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Found 2 results

  1. *For Grosser's main battery maximum fire range. 20.61 km looks outdated. Yes, yes. I know that the ship is for "mainfights", but I dont see any logic that it keeps a 20.61 km rangr, specailly with the current meta: plus Bismarck, a tier 8 ship has a range of 21.21. I'd like so to suggest a slightly buff to Grossers fire range, from the current 20.61 km to 21..61 km, no more no less, It is a a tier X and deserves to have it's fire range incresased, in that way, it will also be differetne fro Fred's 20.32 km range. *Lastly, the other slight buff would be for Graf Spee's Secondary guns, from 4 km to 4.5 km, so it can be on pair with Nurnberg's secondaries range.
  2. 7_3_PowerStroke

    Grosser Kurfurst Dimensions?

    I am trying to build a model of the GK. Does anyone have the size of this thing? Length, width and height? Main turrets? Thanks!