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Found 1 result

  1. After a bit of spastic inspiration and not a small bit of sleep deprivation-induced delirium, I present the results of my bout of research: German Big-Gun Battleships, or another way to put it, German Battleships based around the idea of long range combat. These ships all pack guns larger than 406mm (16-inches), with the exception of the proposed premium that could be brought into the game, which has 406mm, exactly. While the shells thrown by these battleships are slow, they pack a punch and have smaller dispersion and better Sigma values, when compared to the secondary focused battleships currently in the game. To help distinguish them from the current line, their brawling capabilities have been reduced by having a slower reload on their secondaries, removal of the hydro-acoustic search and fighter plane consumables, and a slight reduction in the response of the rudder. To offset this, starting at Tier 7, the battleships get torpedoes, though the launchers are mostly ripped directly from the Gneisenau, meaning that they shouldn't be able to just nuke everything in drive-bys. For readability's sake, I have placed the stat blocks into spoilers, since they have gotten quite long. And sorry, no pictures for now, since I am having trouble finding good pictures of these and they are basically stretched versions of 2 different ships, so there would be a lot of 'sameness', anyway. Tier VII L 20e Kaiser Wilhelm II Only a step away from the final design that would be the successor of the Bayern-Class, the L20e was designed to carry the new 42cm main gun that the German Admiralty wanted on their next generation of battleships, as they learned at the Battle of Jutland that they needed larger guns to deal with the British Queen Elizabeth-Class battleships. These ships have a reduced secondary battery when compared the the Bayern, but have better anti-air capabilities. There is not a lot, if any, armor improvement, but given the turtleback, citadels should be rare. Tier VIII L 24e α Hessen The competitor to the L 20e α, which was actually selected to be built as the next class of battleships for the German Navy, the L 24e α differs by being longer (and thus displacing more) and slightly faster. Also, while the L 20e α mounted it's torpedoes underwater, the L 24e α opted to carry them above water, so I have chosen to mount them singlely in the casemate, much like Mutsu. This means that they reload quickly and have a very narrow spread, but it also means they have a narrow arc of fire. Damage is calculated based on the amount of Hexanite, based on damage per kilogram derived from the G7a T1. Other than the torpedoes, she doesn't really stand out too much, compared to her tiermates, but she is noteworthy in that she'd have the largest guns at her tier. Tier IX H-41 Kaiser Karl de Grosse An actual H-Class battleship design, instead of the hybrid design that serves as the base for the FDG and his derivatives. As I can't find any dimensions for the FDG, I can't tell you which is longer, but the H-41 should be heavier, just judging by the HP, but that is only if WG stuck close for the formula for it. Tier X H-42 Schleswig-Holstein Sort of like a Grosse Kurfurst with Hannover guns, the H-42 differs by having a thinner belt and turtleback over the machine spaces, but makes up that by having a thicker turtleback and decking over the magazines. While I can't find the thickness of the Athwart Bulkheads, it wouldn't be a stretch to give the H-42 the same sort of tappering as found on Hannover. This, however, might not even be needed, as it is hard enough to citadel a GK as-is. I know there are people who are proficient in doing it, but mostly, I've only seen that at close range and usually with a stationary GK, not one actively maneuvering. The triple torpedo launchers this ship has will also help disway people attempting to line up for the shot, too. Gun-wise, he sits between the 18-inch and 20-inch guns of the IJN, which is perfect. Tier VIII =Premium= H-39 Wittelsbach The H-39 is basically a Tirpitz that trades a torp on each side, as well as size armor in both the main belt and upper belt for a better extended belt, better turtleback over the magazines, and better Athwartship Citadel Bulkheads and trades brawling ability for long range accuracy. Thanks for taking the time to get this far. Please leave a comment with your thoughts, and if you want more history on these ships, just say so.