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Found 1 result

  1. I've decided to fully recommit to WoWS. I walked away back in May/Jun of 2016 unsure if I'd game anymore. Well this game is a hard habit to break it appears. That being said - I'm in need of a German Premium. I nearly bought Tirpitz when it was released and every time it showed back up in the prem shop I was either taking a break or unable to afford it. I want a solid credit & Fxp earner and Cpt trainer and the German line interests me the most out of all National ship lines at present. I know about the strengths and weaknesses of each ship(for the most part) - I'm just seeking last minute advice, points or opinions before I decide to pull the trigger on either one. *note - I tend to play Tiers 4-7 but that's not really a concern. I'm too low on credits to afford the many ships I'm at the threshold of purchasing Tiers 8-9. I uh... tend to be a wee bit unfocused in my grinding. Anyway thanks for any input. It's appreciated! o7