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Found 1 result

  1. Hatsuhara for Ranked

    No, I didn't like this ship before the IJN DD overhaul and liked it less afterward. However, they start showing up around Rank 8-7. Why? Concealment 5.8km. 300m less than everything else & 800m less than Farragut. Torps 10km. Same torps as Fubuki, only 2 sets though instead of 3. Potential damage 16,267. That's big. AA please don't laugh. I was the only DD in 2 battles this afternoon with CVs. B-Hull Farragut AA rating 26 vs. Hatsuhara 37. Both with AA in 2nd slot & flags. First battle my CV was so bad that I shot down 8 planes with Hatsu. My CV shot down zero (0). So I pulled my RPF-equipped 19-point captain from another ship and put the Hatsu to work. The guns are awful - don't use them unless you have no other choice. Try to get closer for torps so you can make 2 spreads count. And use that concealment to flush out red DDs and win battles!