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Found 1 result

  1. This was a match that I ended right now, it was the most rage inducing one at that, specially with grounding autopilot AND autopilot trying to avoid grounding when I clearly wanted to (to avoid DD torpedoes). Now you say, wow, what an [edited], he`s showing a match where he got first, and a T6 battle at that, but the thing isn`t the position, but the plane kills distribution in the other team, THEY GROUPED UP and for almost 10 minutes I couldn`t do a thing, I had to fly around for minutes doing nothing or doing single long range attack runs because if I tried to do something I`d be met with crazy AA...even for T6 ships and DDs. And this is the detailed report. I've got deplaned with every single plane type I had, even fighter consumable, I managed to do damage because I was a T8 full, my planes were able to survive to drop an attack run and recall them, even when getting ambushed by AA from stealthy DDs, and as everyone can see, the damage is spread through A LOT of ships. Now, you might be thinking, from what you read from the title, is that CVs are OP because they're able to do damage even under heavy AA fire, right? WRONG. You think CVs are OP because the games you played, your team probably split, and if you see the stats, those were a T8 CV stat in a T6 battle where the enemy team was grouped together, in case they didn't, the match would probably have ended earlier or with a lot more damage. Next time you're playing and see an enemy CV that you don't like, try grouping up, 3km is fine since after the attack run, the planes fly forward for around 3~4km before letting you command them, meaning you'll probably kill 3~4, if not all, same applies for fighter consumable. Additional info: *No, the planes didn't die for enemy fighters, I don't fall for that. *No, the enemy CV didn't try to focus me, I just saw that the team was all the way north and grounded in the middle, protected from shells but at 8~10km range of the enemy.