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Found 1 result

  1. I sent a survey to a bunch of the top clans in NA and EU and asked this question: If you could only have 4 DD's in each tier for all game modes, which would they be? I did limit the number of premium ships they could pick in each tier to 2 which affected the results to some degree. I wasn't terribly surprised by the results but here they are: I asked them to provide their DD win rate and DD PR. I got 122 responses with an average WR of 61.80% and median win rate of 61% (Low:49, High:75). The average PR was 2084 and the median was 2065 (Low:1120 High:3859) To no one's surprise in T6, T-61 was the clear winner with Farragut as a clear runner up and then a closely bunched group of Aigle, Shinonome, Icarus, Fubuki and Guepard. Semi newish premiums Leone and Jurua definitely suffering here as Jurua was one of only 2 dd's not receiving a single vote. T6 DD's As strong as Haida is, I did not expect it to get top billing by this much in T7, but it easily topped the T7 list with a clearcut top 4 rouned out by Jervis, GM and Mahan. Leningrad gets the #5 spot and Shira, Z-39 and Sims get honorable mentions. Skane, Maass, Yudachi and Z-31 would not find their way into many people's ports. T7 DD's in T8 the choices were so clear for the top 5 as to no one's surprise, Akizuki claimed top spot and tied the T-61 for overall picks. Rounding out the top 5 were the Cossack, Kidd, Lightning and LF. Here is where the 2 premium limit was really felt as the LF finished atop the LT which is somewhat unexpected but its because the Cossack and Kidd are so well liked that most players could not select the LT (and to some extent the LY and Harekaze) and picked the LF as the T8 French DD's are strong and most players would want to keep at least 1 of them in their port. What happens when you take several powerful concepts and pair them all together while nerfing most of them? You get Fen Yang, nuf said. T8 DD's I found T9 to be one of the hardest to pick personally and it shows as there are really no huge dropoffs from ship to ship after you get throguh the top 3 of Kitakaze, Mogador and Black. I mean no one liked Schultz or Z-44, but that wasn't a surprise. T9 DD's Unfortunately for newer players, the clearcut #1 Smaland is not available outside of tossing copious amounts of money at WG and crossing your fingers. Rounding out a clear top 5 was not hard as the Daring, Marceau, Kleber and Halland were the favorites. Surprisingly the perceived OP Vampire II languished in the bottom with the routinely nerfed Khabarovsk and the Hayate. Basically, if a DD can't provide good utility to their team, they aren't going to be as useful to these players. T10 DD's And this is where my methods and madness will probably get me in trouble with the player base, but I have ranked the tech tree lines by their median picks. Averages could be heavily skewed by 1 strong ship and hard to gauge with partial lines. The UK line faired very well as all of its DD's placed top 6 or better, with only the Jutland dropping to #6. France's early DD's were not that well liked, but the 8-10 definitely propped the line up to #2. Aki and Kita propelled the IJN gunboats to a solid #3 and the USN dd's were not overwhelmingly liked, but maintained a high enough place in most players ports for a solid #4. Tech tree line strength FAQ Q. Could you have done this better? A. Yes Q. Why are the question so bad? A. Because making the survey large, complicated and cumbersome would have cut back on number of meaningful replies. I decided the suspect method of this survey would still give adequate results for newer up and coming players to decide what ships they should probably go for. Q. I am one of the best DD players alive, why didn't you ask me to fill out the survey? A. I was intimidated by your prowess and didn't feel comfortable approaching you. In Reality: Basically I pinged about 8-10 clans on each server and asked if they would post it for their members. Obviously I got more response on NA as I knew who to ping and am more well known and people were more likely to oblige. With the EU clans, they probably wondered who this weirdo was on discord and promptly blocked me. Q. Can I have the raw data because I don't trust your conclusions and want to discredit your survy? A. Absolutely!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15WJcWQD1SriGHa6eeaA4_P9ZiiabZwPoM-HitZ5UyQk/edit?usp=sharing Q. Why only the NA and EU servers? A. Because I am a poor uneducated scrub from Saskatchewan who only knows English and has no knowledge of things in the CIS and SEA servers. Please post in the comments how I can make this type of survey better or what you want to see in upcoming Cruiser, BB and CV surveys