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Found 5 results

  1. Hayate sure seemed like a good spend of free exp. With torp reload sending out 20 every 4 minutes it could be fun....except no smoke. Just what you want in a non-AA DD is no smoke with CV in every game. If you have the Shimikaze you really dont need this boat. Worse detection by .5km, worse speed and turn, no choice of long or short range torps, and AA no better. All that for 5 less torps that take longer to load and slightly better guns that will still get you killed against a Gunboat. Get any two 1 mill exp ships before you waste 2 mill on this POS. Dang...I sure hope if Kitakami ever comes back its not a free exp ship. Took forever to get 2 million.
  2. strykerpsg

    Hayate or Smalland?

    Finally established 2 million and counting FXP. While not necessarily in a hurry to just throw it on any particular ship, I do think the Hayate and Smalland are pretty unique in their own right. Which have you chose or would choose and why please? I am indeed curious to see the outcome. Thanks in advance. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hayate or https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Småland
  3. I know that this ship is more than likely to be launched as is, but I hope the devs might change the following last minute. I get that they want to create this Hybrid ship between shima and harugumo, so why not take it all the way to being truely an "in-between" role? Most likely won't happen, but it'd be fun if: Hayate: Concealment changed from 6.1km to 5.9km. This would put her dead between haragumo's 6.2km and shima's 5.6km. This change would make her more competitive with other Japanese Destroyers while making her less stealthy than her hull sister, shima. I'd keep the guns as is, and the torpedoes as is, forcing the player to build into one style or the other, while a hybrid build would only make it o-k in both areas. Essentially this would be like a IJN version of the Grozevoi, jack of all trades, but master of nothing specific unless you build it a specific way. Consumables: - Speed Boost - Choice between Smoke Generator or Torpedo Reload Booster - Add Repair Party As-Is from what i've seen, it IS a strong ship, but I dunno if it really fills that hybrid ship role in its current state. Adding in the Repair Party may be "gimmicky" at first glance, however it would offer something very unique to the IJN destroyers allowing it to be heartier than the other tech tree choices, making it truely a jack of all trades ship but master of none. Just a thought.
  4. So with the recent 24 hour charity stream and the open voting for the currency for IJN Hayate now open I wanted to review the Premium Tier X DDs that WG has modeled/announced that have yet to be released. I know there is already a thread for Hayate voting but I feel like this would kinda sidetrack it so I'm making a different thread. I personally think/hope that these four will be released as each of the voting options given in the Hayate vote so if Hayate doesnt get the currency of your choice, hopefully one of the others will be. Hayate: this ship has been described as a sort of hybrid shima with less torps and better guns. Of all the upcoming premium X DDs it looks the most like what we think of as a classic WOWS DD with seemingly no new gimmicks. Paolo Emilio: Its Italian so right off the bat I get the feeilng its going to be a mini Italian Cruiser with SAP and slow torps. Marceau: looks like it will have Colbert like guns so I'm kinda thinking of a French Gearing with better AA and worse torps Smaland: Swedish Premium Daring/Friesland mix. least likely to be FXP because you know Friesland.
  5. Ishizuchi


    So it looks like if we reach 35k as a community, we can decide what currency Hayate will be, what would you pick? Coal? Steel? FEXP? Research points?