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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings and Merry Christmas ! This isn't a complaint thread so please, I'm looking for suggestions from the COOP community as to how to be the most efficient to complete the Third Directive ! Here is the second directive and where I am at today. I completed it yesterday but these tasks remain and Illustrate the problem with Directive three. I decided to "grind" directive two and these are the results of full time grinding for three and a half days ! Notice the Base XP. Three and a half days of grinding in COOP only. Directive three requires Base XP for DDs, Cruisers and BBs !!! That is 85K of Base XP across all of the Tier 7 through tier 10 ships I own (all with 19 point CPT's and Permanent Camo's.) I average 380 Base XP in BBs in COOP. That is 126 matches and assumes I can keep that average....x3 (Cruisers and Destroyers as well that average a lot less......) Is there a Grind Secret I am missing for Base XP??? Is there a faster way..............other than buy the Groizia??? If not, Directive three will take two or more weeks where I am not grinding full time? Am I missing something>?
  2. I'm normally pretty good at math (as long as I have enough fingers and toes to count with.) Here's the math problem. I currently have the Bismarck with 270,195 XP. I had the Freidrich der Gross but sold it. All of its modules are fully researched. So there is nothing left to research with the FderG. Later on I decided to grind for the Kurfurst without buying the FderG a second time. When I now click on the Kurfurst to unlock it I am told I'm still 38,514 XP short. Well, since 270,195 is a bigger number than 255,000 how on earth am I still short 38,514? Okay, I'm bracing myself for one of those answers that make you go "Doh!"
  3. So after recent spectacular Free XP windfalls, I find myself in the following interesting position: 1) Iron Duke - 33,303 XP with all modules researched. XP to go: 16,697. 2) Nelson - 358,979 Free XP accumulated. XP to go: 17,021. They are neck and neck. I know that if I simply ground the Iron Duke, I would reach the XP goal first. However, I have five Spring Sky camos left, as well as numerous Equal Speed Charlie London, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra and Papa Papa flags, on a 200% First Win weekend, and that changes things. I also have more than enough Stars and Stripes, Victory Salute, Storm Wind and Frosty Fir Tree camos to get me through; all of these specifically boost both XP and Free XP, and I have read and re-read @Edgecase's FXP-maximising guide. I have 27 This Is Your day camos as well, and although they do not boost XP, I can load XP-boosting flags on for that and hope for the currently very high First Win Bonus to produce results. I'll post my working later, perhaps, but I'm doing the sums now and even without a first-win bonus the potential results are looking pretty good. If I play well enough, should run out of Spring Sky and get into both the Nelson and the Queen Elizabeth at about the same time. If the math stacks up right, I may even get into the Nelson first. It's a neat coincidence, because I'll have a premium British battleship just in time to retrain the Iron Duke's captain (currently at ten skill points with one unused, 10,541 out of 69,000). Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Which ship do you think will be ready first? And how many games do you think this Seal-Potato will need?