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Found 1 result

  1. It started with this: System information For Christmas 2016 I received a pair of Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset with a microphone. The headset connection was to a mic and headset jacks (3.5mm analog) using the RealTek software drivers. It worked OK until around 2018 (?) were hissing can be heard in the headsets and any video recordings. I tried various different things in system configurations and it did not work out. So I shelved the headset to fix later. I was not important items to fix since the rest of the PC functions with no problems. Forward to 2020 when there is a need to use headphones again in clan battle functions within WoWS. Our clan has a Discord server and are testing the server limits. I tired using the Logitech G230 again on Discord and got the hissing again. I also had a weak Mic volume too in video recordings. So I decided the Logitech headset went bad. I order a new pair of Corsair HS50 headset since it integrates with my Corsair ICue software, that is my keyboard and mouse software. I get HS50 headset thinking it was a USB model however it was not. It was using the same 3.5mm analog twin connections like the Logitech. I guess I got it mixed up with the HS60 model. I was doing lots of comparison for a new headset replacement. The HS50 headset works great on Discord, on Steam Games, Microsoft voice recorder, etc. I can get my clan mates in the recordings from Discord, however my microphone volume is almost muted in a WoWS match. In working with the new HS50 there was still some hissing (very low). For every first video recording I experienced a FPS drop, however WoWS does not show a drop in FPS. During this condition the game and controls are choppy with a delay. If I stop/start the recording session again, everything goes back to normal. FYI - I am using AMD Relive in capturing live gaming sessions. It was then suggested by someone I know that if I used a USB headset, there would be no Mic hissing. So I return the HS50 back and get the Corsair HS60 USB headset model. The Corsair HS60 has a X-Box pin and an USB dongle for multi connections. The HS60 headset works great on Discord, on Steam Games, Microsoft voice recorder, etc. I can get my clan mates Discord, however when WoWS is open all Mic function dies. When I record from the Desktop with WoWS you can hear the volume diminish as soon a WoWS is connected. Now if I use the old direct connect with the Logitech headset, the Microphone works with the hissing problem. I then tried killing all apps and was able to record my voice in WoWS with no one else in the session. However this defeats the purpose of using the headset. When I tried using Discord again with WoWS, the HS60 Mic dies. So something is not right here. My brother then buys me for my birthday and new headset an EKSA E900 Pro headset. I am using this as an outside test case for information. This is the same one he uses in WoWS. This headset does not use an USB dongle but rather has a direct USB cable attachment to the headset. I get the E900 connected up, and everything works in both Discord and WoWS with the Mic. However there is that choppiness happening in both audio and video recordings. I was able to lower the sample rates in the Relive and Discord settings and things improved, but are not perfect. Then my brother drops the bad news that my system is throttling due to the CPU load. I have Discords, Relive, WoWS all open and it's killing my CPU. Maybe that is why my MPO armor games would fail for me in function too. I know my system was old , however it appears that its function as a gaming computer is coming to an end of cycle. For such a small tech item I would not think that the headset would be a system killer. So I will have to wait for my tax refund to get the new computer.