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Found 6 results

  1. If you have a forum post that have test ships. You may use the GIF from above Graf Zeppelin Test 1 Graf Zeppelin Test 2
  2. Hey! My Graf Spee has the most underwhelming sound effect for it's rifles. Does anyone else think she sounds like a dry butterless popcorn fart??? I think it is pathetic. I've got t4 DD's with more authoritative rifle reports! Just sayin'
  3. So after the reading the announcement they are going to give people who bought the ship at release a special custom camo and have pulled the Graf from the shop. So now because I didn't buy a completely broken ship I am missing out on exclusive content. Well done WG. This may seem petty but I hate missing out on unique stuff and am basically being punished for not instantly buying a turd of a ship. I have bought every singled premium released to date i should get a freaking personal medal just for that. Quote from WG: We will also create a custom permanent camouflage for GZ, which will only be available for players who bought the original ship. Players will also be invited to take part in the creative process to figure out what this camouflage will look like
  4. So IChase was removed from the CC program. Now I know why WG said they did it. They say it was because he insulted an employee, but I took his comments as exaggerations to prove his point. I never thought they were threats. Their message also implied that someone else was only being considered to be dropped. I think this means Notser. As it is I am not going to buy anymore premiums and invest less time into the game because of Ichase's release. But if Notser leaves than that is my last straw. To me that would be straight censorship as it threatens people who speak badly about their product and forces them to moderate their content, which is communist levels of bull****. I would love to hear your opinion on the matter. I really would. Spend your hard earned money wisely! Edit: this whole thing really makes me sad because I love this game but what is happening is wrong.
  5. Okay, I'm trying to complete the Final Task for the first mission group on the Graf Spee. I've met (I think) the requirements (play a game from 28 December, Tier V-X ship), but still no completion notification. Anyone else having trouble? Thanks,
  6. Divers have salvaged a 2m (6ft) bronze imperial eagle from the German World War II battleship Graf Spee that was scuttled in the River Plate. The eagle's swastika was hidden as a mark of consideration Three divers had to loosen 145 bolts securing the 300kg (661lb) eagle to the stern of the craft in the muddy waters off Uruguay's capital, Montevideo. "The eagle is really impressive... it's all virtually intact," said team leader Hector Bado. The ship was scuttled in December 1939 to stop it falling into enemy hands. Mr Bado told Associated Press news agency the eagle had a wingspan of 2.8m (9ft) and a special barge with a crane was needed to raise it from the river. The barge brought the eagle back to port on Friday with a yellow tarpaulin covering the swastika at its base - out of consideration for those who still hold strong feelings against the symbol of Nazi Germany, Mr Bado said. "When it emerged from the water held by steel cables by the crane, it was just spectacular, something unreal " Hector Bado The eagle was taken to a customs warehouse, but not before curious cruise ship guests had had a chance to disembark and get some snapshots. The ship has lain in waters only 10m deep since its scuttling - until a project financed by private investors from the US and Europe with the backing of the Uruguayan government sought to salvage it. The operation has now been going two years. Previous items raised included a 27-tonne section of the battleship's command tower and a range-finding device for gunners. It is hoped the vessel will become a tourist attraction in Montevideo. The Graf Spee was once a symbol of German naval might. In the early days of World War II it roamed the South Atlantic, sinking as many as nine Allied merchant ships. But during the Battle of the River Plate it received several direct hits and took refuge in Montevideo harbour. Uruguay, under diplomatic pressure from Britain, ordered the Graf Spee out to sea. And there she was scuttled by her captain, Hans Langsdorff. Capt Langsdorff committed suicide in a Buenos Aires naval camp three days later. The recovery of the eagle was taken place in February 2006