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Found 1 result

  1. Just got out of match on OCEAN must admit been awhile but it was great to be back there, no islands with palm trees swaying in the wind , no champagne sipping tourists lying on a beach watching the battle unfold, no coal mines sending out pollution from there stacks, no coast-watchers to give away fleet positions to the enemy, no houses with white picket fences, just deep blue pixel sea. However when all players finally loaded in it was pandemonium, groans of dread, screams and cries of sheer panic as the in game chat both open and in team exploded, players shouting " what the hell is this " and " Battleships will be our islands " beautiful absolutely beautiful to read and see the utter chaos on the high seas.Not a cloud in the sky, ships of all description sailing around trying to hide behind each other, the Function buttons working over time. Fortunately there were some wise heads on our team and with some co ordination working and we steam rolled the enemy which is what I don't find hilarious, it was the pre action and cockroach movement like entertainment of both fleets that I did. Ah WG's new generation of players, its games like this and moments like that to cherish that make this game bearable. WG please please make OCEAN's map rotation more accessible.