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  1. Canada Disrespected

    First of all I'd like to start by saying that this is directed toward Wargaming as a whole and not at Pigeon personally, as I think he has put some effort in to trying to get Canada represented and is at least trying to do things like gauge support for things like the Haida That being said there is CLEARLY support for the Haida. Canada played a clear, active and important role in the second world war. It is also common for WG to have some sort of special on whichever nations birthday/day of independence. Well, tomorrow is Canada's 150th anniversary and I think many of us, where expecting if not an announcement of the Haida were expecting something.. a special.. a flag... but nope instead today we start five days of America. oh yay. Good on you, America, enjoy your day (and all the extra days that tread over ours). Just think it is wrong to be passed over when there are so many Canadian players/contributors. I'll wait until tomorrow and maybe, hopefully there will be something, but I suspect that today will be my last day playing any WG games.