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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone have any success with this carrier? It's a carrier bought for coal. But Its planes get absolutely slaughtered on attacks in tier 8-tier 10 games, even avoiding dense AA clustered ships and going after the stragglers. There is a squadron heal, but that's rather pathetic. plane speed and hit points look fine on the stats. Armor, damage reduction, captain skills......I tried changing them around, but nothing seems to work. Is it just another case of wg throwing in a fantasy ship and planes and adding the good old russian bias they have? Is the carrier supposed to be a secondary build and charge into the fray as a brawler? Sure, the squadrons are large, and you can do the trick of attacking twice to save the squadron numbers and go suicide attack with just 4 planes, which may not make it through the AA to even get a shot off. Not sure why wg cannot do anything decent except the graphics. Waiting for them to add gold AP rounds and nerf HE, so it's more like the messed up WOT game. Maybe add MTB's and PT boats to give it the face paces (wheeled) aspect like in wot.They put in subs and look how messed up those are. No subs back in WW2 could go as fast as a DD or cruiser on the surface. They were dead slow underwater also. Also, the ping mechanic is pretty bad. What's next, magnetic torps? Not sure why anyone would spend $ on a game so questionable like this. No good software company would pull this sort of stuff and stay in business.
  2. They nerfed the ships. Why? You can buy NOTHING with battle points this year, you earn them to get TOKENS to buy things. You need 180,000 points to get some tokens, and you can't even earn enough to get one camouflage. At 2K per game without killing rasputin, that is 90 games played to earn the equivalent of $9 worth of digital tokens, which gets you... nothing. How greedy, so very very depressingly greedy a company get.
  3. I was watching Flamu the other day and realized something the community had changed quite a lot. I was around in the closed beta test days. We had solid communication then. Sub_Octavian supported the community and gave us direct feedback on wows future plans and mechanics. He was the fall guy for the failed Puerto Rico dockyard event. It was sad to see the community divided then. It surprises me how easily we forget about Wargaming’s greed that day. It still clearly shows these days as well with back to back dockyard events that have changed in some aspects, but carry out the same purpose. To take money in large amounts from players. I think I may be old just rambling on about the past. If there is one thing I do remember it was the day when @iChase stood up and said enough was enough was Graf Zepplin. I think it’s high time that we all do the same as Wargaming only seems to listen when it hurts them in their wallet. We need to support the CC’s that do actual critical thinking and expose Wargaming’s greed. The problem is that people are too content with how things are and will likely do little to nothing on this. I will not be buying Yukon and will do a serious reassessment on when I do buy things from Wargaming. Let’s all do one very simple thing and not buy Yukon. It has to hurt their bottom line in order to see change. That is all I have to say. Make it a great day or not the choice is your’s.