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Found 5 results

  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Legendary screenshot wanted

    This is an old screenshot I was looking everywhere in the last days, but with 0 success. It was from an incident where a Benson rammed a GK and survived to earn the Die-Hard Achievement. This event caused several players to search, test, experiment in an attempt to figure out how the ramming mechanic really worked to explain how something that was considered impossible... was possible. I wanted to find it so I could show new players that never saw that moment, I made several search strategies and not even a clue... Does anyone here on the forums by any chance has the screenshot to share? I know there was a clip as well, but if I'm far from the screenshot, it would be even harder to find the footage from the gameplay.
  2. So I finally got enough free XP to sell off my FDG and upgrade to the Grosser Kurfurst, and once I'd equipped her 16.5 inch guns I decided to take her out for a spin. I usually have a good first game in my new ships, but this is something I'd never have expected. It started out pretty well: I brawled a Kremlin in the first little bit and traded long-range shots with a Yamato, a Petro, and a Balansgrad before farming damage on the broadside of an enemy GK. What sent this over the edge and made it one of my highest damage games ever was the 5 citadel, 50k Dev Strike I got on the enemy Thunderer near the end. It was so unexpected that I actually apologized to the poor soul in chat. It ended up being the last shots I fired in the match, so I guess you could say I went out with a bang. I think I might be falling in love with this ship. Her guns hit like the Montana's (even if they aren't as accurate), but she's tougher and has better secondaries. She turns about as well as a semi-truck with a flat tire though, but I can live with that. If this keeps up, I might just have a ship that can contend with the NC and the Blyska as my favourite I've ever played.
  3. Yamato (Japan) Pros 18.1 inch main caliber guns that can overmatch up to 32mm bows (Republique, etc) Quite sturdy when bow on Great torpedo protection Cons Cheeky citadel (lewd) Very very sluggish, ship itself and turret traverse Not the top AA Montana (USA) Pros Very accurate guns Heavy hitting 'murica freedom SHS shells : great for citadeling and hitting deck armors for bow on targets. Great AA Good maneuverability Waterline citadel makes it trolly to hit. Can opt to slot secondaries or AA without forsaking accuracy. Cons Very slow shells, bad for sniping Vulnerable to IFHE spam Grosser Kurfurst (German) Pros Very tanky, great health pool Good secondaries that pen 31(128mm), 34(150mm), with IFHE all can pen 32mm (most bows of battleships) German hydro 6k Turtleback armor scheme, making it hard to citadel at close distances Fast turret traverse Cons Gets a lot of pens everywhere Very big and sluggish, easy to hit German gun dispersion BAD BAD concealment Republique (French) Pros Very accurate guns, good pen even at distances Great HE rivaling Conq fire chance Engine boost for flanking and kiting Good maneuverability High fire chance secondaries with long-range French turtleback, not as sturdy, but still usable Cons 32mm everywhere (vulnerable to IFHE spam and nose cits) Guns in A-X position + 8 guns (need to show a lot of broadside for a full salvo) Secondaries are made of glass Conquerer (British) Kremlin (Russian) Well, that was my impression of the 5 ships of the tech tree as an average player. I haven't got the Conq or Kremlin yet, so not much to put on here :)
  4. *For Grosser's main battery maximum fire range. 20.61 km looks outdated. Yes, yes. I know that the ship is for "mainfights", but I dont see any logic that it keeps a 20.61 km rangr, specailly with the current meta: plus Bismarck, a tier 8 ship has a range of 21.21. I'd like so to suggest a slightly buff to Grossers fire range, from the current 20.61 km to 21..61 km, no more no less, It is a a tier X and deserves to have it's fire range incresased, in that way, it will also be differetne fro Fred's 20.32 km range. *Lastly, the other slight buff would be for Graf Spee's Secondary guns, from 4 km to 4.5 km, so it can be on pair with Nurnberg's secondaries range.
  5. Rusty_Python

    Grosser Kurfurst Dimensions?

    I am trying to build a model of the GK. Does anyone have the size of this thing? Length, width and height? Main turrets? Thanks!