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Found 2 results

  1. Thunder_Feet

    VII Akatsuki PvE first impression

    I just ground my way up to Akatsuki and did the maiden voyage, 8 point Captain. Not a lot of damage points (~30k) but 2 kills (BB and Cruiser) - all while taking ZERO damage. Granted that there was no CV in that game to keep me spotted, but stealth, smoke, and dodging kept me at 100 percent health. Wiki says her poor AA makes life harder in a game with CVs, so there's that fly in the ointment. First impression is I really like this ship. I have now spent enough to move one of my lower tier BB captains (11 points) and retrain him for Akatsuki, which allows me to add Superintendent to the skills (moar smoke, moar engine boost). I'm slanting my skills and upgrades to get the best Co-op experience, as opposed to Randoms. Some say WG does a "honeymoon" thing your first trip or two in a new ship, I have no idea - but with one battle, I'm pretty stoked. I'm gonna take her out this morning with the higher point skipper, we'll see if the impression lasts. Anyone else like this ship, and if not, why?
  2. Against all reason, I went ahead and got HMS Exeter. Against expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Even after the balancing nerf, her 8" guns are very nice indeed. I highly recommend taking the Aiming System upgrade. After two matches, bottom-tiered in both and running CE skill, she's quite effective operating at the edge of her concealment. The 8" guns did very nicely against 2 Helenas and a Myoko. British cruiser smoke would have been nice, but not a huge impediment.