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Found 2 results

  1. So this morning I'm in a battle. At start I allways look at enemy comps compared to my teams. I notice a certain clan in a destroyer. Knowing the capabilities of the destroyer, and assuming that player is very unicom in it based upon the clan the player is in.... I call out in all chat, attempting to make player play a little conservative and knock him off his game, "if we kill the [destroyer] fast we will win this game. That player responded by saying I'm griefing him and It is a EULA violation... Now to be clear, I don't know enemy player at all. I was not attempting to troll and apologized with a sincerity . @Hapa_Fodder, can you explain to a 58 year old what is greifing ? Is calling out a target to focus on early against Eula or is it a valid psychological warefare tool? I don't intentionally break the rules of a game i love so much... Just would like some understanding. Thanks. .... BTW, I was in the t9 lion holding a flank by myself. 4 kills, including that dd 170k damage... Was a close game.
  2. Galvanic_


    @WarGamming Anyone know how to reach out and report player who grief another when they are pink? I always seem to come across at least on [edited] that just side swipes a pink player the whole match. Not only making themselves useless but also racking up extra pink time for the poor SOB who happen to pull that guy. Big surprise he is doing this kind of crap. I have screenshots but not a lot of hope WG does anything about this, but maybe I guess. Any info is appreciated, as I think to improve the game we should get these players out of there.