and you can tap into that. But there are a few important suggestions I would like to make. Forgive me laying them out this way, but I believe these are important: 1. Claims that the game is broken or that a ship is terrible because you are not doing well will generally not be well received. Such posts, if I can generalize on behalf of this forum, are usually viewed with a jaundiced eye, the impression that because one person is having a hard time everything should change to better suit them difficult to be patient and understanding with. This comes from having seen such posts many, many, many times. As an alternative, a simple declaration of "I need help with X" because I do not understand it or am not doing well with it" will generally receive helpful hints and suggestions. Trolling is frowned upon. Posts designed to be incendiary or divisive will often result in your being labeled as a troll. This can make it difficult for you to receive constructive feedback on your non-troll posts. Avoid being a troll. 2. Understand that this is a game of surprising complexity that is covered in a veneer of arcade-game simplicity. Some players will never scratch beneath that veneer. Your being here suggests that you want to delve a little deeper into the game. You will find a lot of people here willing to help you do that. But please try to avoid falling prey to the temptation to write a "this game is bad because" post in the style mentioned in #1 (above) while you are learning about the game. 3. Youtube is your friend. Type "WoWS how to (insert your ship name here)" and you will likely find multiple different videos from various contributors, each with something you might find valuable. 4. Information is your ally. You can find a great deal of information at: The World of Warships Wiki. Take some time and get familiar with the ships you are playing. And learn about the ships you are playing against. Just got your butt handed to you by something you did not expect or see coming? Don't rage about it on the forums, learn about how it happened and how to prevent falling prey to it again. 5. Be Patient. This cannot be overstated. There is a lot to learn, appreciate, and enjoy in this game. Trying to learn and experience it all in a hurry is almost certain to be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. Take your time. Play lots of games in low-tier ships. Don't rush into higher-tier play until you really have a grasp on what your current tier has to teach you. There is no great reward for reaching Tier 10. Sure, the ships are better. But if you rush to get there you will not understand the fundamentals of playing at that tier, and you will be playing against players with many thousands of games under their belt and a deep understanding of how the game works to rely on. Learn all the fundamentals you can before you approach high-tier play. You are much more likely to enjoy this game long term with this approach. If you are a veteran of the game I hope you will understand what I am trying to do here and that I am asking for your help. This is especially true if you have a position of leadership (CC, Youtuber, Super-Unicum, Unicum, Clan Leader, Prolific Forum Poster, etc.) or any other relatively high-profile position or standing. Please consider that the culture in a hierarchy is generally top-down. Those in the spotlight are being watched, and likely emulated, by those that admire them or aspire to become like them. What tone and attitude toward our fellow players, new players in particular, are we demonstrating? Is it the one we want to demonstrate? For most of us the answer will be yes, wherever we fall on the spectrum between helpful and critical. But if you are considering this for the first time, remember that you can decide to present yourself however you want and that the way you present yourself can and will have an impact on others. Please know that I am not calling anyone out. I understand that there are many different personalities and that my view is not the "right" one, or any more important or valid than yours. I also understand that there are times when being blunt is quite appropriate. I am just trying to shine a light on something and sincerely hoping for your thoughts and input, our collectively finding a way to help new players that are interested in learning about the game and becoming a part of the community the goal. How might we offer those interested a way to get help, to learn about the game, and to access some of the accumulated wealth of information locked in your minds in a structured and easy to find way? How might we point new players toward resources and experienced players in order to maximize the chance that they will become a part of our community? For example, one idea I had (not sure it is a good idea, but it is an idea) was to provide an email address for new players to send game files to an experienced player asking for constructive criticism. Thoughts? I realize there are a great many efforts already in place along these lines. In no way am I minimizing their importance or effectiveness. This includes the recent request by WoWS NA here on these forums to create a new-player training regimen, among others. Thanks for reading. I know this is a longer-than normal forum post. Respects, Am
  3. Ship Controls Armament and Modules Ammunition and Consumables Aircraft I think it may be helpful to look these over when you are not dodging torpedoes.
  4. Since the last update everything goes smoothly until i connect to the NA server. The little anchor spins and it loads... A completely black screen. I have to force quit WoWS and once i do, i get this message: (please note that i am on mac)
  5. Problem Solved Okay, this is quite straight forward to explain, but I really hope it's straightforward to fix, because as of right now WOWS is literally unplayable. And considering I just got a ten point IJN Captain and 24hrs of premium time, unplayable is not what I want to hear right now. When I'm using my computer normally without the game open, everything runs fine. The forum works, my music works, my discord works, everything is fine. However, as of about fifty minutes ago when I was playing WOWS, the game started to slow down and my screen was flickering. As in, my power kept on connecting and disconnecting. One second my laptop would be charging and then the next it would stop charging, and the screen would flicker to let me know that it was now on battery. It keeps doing this over and over and over again, without fail while I have WOWS open. Now that I have it closed again, EVERYTHING is fine again. Can someone please explain as to why the game would be causing this? When I saw this first start happening, I restarted my computer and updated it, thinking it had something to do with the update windows was trying to give me. After updating however, this problem persists and I have absolutely no idea why the game is messing with my laptops charging functions. ... HELP, PLEASE
  6. So with the common onslaught of new players from the Steam release, the inevitable seal clubbing that many WoWs players cannot help themselves against, there is going to be a huge influx of threads that boil down to, "What the hell is *insert semi-common-to-oft-misunderstood-mechanic-or-meta-thing*" And while Wargaming does provide some tooltips, they more, lets say, 'realistic' aspects of the way this game functions, are not often mentioned. Such as: Q: "I can deal with most ships I come up against at T3-4, but I notice this one, called the Nikolia, seems to be a huge pain to deal with. What's up with that?" A: It's genuinely overpowered, to a degree that the Developer (Wargaming) ceased selling it shortly after release and will not offer it ever again as a direct sale, this being Wargaming's preferred method of acknowledging something is Overpowered. Followup A1: Konig Albert, Belfast, Gremy, and Kutz all follow the same setup and have been deemed genuinely overpowered. Followup A2: Although recently Wargaming has started allowing for this as a warning on a sales page, they *generally* won't nerf, even an admitted overpowered, Premium (pay for with real money) ship. Things like this aren't discussed by Wargaming itself and perhaps, just *maybe* we can head off a bunch of 'Wot is dis' threads by populating one thread with general Q/A's. So post em here, and please, try to keep it general, not preference related. So yeah, I hate the Moskva's design and features in game, but arguing over whether or not it's really a BB hiding in the CA category is a discussion for a different thread.
  7. For the past few days I've been trying to find detailed info or rare pics of Verniy, however I've gotten no luck in my search, thus I ask if any of you know about Verniy or have drawing or pics. Really hoping that she becomes a prem ship, then I'll know for sure. Any info would be appreciated ^^
  8. Greetings Captains, I need help converting replays into mp3s if its possible. If not, is there another way to do it? Thanks -Capt. Delta
  9. This mission is killing me. Yesterday I made 1,594 xp on my Inde. I haven't been able to get close since, and my Akatsuki only yields me 1.3k on average. She's my highest tiered ship. I really hate this mission, probably won't even get the Oct Rev. /rant over
  10. 33^% WR and around 50k Damage each time. I just push through my smoke when I shouldn't...I do not provide my team the energy it requires to win. I do not know what to do with this glass ship. I was okay in the Neptune vs what it often goes up against or enough. Edinborough not very good and good in the Leander and Fiji. I'm a bad shot in the Mino and I gave it a good 30-40 games just nothing. It doesn't give me much. What am I doing wrong. I feel like it has nothing for me. How can I make my gameplay better. I try rocks and alternative ideas but it just is a great close up Cruiser/DD killer and pretty much it's not much else. At least depending on the radar situation. If it is against it, it's pretty poor.
  11. Hi_all_bear_with_me_my_spacebar_does_not_work_evrytime_i_hit_connect_to_hop_into_the_game_after_logging_in,It_goes_to_the_little_loading_circle_then_it_crashes_bringing_up_the_wine_thingy_with_all_the_code_saying_basically_the_game_is_glitched_or_whatever.___So_my_cousin_that_i_never_get_to_see_is_here_and_we_were_going_to_play_but_now_we_cant.__Also,_I_Just_updated_the_game_and_this_occured...There_is_no_updates_for_MAC_OS_Sierra_so_idk_what_this_could_be___SOmeone_plz_help_me_bc_i_want_to_play_with_my_cousin_who_leaves_tmr_morning!!!!!!
  12. Okay, so, this is half help thread half wdfbbq thread. Perhaps you've heard of this mythical creature: the 53% Akizuki. Now, I haven't truly been keeping track of actual wins, but all the games I've seen an Akizuki, it dies within the first 10 minutes without contributing much of anything. Or in my case, Is tay alive, but can't actually fight anything, being at under 15km range to multiple cruisers, out-gunned, surrounded and unable to hit torps with my slow moving torps. Where are these people who are conflating the win rate? What do you have to do to really play this ship? I follow all the normal rules: try and stay undetected, drop torps (sometimes get a lucky single as multiple BBs turn to only take 1). I check and call out radar cruisers so I don't get caught in them for longer than is possible, I torp from behind islands Current build is 14 pts. (I also run speed flag only) PT, LS, BFT, CE, AFT. Should I trade BFT for SE? How do you contest caps if you're a wildly successful 55%+ Akizuki player? I contest, but I tend to die, take a torp, get radared. I try and take caps later in the game, since doing it early tends to get me killed. How to aim well enough to kill a Khab that drives into 6km then back out to 11km? (I only did half its HP). Should I use the AA mod instead of the accuracy mod? Should I trade IFHE out for MCAA? Would be fun to hear from some good DD players.
  13. Wows crash. Pls help WorldOfWarships-2017-10-03_19-08-01.crash
  14. Hey! So I'm at a bit a loss with the Edinburgh, while British cruisers are my best line I cannot get anything to work in this thing. I went from averaging 60k in the Fiji to mid-20s in the Eddy, it seems that no matter what I do I either straddle the ship or get deleted in two salvos. I was under the assumption the playstyle was similar to Fiji but so far that doesn't seem to be working. Is it better to just play ultra-defensive and hug a friendly BB?
  15. I can't aim. I will miss a GK 14km from me. I will shatter most of my HE shells on belt/turret. My aim is on point if I "snap shot" but whenever I try to aim it's all off. It usually will take me 2 salvos just to get on target. Please help me I somehow got into gold SL I don't want to get exposed ;_;
  16. i recently downloaded the new update only to find that the game would encounter a "critical error." I originally thought this was because i downloaded this patch over bad wifi, i put it away to re-download when i got home, only to find that the new downloads would not even open! only showing this for a split second: so i went back to the original file and re-uploaded it only to have the same issue after you press OK it says to either press okay to shutdown or cancel to start wine debugger (seems to the same as pressing OK) devs or whoever can fix this please help! any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. training battles

    Don't know how to into training battles anymore, there is no files to go into like script config. Loved training battles, please help.
  18. Just a friendly, competent player looking for some Tips & Tricks for Carriers. By no means a noob at Carrier captaining, but I wouldn't say I'm the best in the world either... Thanks in advance!
  19. So i reached tier 6 Fubuki which used to be tier 8 i think, anyway how to play her? I cant get in close like i did with Mutsuki, what do I do any suggestions?
  20. How do I cange the text size!!!??? (In game obviuslly)
  21. Not certain the most appropriate place for this topic. Now that clans are available, is time to add more options to help players form into divisions. #1 A battle timer should be available so I can see how much time is left for anyone currently in a battle. Even better if a health indicator and current score was also shown. It would make it much easier to decide when to wait vs start a new battle. For example would show if someone has just entered battle (start a new game) or is in the final few minutes. (wait for them). This feature could be a query to minimize the use of computing resources. #2 Also players should have the ability to set their current status. Options could include *Looking to play in division *Not Looking to play in division *In 2 man division, room for 1 more *In 3 man division no spots open right now *Waiting for response, status uncertain at this time *Away from computer at this time
  22. Hey guys... haven't made a Help an Ensign video in a while, so here's the latest. Decided to do a guide for beginners on strafing. Seems a lot of new CV players (and even more seasoned) are unaware this exist. This is further evidenced by the hacking accusations that pop up every now and then when a player loses all their planes in a split second. This guide should level the playing fields for begginers and help them out.
  23. Hello fellow captains, I've recently gotten the New Orleans, and I just cannot figure out how to play it. I keep getting citadeled from the bow, made a prime target, while having extremely slow reloading guns. I had absolutely no trouble with the Pensacola, but I am struggling quite a bit with this ship. Any help is appreciated!!
  24. So ive been trying to install the game but it refuses to let me. i keep recieving a you dont have enough permissions to install, error. im using the admin account and ive checked the file info and it has full permissions. changing the file location changed nothing. can anyone tell me whats going on?
  25. Alright, I kinda need help in Phoenix and light cruiser playstyles. I've been failing hard in it, and I really hate it. I'm only doing it for the Cleveland, so can anyone tell me how to play this ship and its class?