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Found 1 result

  1. Wargaming keeps saying that they dislike passive gameplay. But they are ONLY saying it. They haven't done ANYTHING in game to encourage people to get in and brawl. All recent game changes encourage camping. More radar, extended radar, higher rate of fire on anti-dd ship (that includes harugamo and kitikaze), hydro on everything so that torpedos are so unlikely it hit anything that aiming doesn't even matter, soft new american cruisers (more radar and island camping because they can be deleted). It's not even like dd's can just wait back and go into camp after baiting out a radar...because there are 3 radars on the other team so a dd player has nothing do to unless the bb's on his team get really aggressive about killing radar cruisers. I've been saying for years that decent players will just adapt and that's still true. But after 3,500 games for me, I am losing the desire to adapt because the game is built to encourage camping and discourage team play by rewarding almost exclusively damage. Wargaming, if you really want to discourage passive game play, take away non-line of sight spotting. I don't mind radar penetrating a smoke screen. But if there's an island between the radar ship and any other ship, those other ships should remain undetected--no exceptions. Even the 2km proximity spotting needs to operate only if there is no island in the way and the ships have line of sight. If a bb comes around a corner and doesn't see a dd's waiting there with 10 battle fishes ready to delete him, that's his team's problem for not getting another dd or plane out there to spot before he moves in. Another way to put it...someone has to risk their hp to spot--no line of sight is no risk and that's why nobody takes any risk and we get static game play. Please line of sight ALL spotting except radar/hydro penetration of smoke screens.