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Found 6 results

  1. Two common counter-arguments exist for waiting to purchase Hayate once she's available for coal. 1-FXP is more valuable as an RP converter. 2-FXP is far scarcer than coal. First, some assumptions about myself: I'm a F2P collector, meaning I want to collect all ships not available for doubloons. FXP is readily converted into RP, but RP is on balance harder to obtain: Requires reset - requiring time "grinding" and credits 2x multiplier available only once every 3 months. Coal is a far scarcer resource, given that it's more flexible than FXP for purchases. This is my personal preference. Since I obtain ships mainly as collector items, they all have equal value (tier for tier). I have far more FXP than I need for its main uses. 1-Counter to argument #1, RP is more valuable than FXP. With 2,000,000 FXP (the cost of Hayate), what is the conversion to RP? With the cheapest line to reset, IJN gunboat: Required FXP 676,640 RP Yield 10,200 2x multiplier 20,400 FXP required per RP: 33.16863 Meaning Hayate is worth: 60,298 RP The most expensive RP ship is Slava at 63,000 RP TX destroyers are Druid (56,000 RP) and Vampire II (55,000). Bear in mind, this is using the 2x quarterly multiplier. Yielding this level of RP means waiting for 3 multipliers, or 9 months. Hayate is worth twice the value without the multiplier, or 120,596 RP. 2-Counter to argument #2, Coal is easier to obtain than FXP, meaning the wait is valuable. FXP is used to jump through tech trees, research modules, and level up captains. There are other niche uses lately where WG has made certain items available for purchase. I already have far more FXP than I would ever need for the above uses. Thus, my coal is far scarcer than FXP as a ship-buying currency. Conclusion Given the costs to obtain comparable RP ships, and given there are many great coal ships available, I conclude it is more economical to purchase Hayate as a FXP ship while it is available. Right now I have 1,084,905 FXP. I should have 2M by the deadline (12.4)
  2. Hello! This is my new comedy guide/review series to ships in World of Warships, made in the style of Rhiload's EVE Online videos aiming to provide a balance of jokes, actual useful advice, and ship reviews. This video almost made me go insane trying to get good background footage for it, so I really hope it was worth it! As always, thoughts and feedback are super appreciated, and let me know any ships you'd like to see Cheers!
  3. Hey Y'all, As many of you know, Hayate is probably the least popular TX ship. Hayate's problems are obvious; its firepower is mediocre and its concealment is garbage. And as someone who is getting close to 2 million freeXP it's sad to see the only 2m FreeXP ship is left to rot. So I ask WG: Can you please allow us to run both TRB and smoke at the same time or, at the very least, buff Hayate's concealment??
  4. Hayate sure seemed like a good spend of free exp. With torp reload sending out 20 every 4 minutes it could be fun....except no smoke. Just what you want in a non-AA DD is no smoke with CV in every game. If you have the Shimikaze you really dont need this boat. Worse detection by .5km, worse speed and turn, no choice of long or short range torps, and AA no better. All that for 5 less torps that take longer to load and slightly better guns that will still get you killed against a Gunboat. Get any two 1 mill exp ships before you waste 2 mill on this POS. Dang...I sure hope if Kitakami ever comes back its not a free exp ship. Took forever to get 2 million.
  5. So with the recent 24 hour charity stream and the open voting for the currency for IJN Hayate now open I wanted to review the Premium Tier X DDs that WG has modeled/announced that have yet to be released. I know there is already a thread for Hayate voting but I feel like this would kinda sidetrack it so I'm making a different thread. I personally think/hope that these four will be released as each of the voting options given in the Hayate vote so if Hayate doesnt get the currency of your choice, hopefully one of the others will be. Hayate: this ship has been described as a sort of hybrid shima with less torps and better guns. Of all the upcoming premium X DDs it looks the most like what we think of as a classic WOWS DD with seemingly no new gimmicks. Paolo Emilio: Its Italian so right off the bat I get the feeilng its going to be a mini Italian Cruiser with SAP and slow torps. Marceau: looks like it will have Colbert like guns so I'm kinda thinking of a French Gearing with better AA and worse torps Smaland: Swedish Premium Daring/Friesland mix. least likely to be FXP because you know Friesland.
  6. Ishizuchi


    So it looks like if we reach 35k as a community, we can decide what currency Hayate will be, what would you pick? Coal? Steel? FEXP? Research points?