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Found 6 results

  1. I recently decided to make my Harekaze captain specialize as an Akizuki captain so that I can run either on a whim. The old question of to IFHE or not to IFHE came back to me. Currently I'm running no IFHE for my Harekaze build (SE, DE, BFT instead), and as I see it now, it works very well. On the other hand, I used to have an IFHE captain (now on my Harugumo) on the Aki. 32mm pen was great, obviously, but until I got DE (instead of SE) on the Aki, I did not get a lot of fires. So now I'm wondering if SE, DE, BFT, AR, PM is worth more than DE, BFT, IFHE, AR. I feel like the latter build will have less benefit than the former on a Harekaze, but it's something I know works well in Akizuki. Conversely, the first build works well on Harekaze, but I have no experience with it on Akizuki. Decisions... Has anyone ran Akizuki without IHFE with good success? Do people use SE on Aki?
  2. demeflac

    Which DD to get back?

    Hi guys, As u can see from the tags I'm willing to recover one of these 3 DD I sold last year. But with the current CV meta which one would be more appropriate? A low tier like Vampire to avoid CV? A "aa" Specialized medium tier DD like Monaghan? Or a higher tier like Harekaze and use It with the 100mm dual purpose Guns? When I sold then i needed credits to buy higher tier ships, I had got them 3 by Crates didnt spend money on It, so I decided to sell and Get them back later, but with the current CV meta where DD are killed First If found, I dont know which one would be better.
  3. Muy buenas a todos, hace unos días jugue una partida con HSF harekaze con todos los bonos de creditos puestos, cuenta premium, etc. ¿La cantidad de creditos que saque es la normal con cualquier otro tier 8 montando los mismo bonos de creditos?
  4. Harekaze is one of the most diverse ships in the game. With 3 load outs choices are abundant. Without a doubt a very, very powerful ship, that I am happy to have in my flotilla. Looking for a powerful ship with excellent Guns pick up Harekaze can't go wrong!
  5. Okay, the 100 mm guns got a buff in the last patch: Balance Changes 100 mm HE shell The armor penetration capacity of Japanese 100 mm HE shells was increased from 17 mm to 25 mm. This shell is used by the main guns of Akizuki and Harekaze, and by the secondary battery guns of Ibuki, Zao, Kii, Taiho, and Hakuryu. This change will make it possible for HE shells to penetrate the armor of all destroyers except the main armor belt of Khabarovsk. And if your Commander helming these ships has mastered the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill, your shells will be able to penetrate armor that is up to 32 mm thick, creating an extra advantage for the Japanese destroyers. So, IMO, the Harekaze at least is competitive now for ranked. Most CA's are 25 mm in the bow/stern. The only exception are the KM CA's (27mm). All BB's are 32mm. The build I'm using currently is this in Random: The issue is for me is whether RDF would be a better pick for ranked than IFHE. RDF would tell me whether or not the closest ship is in the area or not. Coupled with 5.4 km deterction, at least I can get the first salvo off. IFHE would allow me to penetrate all ships with no issues. Otherwise I'd have to aim for the superstructure and decks of KM CA's and all BB's. SO less dakka dakka. Any opinions?
  6. Guys, if you did not buy the camos for both ships, you will not have another chance to do it. Look at this, from the patch notes of the Update 0.7.9: High School Fleet Due to the termination of the contract with the copyright holder, the High School Fleet camouflage for Musashi and Harekaze is to be removed from the game. This, however, does not affect items that are currently on the players' accounts. In addition, if the account has an incomplete HSF collection, it still can be completed, which will get you a camouflage for battleship Yamato.