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Found 4 results

  1. My DDs have been getting nailed hard while "hidden" in smoke recently. NOT SPOTTED AND ACCURATELY SHOT AT, AND THE SHOOTER WAS usually 10KM AWAY. Then I remembered this post a few months back https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/139244-lets-talk-about-mods/ . Ten pages about the mod where the X on the mini-map is used to help you aim in on ship that just hid in smoke...all they have to do is put the X on your ship's last known position silhouette .....coming to a halt in smoke it wouldn't be that hard to line up the X over where you should be. HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS ALLOWED? THIS IS A CHEAT...PURE AND SIMPLE. It is hard enough being a destroyer in this game without this little cheat to help blow you out of the water while undetected in smoke. Why even have smoke for destroyers? It is near useless at higher tiers because of radar, and sonar. What I have been experiencing is getting nuked in smoke at tier 5 and 6. In the past couple of days it has happened about six times....accurate fire while undetected in smoke. I have never seen this happen so often. At first I thought "he got a lucky shot on me", but this has happened way too often by different players. Lucky shot my [edited], players are using this mod/hack that lets you put a X over your last know position. Until this hack is removed, I am done playing destroyers or anything else that relies on smoke. This is just bull crap. WG, how about a refund for all of the destroyers and smoke using cruisers that I bought, since you let them be "hacked" to death.
  2. So, I have run across extremely poor players/bots playing in randoms at tier 8 and above. Symptoms of the poor play/bots are ships sailing to the corners of the map: no shots fired, only damage done is shooting of planes. I have tried to report this poor play to WG but only get simple canned responses saying they have software in place to detect and address this. So is this a free ticket to cheat and use bots or mods since WG's software is horrible at detecting their use and WG does very little to accounts that use them? I have a particular player I have been watching with a PR of 312, win rate of 43% with either zero games played or 30-40 games played a week and over 7000 battles. This player was in a match were his ship sailed to A10 until it was the last ship alive, then sailed to the closest cap. While in the cap I was broadside to me in a cv with 1000hp and he did not fire a single shot as I burned him down for the win. The clan that he is in has an average win rate in the high 40's and the majority of the clan members have very bad PR's.This all symptoms of a long standing use of a bot with very little ramifications to the player accounts. My hope with this is to start the discussion on how WG should deal with poor play. The use of reporting poor play in game does nothing. Matchmaking is only made more difficult when you get bots in the mix and this all only increases the "burnout" of those that play the game to have competitive and challenging matches. Thoughts?
  3. Guys I encountered a really weird death today. In a Nagato, I was 1v1ing an Algerie,.I saw her wall of torps go past me, and I blew her up with my main battery. Immediately after, I dodged some torps from TB's in a 90 degree angle, taking one hit. I had sufficient HP to survive that hit, but suddenly my ship blew up, and it listed the Algerie as the killer, "killed by flooding" it said. It was confusing as I didnt ram her, and I never saw a second wave of Algerie's torps. I asked the chat, and an enemy BB responded with "detonation" and that it was shown in the chat. However I didn't see it in the chat, and I don't have a medal or a notification for it either. Those were torpedo bomber torps and I was supposed to survive them!! So, what do you think? Bug? Glitch? Hack? What is the problem? Here is the replay link https://replayswows.com/replay/37035#stats
  4. I'm looking at the website and a whole bunch of news articles are no longer there. The Tour of Duty, the Pirate Sign-up - they're all gone. I tried to get to them using google, which shows up in the cache, but then get a 404 error when I click on the page. Did someone do a wipe or did the site get hacked?