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Found 15 results

  1. Greetings all, I've only played WoWS for a couple of years, so, I am sure that some things take time... Maybe 1 year without expenditures is needed? I "FEEL" as if the likelihood of purchasing a SS anytime soon, is going to be out of the question. It's always felt like an uphill climb to get to the next ship, however, recently the "grind" has turned into a "CLIFF". Since I NEED to keep up my signals, camo's and T 10 ship count, I haven't had even a 20 MILLION credit balance in months, my free XP has dried up into a bag of spare change. Meanwhile my "Whale Fund" continues to deplete. My matches become more grindy, missions becoming UNDERWHELMING in the rewards department (as if that were the only obstacle). I really don't think there is anything I can do about this anymore, I've simply given up hope & relegated myself to playing & paying to REGRESS into my Tier ONE finances... It's beginning to "FEEL" more like FARMVILLE than any actual game I've ever played. I'm pretty sure it's just fuel for someone claiming I'm a potato, stupid, moron or simply an IDIOT... I truly LOVE this game, I a thoroughly feed up with (while already whaling) feeling like there will never be a better time to quit... it's not only incrementally (by orders of magnitude) more expensive to continue playing, it's absolutely full of losses that I will NEVER have control of. I'm a VERY AVERAGE PLAYER, who feels VERY BADLY about, being the best player in a match. That should feel like a joke. I'm not laughing. Obviously I couldn't recommend a game that rewards my accomplishments with MORE "quests", while rewarding a player who sails from A1 to A9 without any concern for any player that he has put in a worse situation than if he hadn't played at all. YET, that's the guy who has 40MILLION Credits & 8 ships, after 7 years... Now that's LOYALTY!!! I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who feels this CRUNCH lately? In any event, my point is that (historically) when a game ceases to yield FUN (and YES profit is the GOAL) only PAIN & GRIND... generally speaking player STOP PLAYING. Maybe this game is only for those that can AFFORD to be whales of digital vaporware? IMHO: THIS GAME COULD BE SO MUCH MORE!!!! ......anyway, so long & thanks for the fish... and saline
  2. The past 5 years I have been primarily playing BB's. It may be time to expand my horizons. I do have the Hindenburg and De Moines, but will appreciate your in put as to which cruiser lines to grind to tier 9 and 10. Which are the best ships and why? Any input on your De moines experience is welcome too! Thank you.
  3. Hi All! Some time ago I wanted to do something different than usual play in WoWS on EU server, but still in WoWS. So I decided to make brand new account and grind 1 line (with as little distractions as possible) from zero to tier X. I go inspired by @Sea_Lord_Mountbatten video on his grind to tier X in 22 battles, but I wanted to do something different. I decide to try it without using any money, completely F2P. Obviously this took significantly more battles than 22, but actually much less than I expected. At this moment I'm sitting on Daring a just ended qualification for Silver. I described my experience in video (pleas excuse my poor English and atrocious accent!) : https://youtu.be/TrvH1eB7_BE But I wanted to comment on observation that I had along my way. NA server is much more pleasant place to play than EU server. Why? First of all players are much more friendly toward each other and seem to be much more relaxes. Less "try hard". Also (probably because most use same language) there is more and better communication inside team. Both in Randoms and Ranked, as well (to my huge surprise) in Co-Op. I did not try operations here. I think this contributed for me to have some of best battles I ever had (including my personal base xp record of just over 3000xp or winning a battle with 1-on-1 with player who got over 2000xp on loosing side - insane performance!). Just today I had insanely close battle for last star in qualification, that just left me shaking. I will upload videos from this battles, as I kept replays and result screens. Anyway, what was to be just a fun experiment, made me quite fond of playing on NA server. I will not switch from EU, too much fun stuff on account there, but you will surely see me playing here. I hope you do not mind! ;) (BTW I was looking over forum rules and forum structure and I did not found other place to post that, I hope I did not do faux pas by posting my video here) ETA: Playlist for grind highlights
  4. So I'm curious if you have seen this video? If not you might find it illuminating. I know I did. I would not have thought it possible but if you are willing to drop some RL coins, I guess anything is possible. This might help us understand why some of us believe the game skill levels/knowledge are going down the tubes. Oh, and of course, buy-able Tier X ships. tiafyc
  5. The bleeping Colorado, I am terrible with it and the grind is killing me. I want to the NC so much that I'll deal with it for another 100k XP or so, but UGH! I've read the reviews and watched the youtube 'how to's' but I just can't get a handle on how to be consistently successful with the Colorado. I mean, I get it - it's rather slow but has good armor and good guns and should be a good tanking ship, but I just can't git gud with it! I've tried being agressive, albeit selectively, not YOLOing - those days are behind me (or reserved for when I take the Biz out for a sail ). But I end up getting focused and burnt and sunk fairly quickly. I've tried hanging back and playing the sniping game, but I often end up getting left behind and/or chased down from behind by Gneisenaus and Sharnies. What can I do to make the grind to the NC less painful? Can anyone offer up some advice on how to approach battles with the Colorado? FYI - this is my second attempt at grinding the Coco - I gave up when I was an ultra-noob for the same reasons I'm struggling now, 700+ battles later! EDIT - my Colorado is fully upgraded.
  6. luckyhoho

    Ranked grind

    The grind is over, it all comes to which side got less potatos. The maps are too small, tactics are next to none. When the RNGesus really want you to rank out, like what happened in the last game, you can detonate enemy Atlanta with one shell
  7. Flambass' recent video on what he thinks is wrong with the game has me thinking. For those who haven't seen it the TL:DR version is it's too easy to advance through the tech tree, and people aren't learning game mechanics, maps, ship characteristics, etc before reaching T10. I know for a fact I'm one of those people. I've only got about 1700 random battles (and a bunch of coop, some operations, and a few ranked) under my belt but am sitting on multiple T10s. And hoo boy, am I bad. My gunnery is terrible, my awareness lacking, I've no idea how high tier maps work, and I can't effectively destroy enemy ships. My play at tier 8 and higher is simply atrocious and I often end up frustrated. Not because I'm losing (a lot) but because I personally am putting out terrible results and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The ship I'm best in is the Scharnhorst. Why? Because it's the one I have the most overall battles in. I have a pretty decent idea of what I'm fighting, I understand the gunnery and armor scheme, I can see good/bad matchups on the map, and I can estimate how long it takes to flex. With that preface out of the way I've decided to conduct an experiment. I'm going to reset a line and actually grind. I'm going to play each ship, without shortcuts, until I'm back at T10. I'm going to learn the ships and tiers and maps inside and out. And when one is done I aim to work on the next. Why would I do this? Because there's no incentive for me to go back and play ships in previous tiers knowing I already have the next one unlocked with all modules with no idea how to play it. Because maybe if I start over on a line I enjoyed I can actually take the time to learn how to play. I've skipped through so much in pursuit of T10 that it's less fun to play than the low tiers when I was frustrated with the grind. Any pieces of advice for this mad scheme? Is this a worthwhile endeavor or am I just wasting my time?
  8. So I have about 260 ships I can get snowflakes rewards from. I'm concerned because in 4-5 years I will likely have 400-500 ships I can earn snowflakes off of. That could take like, 40 hours to earn them all. Kind of ridiculous I would like to suggest a less grindy way to get snowflakes. What if you could have a mission to win 4 random battles with any ship in the line that you are trying to earn snowflakes in, then get all the rewards of that line? For example if I wanted to earn my Japanese destroyer snowflakes I could run Shimakaze, Harekaze, Fubuki, etc, whatever ships I want in random battles, then after four or five victories it would give me all the snowflakes from that line. Yeah, I understand this may actually take more time invested, but I would not feel as bored as I am running like hundreds of co-op battles. Just a thought. It would be nice to have some alternative way to earn these resources. I am at a point with my grinding that I would be willing to pay doubloons to collect all my snowflakes. Here WG, take 5k doubloons at the start and allow me to collect all of my snowflake resources, instantly. I would love that. I would totally pay that and be fine with it.
  9. If I am going to do a "grind" I'd rather grind my 9 T7 cruisers thru Narai every day. I looked at my totals today for earned credits, free XP and elite commander xp after going thru the op with all 9 ships and this is a much more pleasant, and rewarding grind that the PR event. One day totals are: Credits: 7,513,872 Free XP: 95,770 Elite Commander XP: 355,048 Of course I have premium time, been flying every premium flag I have, plus the New Year Streamer cammo as well, to get these numbers but, by the end of the Narai week I will have 1 10 point captain to 19 points and another to 16 points, plus, I will have added enough free XP to have more than 1.5 million banked for Hayate when she is released. So much more rewarding...
  10. I now have two pitiful shipbuilding token boosters working. They will fall well short. I got my doubloons back, so I'm at peace. I didn't get the Gorizia. Not going to spend the money. Glad I didn't. Earning the twelve million credits got the job done. The DD's came close to doing their Trophy year. Now, I don't need to use my Tier 5+ ships for the rest of this insanity. I was getting T5/6 ships matched against T9's. Matchmaking is insane, with the hyper-competitive grinding. No more directive's for me. I will be *collecting* camo and flags, not burning through them. I'm submerging to T4, and below. No daily mission grinds, just collect containers. CV's don't bother me much, for some reason. Much more relaxing gameplay, for me. Enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!
  11. Please. please get rid of the mercy rule in Co-op games. It's hard enough to grind through co-op as it is, and when the game ends with three red ships still on the map, it makes it very frustrating. Put this on top of the current PR grind, and the game gets very frustrating!
  12. Dashing through the waves In a low-tier battleship Past the islands we go Cursing all the way... Bells in pilothouse ring Making crewmen run Oh what fun it is to jump and swim In a sinking ship tonight... Warship grind Warship grind Battle all the way Oh what fun it is to grind for Christmas crates all day...
  13. As we all know, much has been said about the Puerto Rico and the grind from hell. World of Warships community contributors coming out in force against these directives which from the point of view of an average player like myself are almost impossible to do. Flamu himself stating "I play this game for a living every day and I don't see myself completing this" him also being one of the more experienced players of the game holding the title of superunicum should alone speak volumes of how difficult these directive really are. Of course, there is an alternative allowing players to skip the grind. However this alternative method costs around $230 USD, iChaseGaming also speaking out about this stated "if you have any time left at the end of March the amount of money you would sink into this pixel ship is enough to get you from Toronto Canada to Miami and back, or you could get an array of triple A games including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V among others, or for about the same price you could get an Xbox One S on Amazon". So, enough of the rattling on about what others have said. I think that we all need to send a message to WarGaming stating that these directives and the cost of skipping them is blatantly unfair and greedy in every sense of the word. It is this kind of daylight robbery which has killed games in the past, and if they continue down this path then World of Warships will not live to see 2021 I'm 100% certain that it is because of these directives and WarGaming's golden ship figuratively and literally that World of Warships will see a sharp dip in the player numbers. It doesn't take much to know that this is a killing blow waiting to happen and if it is not rectified soon then this game will suffer the consequences of their poor decisions. This amount of greed is only bested by games publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and to see World of Warships a game that I personally am still passionate about even though I was considering quitting at the end of the year regardless going down the same road as EA is something I will not stand for, supertesters whom I will not name have even exclaimed that they will be turning in their ST contracts and quit the game based on this patch alone. I think all there is to be said on this matter has been said but WarGaming you have the tools to right this wrong, it is up to you to decide whether this game lives or dies. Flamu's Highlight: iChaseGaming's Video:
  14. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

    Shortly after my year-long hiatus due to computer problems, I finally managed to acquire my first tier 10 warship: Moskva. Despite playing numerous games in her and extensively using it in ranked, I find her surprisingly ineffective and a chore to play. After my disappointment, I realized, "how many russian cruisers did I actually keep?" It was then I realized I only kept Budyonny and Shchors, the only two ships out of the entire line I seemed to enjoy. The reasons I did not enjoy Moskva was her lack of flexibility. The turning rate and concealment were so bad, it essentially forced me into combat as a spamming bow tanker, unable to leave or formulate a new strategy once the engagement reaches a certain distance. Since I lacked the brain to quit a line while I was ahead, I will ask the community two questions instead. 1) What was your favorite cruiser line to grind? (Yes, even the Russians count...) 2) What line do you think I should grind in its entirety? (No not the Russians this time. Anything but them... Please have mercy... I would rather eat a pine-cone.....) Any advice is welcome!
  15. ScubaDoobie

    Day six as a new player

    We are back for day 6 of playing world of warships. New player no invite code no special perks. I have been enjoying the game so far and had lots a good advice given by people here and in the live stream. Yesterday was the first time the game felt like a grind for me. I have unlocked a handful of ships and have a few tier 4 ships. (Don't laugh lol) again i felt a bit frustrated yesterday grinding out ship XP to try and continue my progression. I started playing with some folks in some random games as a division which I enjoyed so hope to get to do that again today. I have not spent any money on the game yet and am still undecided if I will still playing it by ear. Thanks for everyone's feedback and hope to see you on the water or in the stream. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie