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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow captains! Since long ago I have been thinking, real warships had a limited amount of ammunition on board, but in the game you can throw an infinite amount of fire power to your adversaries. Some ships like to hide behind islands and fire their guns over the terrain with impunity, which is not very engaging in my opinion. I firmly believe putting a limit on the amount of ammo you carry will make things a lot more interesting. We will have to be very careful with our target selection and the ammo type we use. I Propuse limited ammunition carried into the battle, based on historical data; and to select the proportion of ammo type at port. For example, as a cruiser you can carry a certain amount of shells, then at port you use a slider to select what percentage will be He (or SAP), and what percentage will be AP. You'll have to select very well depending on your play-style and the characteristics of your ship. Of course, this has some deep implications. To mention one battleships are capable of holding a lot of ammo, simply because of their size, while destroyers can carry less. Ah and goodbye to torpedo spamming. I know, I know destroyers will love this proposal, but please hold your horses. Please let me know what you think about it. Even if all ships hold the same amount of ammo, it will definitely call for a more strategic gameplay. I'll be reading the comments and Wargaming too. Take care and stay safe.