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Found 5 results

  1. I was a first-time Leprechaun in the recent annual Kill a Leprechaun contest or a moving target on the carnival midway! All the Leprechauns were on a discord set up specifically for the contest with multiple chat rooms, help or assistance rooms, and rooms with instructions and rules. The King Leprechaun, none other than Hapa_Fodder himself. It quickly became apparent that not only was Hapa in charge of organizing, staffing, and handling all problems as they arose throughout the event he was also a seemingly hands-on around-the-clock facilitator and commander. He corrected issues and problems on the fly providing the players with specific guidance. He was the conductor who kept the train running and on time at each destination point by handling the unexpected calmly, effectively, and with very few passengers on the train even being aware of a potential problem even having existed. Those of us WoWs North American players who regularly read our Forum know of the many times since coming to our server's offices in Texas know Hapa_Fodder to be ever ready to assist any player who contacts him with a problem, an idea to better WoWs, or provide guidance. Well, I can tell you his personal action at the end of the Leprechaun event will long live in my memory. There was a groundswell of questions from those who had participated as Leprechauns regarding the prizes they were supposed to have received if they had even received them and if the amounts were correct for the number of games they had played as a Leprechaun. Almost immediately Happa_Fodder was personally involved. He quickly discovered an anomaly that resulted in accounting errors for Leprechaun participation. Happa_Fodder promised he would personally review the recorded game records for accuracy, correct any errors in the accounting programming and complete it in an amazingly short time period. Notice he didn't say he'd have it done, or his office or the NA server would review and correct any mistakes, but that HE - Hapa_Fodder would do it. Given the several hundred Leprechauns who played a large, exacting, and even tedious extra work to personally take on to perform in such a short period of time. And he kept his word! For me, personally, being a Leprechaun player and able to see the issues and problems as they arose and the quick responses, many by those helper Leprechauns such as caduzanon and many, many others, that I either failed to see or note, was startling and reassuring to this old Marine Gunny. It all was proof of effective pre-planning, efficient organization, and execution while adapting and overcoming the unexpected. Observing Happa_Fodder's own performance through that same lens Happa is hands-on, up leading his troops from the front, always positive without ever losing sight of successfully completing the assigned mission - or a leader like this old Gunny would follow anywhere! We, the WoWs players of NA have an active, caring, hands-on, real player, who is an employee of WoWs but retains his understanding of the player's viewpoint and diligently works to better our gaming experience.
  2. I have a question about the new T6 cv, will the stuka have the siren or will/could be added. I remember a siren being added when the graf was coming out.
  3. @Hapa_Fodder maybe you can pass this on to someone or tell me where I should post this 1: I use Jingles as my voice-over, and each day of the new patch I start a game and it has changed voice-overs to something standard. But when I hit esc and check my settings it is still on Jingles and when I get back to the game it is Jingles being crap as usual from then on. Obviously I don't have a screenshot or anything and this is more of quality of life complaint, than a the game is buggered complaint. 2: When I complete the Daily Mission chain, I get this screenshot (only on 6/6, the others seem to be working right). The daily 6 still shows only 5 complete, but has the checkbox overlay showing it is complete, and it is completing, I get the rewards and everything seems to be working in the missions section of the port. Just the in game alert is not completing. The second screenshot shows that the other parts of the daily mission chains seems to be working all right and completing correctly (this is the 18/18 for instance). Once again, only a quality of life complaint. The art department staff deserve a beer. Excellent work again.
  4. This has been asked but not answered in another thread which was started by hapa_fodder. There are many like me grinding to get the Moskva before it is moved to special ship status. I have the FXP to get in now, however, I want to save as much as I can by grinding and not be caught short when the move happens. I, and many others would, like a time frame or at least be told we will have a warning before it is moved.