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Found 1 result

  1. Over the weekend there was a player run and operated tournament called the Warships Masters Invitational (The Gaishu cup, 2 Gaishu 1 cup) This tournament was your standard knockout tournament played by selected top NA teams but with a creative and quirky twist. Each team had 100 points of which they could pick 7 ships using a ship list with designated point values assigned to each ship (of course cv were not included) but could also use higher point value ships at the expense of playing with 6 members instead of the 7v7 limit. the numbers beside the ship indicate the value each ship will cost if the teams choose to use it which would be subtracted from the 100 point totals. By having this method for ship selection the ship line ups were incredibly unique and nothing you would ever see in standard clan battles, creating a very diverse selection of ships and exciting game play with new strategies and metas being created on the spot before each game.This tournament was incredibly refreshing to watch and reignited hope for a competitive scene that has been on a downward spiral for some time now. Flamuu was invited to co-cast the tournament as an experienced caster and also provided some game content on his youtube channel (which i have linked below) you could tell by Flamuus excited voice spikes as the game unfolded to creative mayhem this game play was a thrill to watch even for the most veteran players, something of which would not be possible with the addition of CV as sneaky plays,surprise tactics and intelligent strategies would be neutered by the full map spotting capabilities CV offers. In my most humble of opinions this tournament was a great concept with a bright future and really gives competitive players something to look forward to other then when KOTS rolls around (of which NA has won twice in a row against EU and SEA btw) and also had a cash money prize for the winner. Seeing ships that have not been in competitive for years such as the radar YueYang was a delight and really inspired creativity amongst destructive madness of which brought back nostalgia for those veteran competitive players who are still around since the better days of competitive in World of Warships. Gaishu one of the hosts has mentioned they have plans to run more tournaments in the future as this tournament was seen as an inspiring success. This could open the door to international tournaments across all regions but also include more clans of who would not normally be seen at the top leagues of each server. A separate tournament for clans who could not compete with the top clans on NA, a second division perhaps that would give access to those that want to experience the joy of what competitive on WoWs has potential to be, allowing new players to get a taste of competitive and encouraging players to return to the game who left after the CV rework fiesta. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/663157082 Here is the link to Gaishu's Twitch channel of which you can watch a couple of matches including the Final best of 5 series and future tournaments plus his daily live streams (twitch prime btw). i would highly recommend those that may think little of competitive or have a hatred of "purples" to watch this game play and sample why we enjoy the comp side of this game so much and why we are making an uproar to defend it.