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Found 11 results

  1. rafael_azuaje

    Prinz Eugen , why NO red Guns???

    Whay WG not Add Camo Red Guns to Prinz Eugen???? Historicaly had Camo Red guns ,. WG please Paint Red main guns Prinz Eugen looks better and most real.
  2. Count_of_Kaloki

    Subs need Guns!

    Submarines have there AA and secondary guns turned off because they do not a have a High enough caliber. But thats not true they have the same caliber of destroyers of there tier and its better to do some damage then no damage. Carrier will be another major threat to surfaced submarines and most submarines have 2 AA guns, they are not ment to shoot down the hole squad they are met to do some damage, to deter the plane from flying over the submarines. If you agree leave a message Thanks you!
  3. In those German dds where you have a choice, which gun caliber do you chose, the 128 or the 150 mm? The 150 mm are real thumper guns that can punish broadside cruisers with AP, but their ROF is a disadvantage in a close-quarters fight with other dds. I've chosen the 128's in the past as a default but now I'm questioning my choice. Are the different calibers better in different battle modes (Random vs Ranked, vs Scenario, etc.)?
  4. Renamed_User382592742646

    Gun Sound Mod

    I am not a modder by any stretch of the imagination, which leaves me in a bit of a predicament. To cut to the chase, I'd like to know if there is a mod that can revert most of the gun sounds in the game to the way they were in 2019 before patch 8.8. I was never a fan of the new sounds in general, especially how they were all standardized. I'm sure it's probably not a mod that's easy to make or possible to make, but it's worth a shot asking if such a mod exists.
  5. This is what to look forward too in 2020... Let me set the stage, In a Flint finding my favorite Wifu rock in the map so that I can rein fire in domination mode... B cap is being rushed by the reds, only 2 ships at A cap so I aim for the middle of my rocky Wifu... I got spotted from B Next thing I know, half my HP is gone... Its not from the reds at B (they have a clear angle to my citadel). It was a BB from behind the rock.... Out of my range but yet easy for him to take half my HP.. As a narrow target as I was (facing north and south bow on at the time), I was shocked but not surprised.. AP from BBs has gotten to easy to citadel light cruisers even from bow on... Due to these circumstances, I dont blame if my follow cruisers dont want to play Domination mode properly... A BB nails 3 shots on a bow on Light cruiser just getting into position and its port... It is what it is, the game is centered on BBs/guns and rockets for 2020. I'll adapt (pics below). I would include the replay but I after 30min of searching in the WOWS drives.. I haven't found it
  6. As it stands, as most people can agree, the Grozovoi, from what I can gather from a large variety of players, the Grozovoi is a bit... boring. Anything she can do other ships can do better, and as such, could use some mixing up to her statistics, and I personally have one that could give a superbly unique feature to her. This change would update her to the new meta's since her introduction to the game. She did recently get a repair party, but that isn't unique, as that is what the RN DDs have too, and I would argue that despite this change, Daring has better survivability. I would like to see optional main armament, with a particular turret design in mind. As it stands, the Grozovoi has been equipped by WG the 130 mm/58 SM-2-1 turret, an appropriate turret choice to fit the schematic design Project 40n, which calls for a twin , dual purpose, tri-axle 130mm gun. Now, I am sure we can agree, World of Warships is a bit of an alternate universe, one where all these designed/proposed ship designs were actually built. The turret I have in mind, if it had been built, and considered a successful design, I could image the russian navy replacing the 130 mm/58 SM-2-1 of the Grozovoi, and other similarly weighted dual purpose weapons on other ships. The Turret which I have in mind is the BL-127, a quad barreled 100mm/70 gunned tri-axle turret; The BL-127 was a turret designed to replace/upgrade installations of the SM-5 turret, which was present as the secondary armament on five Chapaev class and twenty Sverdlov class (Pr.68bis) cruisers. (In-game, we see the turret present on the Mikhail Kutuzov, the upgraded Chapeyev, and the upgraded Dmitri Donskoi) The BL-127 used the same identical gun barrels, fired the same ammunition, without adding a significant amount of weight to the ship. Why use this turret as an optional armament? Well, it would give a significant difference in just how she plays, something unique, to distinguish her from her counterparts. No other ship would be like it, in a destroyer having optional gameplay formats like this. . It would also give her other unique characteristics, in having the most number of guns on any DD, featuring gameplay similar to the Harugumo, but with 2 more guns, slower reload, and a heal. This is not to say the Grozovoi is in her current state underpowered, she is a very competitive all-purpose ship. Despite being ranked as the 2nd least popular T10 destroyer, she has the best Plane kill ratio at T10 for DDs, beaten only by the Kidd and Neustrashimy for overall DDs. Firstly, you downgrade your gun caliber to upgrade the quantity of fire power per volley. The BL-127 turret, on paper at least, supposedly retained the same 4 seconds reload that the SM-5 turrets had, now, WG can make changes on this front for balance reasons, perhaps 4.0 to keep it inline with the SM-2-1 turrets the Grozovoi already has. Which brings me to the point in that because this turret was never built or tested, WG can modify its stats to their hearts content to make it balanced. The gameplay would more resemble that of the Harugumo, the only DD in the game currently armed with 100mm guns. From playing her notable qualities/quirks of a 100mm guns is, for example, HE is not too effective against other DDs, unless you have IFHE. Just like any other DD, these 100mm guns would be quite the fire starter, I personally suggest a 4% chance for fire, as that would give the 12 gun broadside fire chance to set fire of 48%, which is average amongst the other T10 DD broadsides. Would such a turret swap physically work? In my personal opinion, yes, for the short answer at least. The long answer? Well, The SM-5-1, the turret the BL-127 was designed to replace, weighs 45.8 metric tons, the BL-127 turret however weighs 66 metric tons. This was, according to the engineers, not a problem and would not require any severe changes to the cruisers to implement this change. Now that is out of the way, the SM-2-1, which the Grozovoi is currently equipped with, weighs 57.3 metric tons. This means to have all 3 of these turrets replaced with the BL-127 would increase the weight of the Grozovoi by 26.1 metric tons. In-game, the Grozovoi currently weighs in grand total 3,849 tons. (I do not know if that is metric or standard tons) thus the increase on weight would be less then 0.7% weight increase to the ship. So for tonnage concern, the weight increase is negligible. As for the width of the barbette, the BL-127 was designed to have one that is 3.95 meters wide, as the SM-2-1, I cannot find the data on that front. But I would assume it is similar, and if such a circumstance had occurred in the alternate reality that WoWS exists in, a minor difference on turret ring size would be an easily retrofitted change. Both the SM-2-1 and BL-127 are tri-axled turrets, so the mounting should be compatible with minor modifications. The ammunition elevators I would not imagine taking up more room, probably even less room, assuming the Left pair and Right pair of 100mm guns each shared their elevator, assuming all 4 guns don't share the same munitions elevator in the first place. In-game statistics of BL-127 as a Primary Armament (These stats are just my own interpretation/estimations, based off of the closest approximations in the game, Harugumo's 100mm/65 Type 98 and the SM-5-1s turrets found on Kutuzov/Chapayev/Dm.Donskoi, plus corrections for balance) [square bracket indicates the stats of the SM-2-1 turret of the Grozovoi as of] Range: 12.3km [12.3km] Reload: 5.0s [4.2s] Fire %: 6% [8%] 180 Traverse: 16s [10s] Dispersion: 95m [107m] HE Dmg: 1400 [1800] AP Dmg: 1900 [2600] HE Vel. 1000/s [950m/s] AP Vel. 1000m/s [950m/s] In-Game Statistics of the BL-127 as an AA Armament (These stats are just my own interpretation/estimations, based off of the Akizuki's 100mm/65 Type 98 and the SM-5-1s turrets found on Kutuzov/Chapeyev/Dm.Donskoi, plus corrections for balance) [square bracket indicates the stats of the SM-2-1 turret of the Grozovoi as of] Number of explosions per Salvo: 6 [4] DPS within a shell's blast radius: 1600 [1680] Continuous DPS within the action zone: 185 [97] Range: 3.5km-5.8km [3.5km-6km] Hit probability: 85% [100] Final Comments: The biggest thing this ship lacks any characteristic to it that she is the best at. There is nothing this ship is better at then any other DD. Her survivability was increased recently by adding a repair party, but the Daring I feel is better with her repair party and the fact she takes less damage overall from having a thinner hull and better concealment meaning it gets shot less. Her offensive strength is pretty average, both for her mains and torpedoes. Her AA is really good, but without DefAA its arguable if she is the best or not. This re-armament choice would give the ship the biggest broadside, of 12x100mm, compared to the closest and most similar competitor, the Harugumo, which can fire faster to compensate, but only the grozovoi would be able to boast having 8 bow on guns. Or you know, you could divide the Grozovoi into a 2nd ship with these guns for a T10 premium.
  7. AMajor

    Aiming your guns in a dd

    For all of you (myself included) who watched the original Captain's Academy and were frustrated because you could never get the crosshairs to jive with the shell time, we were NOT crazy. The dynamic crosshairs have a bias for distance.
  8. I just downloaded the game on my PS4, and 4 games in and I haven't been able to fie a single shot no matter what I try. I've been scouring the internet to see what was wrong, to make sure it wasn't me doing something wrong, and there's not really much in game to go on. As far as I can tell, I'm doing everything right on my end, which is what led me here. Either A. this is a bug, or B. there is some mechanic not explained in game that is keeping my guns from firing, and others since I've seen the same complaint around the internet, just not here, and searching for a PS4 or console forum for WoWS also leads here. Since there does't seem to be any real info on what's going on (that I can find), I'm going to post this here and hope for some answers
  9. Any chance of adding the whoop whoop ship horn sound to the game? As from the movie Guns of Navarone.
  10. Quick question. I know that all ships have a fixed sigma rating, dispersion cone size when it comes to fire accuracy. However, does doing evasive manoeuvre while firing affect my fire accuracy?
  11. I'm working my way up the French BB line and am in the stretch of 3 ships with the 340mm guns. They have been infuriating. When I use AP against BB's half my hits will over-penetrate and the other half will either not penetrate or ricochet. This doesn't make any sense to me. These things are both extreme's of the possible outcomes. How can all my rounds be too strong, or not strong enough. When I shoot CA's with AP they seem to do fine. You think if they don't overpen a CA then they should definitely not overpen a BB. The idea of an over-penetration against a BB seems kind of ridiculous to me, actually an over-penetration pretty ridiculous on any ship. If the round goes right through the ship without hitting anything critical it will put holes through it. Holes are not a good thing to have in a ship. Holes below the water line should cause flooding, and holes in bulkheads should cause flooding to spread from one compartment to the next. Especially 340mm holes. I understand the need to balance gameplay, but it's pretty frustrating when you are in a BB shooting at another BB, using HE has very little penetration, and AP does either not enough or too much at the same time result being very little damage. Anyone else notice this? I haven't noticed the problem with any other BB gun.