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Found 4 results

  1. I will buy them with real money! Currently there are a lot of interesting items in the Armory, available for coal. It takes a very long time for casual players to accumulate enough coal for something in the Armory. The Legendary Commanders aren't breaking the game balance or anything. If the Commanders are also available in the Premium Shop, then Wargaming can make increased revenue and players happy.
  2. I had sworn I'd never get Gunther Lutjens, and yet... here I am. I had saved up every resource waiting on this patch and am one of the few who was happy about the surprise releases. Would've been nice to have some warning from WG, but I guess they want us to hoard. I had saved coal to get the Georgia when the 25% coupon popped on the 16th, but with the hope/plan to get all of these new German ships, I figured I'd invest in Gunther. So... I want to make sure to get a lot out of the secondaries, so I think my plan would be to officially put him in the GK (since I could swap to these premiums with no penalty.) And I'm curious what the collective wisdom is regarding balancing Gunther for the Sieg and Odin first and foremost, but also for the Agir and GK. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=3,5,9,17,18,23,26,28&ship=Battleship OR drop PT & HA for BFT https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,3,9,17,18,23,26&ship=Battleship Opinions?
  3. Too Long Did Not Read: For those that have neither the time nor the inclination to "grind" for them: let WOWS sell the "Legendary Commanders" for Golden Doubloons in the Armory this December 2019. Unfortunately this festive season in December 2019 the "Legendary Commanders" like "Nikolay Kuznetsov", "Philippe Auboyneau" and "Günther Lütjens" are not for sale in real world money or their equivalent. The only way they can be obtained is by "grinding" Coal. Many players have better things to do than "grind" (meaning spend irreplaceable hours of their life to "unlock" "things" in WOWS) all day to get "things" in WOWS, instead they prefer to use real world money to buy and enjoy WOWS "products" without having to "grind" for them. Recently Malik Khatazhaev, founder and General Manager of Lesta Studio (WG SPb), said something along these lines concerning the PUERTO RICO December 2019 "grind" event: "There are people who play a lot. By themselves (sic), or because of other reasons: working schedule or health issues." "If someone is offended and does not want to play that much, there are two ways: buy it for doubloons or don't pay attention to (the) drydock." "I've simply bought PR (PUERTO RICO) with my salary card, for example." https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/eawzob/so_according_to_wg_spb_general_manager_puerto/?ref_source=embed&ref=share https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/128312-puerto-rico-event-is-a-reward-for-people-with-health-issues/ Well to that I might add: do the same thing for the "Legendary Commanders" in WOWS PC: offer them in the Armory via a "grind" (so for Coal) for those that, according to LESTA General Manager Malik Khatazhaev, have "working schedule" and/or "health issues" and offer them for Golden Doubloons in the Armory for those that can afford to buy them, again according to LESTA General Manager Malik Khatazhaev, for Golden Doubloons with their real world "salary". For those players that do not have the time and/or inclination to "grind" to collect 175,000 Coal simply offer these two "Legendary Commanders", "Nikolay Kuznetsov", "Philippe Auboyneau" and "Günther Lütjens", in the armory for Golden Doubloons. It would make WOWS money and would be a nice gesture during the festive season to players that have other things to do than play WOWS all day for items like these. For the price of Golden Doubloons / 175,000 Coal and the additional cost of retraining them it would be more appropriate to make "Nikolay Kuznetsov", "Philippe Auboyneau" and "Günther Lütjens" 15 skill point Commanders. What price would be appropriate in Golden Doubloons? Either the default 1,500 Golden Doubloons would be appropriate that was already asked for the 10 skill point "Legendary Commander" "Philippe Auboyneau" during the French Event in 2019. If "Nikolay Kuznetsov", "Philippe Auboyneau" and "Günther Lütjens" would be upgraded to 15 skill points a price of 2,000 Golden Doubloons would be appropriate and anything near 4,500 Golden Doubloons (14.81 Euro) overpriced. The price of 175,000 Coal/7,500 Golden Doubloons (24.67 Euro) for "Nikolay Kuznetsov", "Philippe Auboyneau" "Günther Lütjens", which is based on the current conversion rate of the current "Unique Commanders" (35,000 Coal = 1,500 Golden Doubloons) in the Armory, is clearly too high. And while you are at it, offer 25% discount coupons for Commanders as well in the Armory to keep things in line with other items in the Armory. ------------------------- Underneath the Long Story about "Legendary Commanders, "Unique Commanders", "Historical Commanders" and "Black Uniform Commanders".
  4. Alguém sabe dizer se essa notícia é verdadeira? Estou ansioso....