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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all. After 5 years of hardcore tanking, I starting playing this again for the first time since beta and I'm hooked. Also into warplanes since the 2.0 patch (finally fixed that game). Looking forward to learning all of the ins and outs - though I've been scolded a few times in game....I have no idea why because I don't know the terminology, BB, AS, AC....if I knew what they were talking about I may have been insulted. I've been you-tubing certain aspects of the game and I'm hoping that will make me a better player. Just wanted to introduce myself.
  2. A long overdue thread.

    I figured a thread like this is long overdue, so here goes. I started playing a little over 1.5 years ago in a crappy 32 bit PC. Needless to say, the game crashed often, however, I managed to get along well (46% WR) until I decided a ticket was long overdue. A frustrating amount of time later, the game was fixed, and I was getting back to a 50% WR. Around this time I joined the forums, and began to participate, it's been fun, and I feel it was about time I made an introductory thread. Currently I play tier 8 and am on the road to blunicum, and am part of the MCGA clan.
  3. Hello

    Hello My name is Maverick51 not new to WoW been playing for a year just new to the forums but just wanted to stop by and say hey.
  4. Hello! Noob here...

    I guess I'm just here saying hello like the tag said for the thread!! Although I'm no longer new like I was a month ago... I just barely earned my 10 battles needed to participate and be involved on forum! Yes, Just finished my tenth! If you see, I have over 75 Coop battles, unsure about my self, exploring the different vessels, getting used to the controls, etc... I was comfortable with Coop... but I could not figure out why I couldn't participate on forum cause the advisory message on forum page said "need 10 battles" did not say "random battles"! Anyway... I'm here now! Currently using the S. Carolina, with a 2 star Ensign commander. They need allow more ways to earn more space!
  5. Hello all, some of you may recognize me from the War Thunder forums, others may not. Anyway, I'm a long time War Thunder player who has been taken in by the call of the sea and a desire to drive really big boats. I've only been playing the game for a month or so, but so far I'm loving it. I even decided to throw some money at the game, buying the Molotov, in order to complete the ARP challenges. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in game, and will be seeing you around the forum
  6. Hello! I'm new to the forum

    Hi! I'm new to the WoWs forum and fairly new to the game as well. Just a little about myself, major player in Wotblitz, I am a huge fan of Arpeggio of Blue Steel so I have founded the FLEET of Fog clan in blitz which has grown quite a bit that I am now the commander of the sister clan, ARMDA. Kinda of odd that I have both named myself and started a clan in a tank game that is more WoWs but that was before I discovered/played WoWs. Looking forward to contributing to this WoWs community forum!
  7. Hello!

    Hello! What is up im ur host killerrrrrrrrrrrrrr keeeeeeeeeeeeemstaaaaa- I mean Hey guys! It's me Sap. I've just moved from World of Tanks to World of WarShips! I've decided to take a break from both Blitz and WoT. So I've just started to download WoWS. Another reason on why I moved was because of the cancerous playerbase. It might be bad here aswell, but it can't be as bad as fricking Blitz or WoT. Anyways at least there aren't any sky cancer arty's here in WoWS, so thats a pro. Anyways, nice to meet you guys and I hope to see you around! I'm also going to be asking some stupid questions. PS, I can't post in the introduce yourself section because you apparently have to have 10 battles before posting? Dufuq?
  8. Hello!

    Hello Captains, Just thought I would introduce myself on the forums. I'm not really a big fan of forums but decided to go ahead and get into this one. I've been playing World Of Warships since October 2015. I go by the name of HoneySauce in game and a battleship player but occasionally will play cruisers and destroyers. Currently I'm a North Carolina captain and pushing for my Iowa soon . I have my own YouTube channel called Honey productions where I will start posting World Of Warships videos of great plays or fails. Hope to see you guys in game!
  9. Ahoy there!

    Ahoy there Captains! I'm Serge_SC. I've been playing since day 1 of OBT, wanted this game so much, and been around since. Right now, I'm a rather average player, with most of sessions around 1800 local time (GMT -5) and lots more on weekends. Right now, I'm a Pensacola captain and USN exclusive, however I'm looking forward to the German line. I like to try to coordinate my teammates in fights and call targets, granted, not always the best choice since I'm on a paper-thin and rather unprotected cruiser, but it works sometimes. You know, sailing unprotected has its advantages. For one I've learned a lot on angling and survival, as well as shooting when the time's right and when to engage and disengage. But there are massive drawbacks, if I make one bad call, my ship gets almost insta-killed most of the times. It's all fun and good though. I'm glad to be here and pleased to meet you all! Good luck and fair seas, Captains!
  10. Hi

    Hey from Canada! I love warships, and i love to blow off steam and play after work. See you on the sea's
  11. Hey everybody!

    Just started playing a few days ago. Thought I would stop in here and learn as much as possible. My initial stats are pretty awful, got some work to do ☺
  12. Hey I am new to World of Warships. So far - The game is great. It took me a whole day to realize I was playing bots. One thing I hope they fix. (I would post in suggestions, but since I am new, I have to post here first) One thing I think should change is the DDs just spamming torps that go 7-11km when you cant see them past 6km. Also.. the torps themselves show up with only a few seconds to spare. (for instance....when you are trying to cap) So they just blind spam torps at the flags.... and hide 6km out and stay undetected. I know so many people love the DDs, and they cite real life as an example. And they DDs need this. But a real life DD wouldnt spam unlimited torps blindly...while out of site range. Maybe the time limit needs to be increased. It needs to be fixed somehow, to make all parties happy. Its really just spam now, at the end of the game, especially. (capping) It takes no skill. its just a guy, blindly spamming torps. then if he happens to get sighted by a team-mate, he pops smoke and keeps spamming. the torps basically go down the whole side of them map. Then he spams the other side, so... (I wont repeat it like the torps are repeated over and over) Any suggestions for me as a player? I saw a comment in the suggestions section, but they guys basically teased the (OrgPoster) guy and said "I know how - but I like you mad". I assume you need a team mate to help spot. yeah, because public match people always help. Its just soft and weak and no skill needed to spam torps and stay 6km out. How is that life like in anyway? The magical disappearing torp spamming DD, with unlimited torps, when you are trying to cap in a horriblly slow BB. 8 torps at a clip, and every 28 seconds, or whatever. I love the game and appreciate that its in BETA, but I hope they find a good mix, because people are abusing this. This isnt "skill", to spam torps every 28 seconds, that go 11km or even 7km, when I cant see where they are coming from. Its blind spam. Yes I could do it, but I find zero satisfaction in that type of blind, spam, kill. Also to be Frank, the DDs suck period. They need something cooler anyway, that isnt spam trops for 11km down the cap circle.
  13. Capt. BrokenDoll

    Hai, lets see where to start... Well this isn't really my forte but here we go. I started out playing WoTs long ago, waiting for WoWS actually. I won't claim to be the best player but better than average, I was an avid player of TD's & that was my specialty. Now that WoWS is here I am starting over, mostly because wargaming screwed over my first & main account. Here in WoWS I have been drawn to Destroyers & Cruisers, my play style could be described as reckless or suicidal. I try to adapt to what the group is doing if I can, I have a bad habit of trying to defend the weak-spots. Most of the time to my demise because I am doing it alone, but such is the way of wargaming games. If anyone is up for some games I wouldn't mind having someone to play with. I have Skype for coms, talking makes it sooooo much easier since I suck at typing & playing. Also I am looking for a casual fleet, one that is LGBT or at least LGBT friendly. Well thats about as much as I can muster at this hour. Have a great day & good games!!! Capt. BrokenDoll One of my better games & a good reason to like the St. Louis!!!
  14. My friend Zuikaku recommended I do one of these. Some of you have seen me posting around a bit before, and I've seen plenty of you in game. So I'm Nagato. I'm an aviation, and naval battle enthusiast. I also enjoy learning about practically anything from the second world war. My heart is with IJN when it comes to warships, Primarily Battleships and Carriers. And the IJA of course, the branch who created my all time favorite aircraft. The Ki-84 Hayate. Anyway, nice to meet all of you. I hope we can all get along and I can snag a couple new friends on the way. Now here is some music I love and is dear to me.
  15. Aisatsu

    Minasan konnichiwa! Hm... I decided overcome the shyness and say a hello. Nice to meet you all and I wish the very success for this game. Douzoyoroshiku! :) Thank you everyone!
  16. A newcomer

    Hello guys. I'm a newcomer to WOWs forum, but that doesn't mean I'm new to wargaming. I have a WOT account though I haven't gone on it in a while. I tell you a bit about myself and why I think WOWs is cool. I am a college student studying aeronautical science (flying those this that flying on magic ie airplanes) and not since I played Battlestations Midway/ Pacific have I loved naval games. I have also played Navy Field in which I have a Yorktown Class carrier and another game called Pacific Storm Allies. Hope all of you are awesome and lets make this game the best Naval game out there.