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Found 3 results

  1. warheart1992

    No Fun Allowed

    Inspired by the numerous threads on Matchmaker, CVs and DDs, I decided to give a go at creating a bit of related meme content. This is just poking fun, no hard feelings towards anyone or class, the sky isn't falling . Please don't turn the thread into another dumpster fire. It's purpose is to have a fun time. I call this one the Kidd experience, at least for me: This is how it feels when you drive one of the AA capable DDs when there are CVs around: Share some of your memes or fun pics from these past few days, I did my part .
  2. A very seasoned clanmate of mine advised me not to set out to get a Gearing because it wouldn't be worth the time and effort. This person has told me "There are no bad ships, there are only ships you [using the editorial/colloquial you] haven't figured out the strengths and weakness of yet and learned ot exploit.".... This guy is not snide or condescending to fellow clanmates or a user of phrases like "git gud" (obnoxious possibly over people's heads alert) but the opposite.... On the other hand, I have it on fairly good authority from another user idk at all that various tiers do not give rise to various skill levels....this sounds patently ridiculous on the face of it to someone who plays like I do, but "seal-clubbing" aside (red alert on the cliche meter, enough with that people) I see an element of truth in such a view.... ....So why exactly am I a total, even given the limited data sample of how much I've played it, washout with a Shimakaze, post the older nerfing and even with the brand-new buffing of its concealment. ....Your thoughts?
  3. Tin Foil Hat: ON So definitively, I can not catch a CV match in my Manual AA DEF AA Groz to save my life, unless I'm divisioned with a CV. Even when the Que SHOWS 2 CVs waiting for Match Making. It's extraordinarily disappointing as a player to not be matched to a game even with CV's in que. What gives? Anyone else experience this?