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Found 27 results

  1. devilman275

    Please rework Graf Zeppelin

    it is no secret that GZ is in a poor state with the new rocket plane reticule Gz has a second attack group that is unreliable after so much fiddling with GZ i say, WG needs to look at it again, it is the worse performing CV at tier 8, the main issue is dive bomber are highly unreliable, the reticule and rng allows for far too many drop where 90% of the ship is in the reticule and somehow the 2 bomb just sideway off to the small part of water in it for its trouble the DB damage have been highly cut down from 7000 to 5400 with a marginal improvement in aim speed, which doesn't mather since the RNG dont care if you dont win the drop lottery TB are the only reliable damage and they are not that great either, they are fine just, they cant just pick up the slack from DB with the new rocket plane reticule, they are acting more like the dive bomber on the reliable departement. i dont know what can be done to help this cv without making it Enterprise 2.0, it needs to be more reliable and at least on part with the competition
  2. One thing I like about the new tech tree German CV's is that their dive bombers fly at high altitude. As soon as they launch, they go near-vertical to achieve that altitude, and I really like the view of looking down at the battlefield from such height. Sometimes, even the battleships look like tiny destroyers, and I get a sensation that I'm really soaring high, lol. Of course, Graf Zeppelin's dive bombers aren't like that, because GZ is an older ship, preceding the new tech tree ships. So I was wondering if it would be okay to suggest an update to GZ, so that her dive bombers fly at such high altitude too. Just saying. And while at it maybe even change her dive bombers' aiming reticle, from the useless (lel) perfect circle, to a more elliptical shape of her tech tree counterpart. I think this would also make her dive bombers a little more useful than they're now, TBH. Plus, maybe even make the stuka sirens a little louder, for all German CV's? LUL. Thank you for your time, lal.
  3. Hopefully I can get an answer to my question in the mod part of the NA forum. I would like to know what the Dark Grey square-shaped objects are supposed to be that cover roughly two-thirds of the GRAF ZEPPELIN Flight Deck on the default ("vanilla") WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN model/textures. Can WOWS Developers please clarify where these objects come from and what is their purpose? They seem to be an invention of the WOWS Developers that have no real world basis. Photographic evidence and the original GRAF ZEPPELIN plans do not show these objects. I need the data for my WOWS AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN mod and for modelling purposes in general. My most recent AUTHENTIC GRAF ZEPPELIN mod can be found on www.nexusmods.com Some images to make clear to what I am referring to. In the image underneath the many Dark Grey square-shaped objects on the Flight Deck of the WOWS GRAF ZEPPELIN are clearly visible Square shaped objects were visible on the steel deck of the real world GRAF ZEPPELIN, but that was before the wooden planking had been fitted. Here are two images of the steel deck of the GRAF ZEPPELIN before the wooding planking was fitted. These square shaped objects were no longer visible when the wooden planking had been fitted on the real world GRAF ZEPPELIN however. Here are images of the Flight Deck of the real world GRAF ZEPPELIN after most of the wooden planking had been fitted. Flight Deck in front of the Bridge: Flight Deck looking from stern to stem: Flight Deck looking from stern to stem, starboardside: Flight Deck looking from stern to stem, portside: Flight Deck looking from stern to stem, portside: Here is a post war image with a member of the USSR military on the Flight Deck of the GRAF ZEPPELIN, looking from stern to stem:
  4. Since version I noticed that the Ta 152 C-1 of GRAF ZEPPELIN are all armed with rocket launchers when in port: In a match GRAF ZEPPELIN of course still has her Ta 152 C-1 armed with a torpedo or a bomb: The GRAF ZEPPELIN Ta 152 C-1 being equipped with rocket launchers in port is probably a mistake due to the Ta 152 C-1 also being used on the upcoming Tier 10 German Carrier, but hopefully it might also mean something more. So the question to be raised is: will GRAF ZEPPELIN finally get a better alternative to the current Ta 152 C-1 that is armed with a bomb in the shape of a Ta 152 C-1 that is armed with AP rockets in the near future? It would be "nice" to finally have an improvement over the current quite underwhelming, to use an understatement, Ta 152 C-1 armed with a bomb. To have an alternative and improvement for this bomb armed Ta 152 would bring German Carriers in line with USA Carriers that also have a choice between the 29 cm rockets and the 12.7 cm rockets for their Carrier Aircraft. Is there anyone that has any information about this? Most likely the rocket launchers that are currently mounted on the Ta 152 C-1 of GRAF ZEPPELIN when in port is just a result of sloppy work by the WOWS Development team and more likely than not the GRAF ZEPPELIN will remain stuck with the current underpowered bomb armed Ta 152 C-1, since WOWS Management has proven that any suggestion to improve anything in this area will be fully ignored. Still it would be nice if this is not just a "mistake" made by the WOWS Development team but instead a sneak preview of an upcoming - long overdue - improvement for the bomb armed Ta 152 C-1 of GRAF ZEPPELIN.
  5. 1503 Secondary Hits, 244,775 Damage caused by Secondaries, all from an """Aircraft Carrier""".
  6. Tpaktop2_1

    Tripitz - Funny Story

    I am running from a Kleber and he is burning me good. I get the fires out and I see a CV off in the distance. I use all my horn to warn him of my position and direction. I am heading south. I look back at the Kleber to see how close he is and then back forward. I see the CV in front of me. I tried to turn, but the CV rams me. Great I thought, I am going to be pink now. However, I die, the CV is alright with no damage from the ram bump, and the enemy Kleber, gets the sinking along with the Whether and Arsonist medals. The Graf Zeppelin is fine. Neither of us are pink from team damage. It was as if the ram never happened. I find this amusing. Can we get the Tripitz buff with the Graf Zeppelin armor?
  7. I have to say, the first time I've had fun in a long time in WoWs was with the Graf Zeppelin. The DPM of the secondaries is comical. I want to try it without secondary spec and slip in between two ships. Did 80k in total to the Georgia.
  8. After the current Puerto Rico outrage and the Naval Training Center outcry of a few months ago, many people are accusing Wargaming of being exceptionally greedy and trying to kill their Golden Goose, but I'm not so sure that is really what is going on. It is often said that the simplest answer is often the right one, but I don't think simple greed is the simplest answer, because that conclusion requires looking at a very narrow window of negative events. Now I have expressed this hypothesis before, usually in private Discords or chats, but I don't believe I have ever done a large forum post on it. I want to clarify, what I am going to suggest is a bit insulting and could be a serious wound to someone's pride internally, but I want to clarify that I am not talking about anyone in the North America office, as this problem originates from above them, and they are left stuck with damage control from the fallout, and I for one greatly appreciate the difficulty of what they continuously have to deal with. I am in no way asking any of you paid employees to comment on this, as I seriously doubt you can, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if some of you haven't noticed what I am about to call attention to. Despite being computer programmers or fairly successful business people, it seems like the top decision people in final game decisions seem to be very bad at math, and in fact nearly every major problem this game has had could be attributed to a failure to double check mathematical numbers and functionally considering them applied to a live game situation before the general gaming public discovered them. Allow me to take a look at some examples of this I personally know about, and many of which I was here for: 1) Kamikaze- This event happened before I began playing the game, but many people have described it as an early panic cash grab, hence why many people are bringing it up now. Mathematically, the number of Pearls was not enough to even come close to satisfy the player base, so after c=some community outrage, they increased the number. This example could be either possibility of a cash grab, or the planners not taking the number of players seeking the ship into full correct context in their event planning. 2) Graf Zeppelin- This ship was offered pre-order which was a mistake because it put them on a design deadline for a ship from a type they did not have enough experience designing premiums for. As a consequence, the first version of the ship was grossly underpowered, causing an emergency redesign after it had gone live that was then overpowered, which it remained until the rework. The main reason this wasn't a cash grab is because once it was redesigned and had clearly become overpowered, they were very reluctant to re-issue it, despite the money they could have made selling it. 3) Duke of York- The original version of this ship could yet make a return to the game slightly redesigned as the Prince of Wales, but it needed help. It was a battleship without a heal, and that means a very awkward play style that would be very difficult for players to handle. Ultimately, the design was changed before release, since it had seen enough press from the CCs so that a large amount of the market was acutely aware of the problems it was going to have. Despite this, it theoretically could be redesigned to appear in the future as a functional ship. The root of it's difficulties came from a lack of consideration of what it would take to make it playable. The math didn't work. 4) Eagles vs Sharks- This event came during the release of the US Cruiser split. The problem was the Sharks blew out the Eagles from day one on, making it an easy call what team to be on for more containers, and making the event fairly boring as a consequence. There was supposed to be a mechanic to give the losing team from the previous day extra help in winning, but it wasn't enough to make it even close. Literally the only reason to be an Eagle was if you preferred the Eagles permanent camo for Worcester over the Shark camo. The later Honor and Glory event for the Russian battleships would fix this event style, giving enough benefits to the previous losing team to encourage enough people to switch teams to keep it competitive. Really, there was no money for WG to release this event in it's dysfunctional state, so this was definitely a case of bad applied math. 5) CV Rework- Ah, the first major controversy of 2019. Not going to get into the intricacies of this one, except to say that while there was money to be made for WG, it couldn't have been enough to warrant calling it a cash grab relative to other events. The math problems came in so many ways like AA, torpedo damage, hit ratios, etc. that I don't even know where to begin. They said they needed the live server to be guinea pigs due to low PTS server numbers, but wow were there a lot of things to exploit early. 6 & 7) Naval Training Center and Puerto Rico- These are both so fresh in everyone's minds I don't really need to get into details, except to say that both events could be described in the context of being a cash grab and a case of WG failing to consider the real life math. Looking back on all of this, I offer for consideration that maybe the problem isn't just greed, but possibly the company has an issue at the top that they aren't using a discerning eye to consider the applied math before they do these things. I ask, are these mistakes something the company could fix by slightly changing their process and adding someone with practical experience in this field to proof check these events first?
  9. I have all the tier 8 premium CVs besides the Graf Zeppelin, and I have found that each is fun and interesting in its own way. I considered buying GZ, but it just doesn't look worth it, not as strong as the others. The dive bombers look abysmal, missing both bombs even on well lined up drops and even if they hit it's usually a ricochet or shatter, or only one single citadel. Compare this to Enterprise and Saipan, and even Kaga, which can frequently land 10k+ drops with their bombs. You'd think either the rockets or torpedoes would make up for this, but GZ torpedoes seem to do the lowest damage at the tier besides Implacable, and the rockets seem rather inaccurate. Is the GZ a good ship or just significantly weaker than the other tier 8 CVs and in need of buffs?
  10. Before the rework the Graf zeppelin was about the ap dive bombers squadrons. After the rework the it was all about the insane speed until the Destroyer community's feedback made all the speeds worse . So then with absolutely nothing left the kept nerfing the torpedo bombers twice and the rockets globally, they restored the torp bombers back to almost normal. Now what does she have to show for when the random player with a paycheck wants to buy her if the even look at her ? NOTHING Maybe if wg is feeling good they'll give us back something like the god like speed or the old bomber dives ,anyways just my thoughts of get frowned on for playing it and not being able to do anything
  11. Backstory The Soviet Union actually did consider building an aircraft carriers as a part of their plan to rebuild the Navy ever since its succession of the Tsarist Empire. Their first step of building one was using an incomplete Tsarist warships left abandoned during the Russian Civil War, among them was Izmail along with the damaged Poltava (later Mikhail Frunze). Despite numerous assertive efforts were carried out to rebuild the Navy, the Red Army managed to win its influence and hindered their progresses from the moment a Red Army bureaucrats examined their naval budget and “relocated” the funds whatever the budget list was rendered “redundant” and “lucrative”. Conditions were further worsened during the Great Purge and then placed into a complete halt in R&D when the war broke out. Even after the war, the VMF’s efforts to build an aircraft carrier has been kept in the dark, because the Red Army earned too much credits from the Soviet victory over the Nazi Germany with much pride to the point of denouncing the Navy as an irrelevant and unreliable military power to defend the motherland. But contrary to the popular belief of the USSR is always about land power, Stalin actually has a strong desire to reform the VMF to become a great naval power once more from the ruin like the USN, IJN and RN – as an accomplished naval man. Though his priority for the VMF was building his dreamed battleships – Sovetsky Soyuz-class, battlecruisers, cruisers, destroyers and submarines, he did felt for the need of aircraft carrier for the Navy. But because of Stalin’s big love for big guns, along with the Red Army’s strong influence over the regime, his opinions on aircraft carrier was perplexing. Until when WWII ended, Stalin seriously considering the Navy to possess an aircraft carrier. Unfortunately, the efforts of realizing Stalin’s vision of an ocean-going fleets were short-lived when Stalin died, while Khrushchev came into power and forbid the development of aircraft carrier as he viewed them as on offensive asset that went against his regime’s idea of a strong maritime denial defences. Until when Khrushchev stepped down, aircraft carrier development was finally revived in a form of aviation cruiser. In the alternative timeline, if the nation was in better shape with the damage caused by the Revolution wasn’t too severe, if the Navy managed to convince the government without the Army’s meddling, their proposed aircraft carriers would have been realized. Those CVs’ existences would have actually bring a huge impact on the Soviet shipbuilding industries and would greatly change their courses in history, especially the VMF’s naval doctrine would have become different from what they are now in terms of flexibility in naval assets deployment and power projection. And the Navy would have been a whole again – as a blue-water naval power as well as a part of the Big Seven Naval Powers in the Second World War. Speaking of aircraft carriers, they would serve as mobile naval aviation platforms to project the Navy’s Air Force with much greater flexibility and operation range. Furthermore, they can help provide both offensive and defensive air supports as well as coordinate the fleet strategically more efficient as command ships that could supplement ideally with their flagships which are either a battleships, battlecruisers or cruisers, just like other nations. But, the Soviet aircraft carriers would access to attack aircraft/Sturmoviks and medium-sized aircraft to make them unique from the rest alongside with the German counterparts. More details about Soviet carrier-borne aircraft will be explained further in another dedicated thread, because it is the worst part about the Soviet CV line. Later, I would be as well working on the German CV line. For now, let's get down what the Soviet CV line might look like: Tier IV – Mikhail Frunze (CV conversion) "Brest" This is the first refit proposal for the 4thSevastopol/Gangut-class battleship, Frunze when a fire broke out in the boiler rooms, and this was the Soviet VMF’s first attempt to build an aircraft carrier for the Navy, alongside the unfinished lead ship of the Borodino-class battlecruiser, Izmail, at the same time. Designed to carry up to 50 aircraft. It was made when Washington Naval Treaty came into effect all over the world, although the Soviet Union did not ratified itself into the Treaty. This proposal, along with Izmail CV conversion, were simultaneously cancelled when the Red Army hamstrung the naval budget and “relocated” them to elsewhere. However, unlike Izmail, Frunze was saved from scrap for a several years longer when a 2nd refit proposal was made to modernize Frunze into a battlecruiser before she was eventually scrapped when all modernization projects for unfinished Tsarist-era ships were all cancelled in the mid-30s. Tier V – Izmail (CV conversion) "Astrakhan" Beside Frunze, Izmail was the other candidate for an aircraft carrier conversion. Like Akagi and her ill-fated sister Amagi, she was planned to be converted from a “battlecruiser”*. Other than building a flight deck above the deck, other modifications were also made by installing 8 x 1 – 180mm deck guns, removed half of its total number of 130mm casemate guns, and reduced its belt armor to 76mm. A 100mm/102mm dual-purpose guns were considered too. It was designed to carry up to 50 aircraft, while a total of 35 aircraft was proposed as its practical capacity. Her hangar’s dimension, however, remained a mystery. Same can be said for the 1st Frunze refit proposal. Unfortunately, Izmail was eventually sent to scrap in the mid-30s when the Red Army intervened to examine the naval budget and “relocate” them for a bureaucratic, penny-pinching reason. Tier VI – Project 71a "Smolensk" Project 71a was a design proposed to use a hull of Chapayev-class light cruiser to build into a light aircraft carrier, and this was the first design project officially recognized and considered by the R&D department for an aircraft carrier program. It has a unique funnel design feature akin to the one found on a Japanese aircraft carrier like Akagi. It was designed to carry 20 fighters and 10 torpedo-bombers, in total of 30 aircraft as its practical capacity. But due to its unusually large hangar dimension of its size, it can be possible to accommodate more up to 40 aircraft, beyond its designed capacity. Tier VII – Project 71b "Yaroslavl" No design schematics available for it, but assume this to be an enlarged Project 71a. Due to an enlarged overall dimension than its smaller cousin in a large margins, it is not suitable to be a hull upgrade for Project 71a. It can carry more aircraft than Project 71a, as many as 70 in maximum/battle-ready capacity. In terms of practical capacity, it is recommended to operate not more than 60 aircraft. Attack aircraft of Sturmoviks may be considered, but in a limited numbers due to its given dimensional constraints. Tier VIII – Project 72 “Ulyanovsk” Another aircraft carrier design submitted for the naval development program in between the late-30s and mid-40s alongside Project 71. Its design akin to a British counterpart HMS Illustrious. The design can accommodate up to 62 aircraft depending on the selection of bombers for its air groups. With its wide hangar deck, an optional choice of a medium-sized bomber and attack aircraft/Sturmoviks can be given to consider. Wingspan of a medium bomber must not be more than 20m in width. With its wide flight deck, it can launch an air group of medium bombers effectively. Tier IX – Project 69AV “Aleksandr Nevsky / Admiral Lazarev” – Kronshtadt CV conversion The Project 69AV was an aircraft carrier conversion of the incomplete Kronshtadt-class battlecruiser, which was halted in construction when the war broke out. It was proposed after the WWII to complete Kronshtadt’s construction. This was to be the first Soviet official post-war aircraft carrier. It features an unusually wide hangar not only able to accommodate as many as 76 aircraft in a single deck, but also enabling accommodation of larger aircraft without cramming burden. However, due to its “slender” flight deck and smaller elevator, deploying a larger aircraft such as medium bombers might be a little troublesome. Thus, their effective use could be limited which may result in a smaller air group. Tier X – Project Kostromitinova "Admiral Ushakov" Project was named after a naval architect Kostromitinov who has been studying the incomplete German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin’s design schematics for years, which explained how its design was largely based on Graf Zeppelin. Technically, it is a scaled-up Graf Zeppelin with denser defensive firepower and much larger aircraft capacity featuring 2-storey hangar decks with three elevators that can accommodate up to 106 aircraft in total with a wide varieties of aircraft - an unrestricted choice of aircraft class ranging from fighter class to a medium-sized carrier aircraft like Tu-91. This would have been the Soviet counterpart of a true fleet aircraft carrier to the American Midway, the Japanese Hakuryuu, the German Europa and the British Malta. This design, however, is possibly the most heavily-armed of all. This is also the most interesting design among the other proposed aircraft carrier designs in the past, but sadly it was the least known and had the least officially recognition, despite being a post-war design when a need of a fleet aircraft carrier for the VMF was seriously considered. Take note, though. Some of the parameters were modified from the original source just to make a few carriers fit in its tiers in terms of density of defensive AA firepower and increasing hangar dimensions to accommodate more aircraft. And remember, I may not be always right in judgement. But this is the appropriate one I can come with chronologically.
  12. @Sub_Octavian is there a chance we just call it good and “un-buff” the AP bombs? We appreciate the effort to compensate Graf after the speed changes but it’s not working out. I don’t know if a buff has ever been asked to be reverted but the new bomb mechanics seem worse than they were before. The bombs bounce, overpen or completely miss the target most of the time. Coupled with the speed boost “standardization” this CV feels worse in 8.4 overall. Thanks.
  13. As it stands, it just....feels pathetic playing it, I honestly feel better in my Furious or Hoshou. Looking at stats and in game performance, it doesn't seem to work at all, and I'm fairly okay with my other CVs. I love CVs after all. And like all other classes, they should get buffed WHEN APPROPRIATE.
  14. So I got the Graf Zeppelin from a container earlier today and I've taken it out for a spin a few times. It's not as good as the Enterprise, but I enjoy it regardless. That, however, is beside the point. Something I've noticed about the Zeppelin's dive bombers is that when you start an attack run, you can hear the infamous 'Jericho Trumpet' siren blaring as they dive. The thing is, though, I always figured that the only plane to ever have that device installed was the Ju 87 Stuka, and the dive bombers on the Zeppelin are Ta-152s, a plane that was originally designed as a high-altitude interceptor and as such didn't dive-bomb anything during its actual service period. Because of this, I now ask those of you who know more about history and WG's methods this question: Is there any historical precedent for German dive bombers outside of the Ju 87 being equipped with the Jericho Trumpet? Or is WG pulling a Waffentrager E-100 and making this up entirely? Thank you in advance to whomever responds. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  15. Granted, I also opened it alongside two event containers I got from beating missions, but I'm not complaining. Cue the hammer of the gods!!!!!!!
  16. ShizuoYimato

    Elige tu equipo.. (CVs)

    Soy el unico de aqui que al ver un mensaje asi: se imagina cosas asi? xD Mi orgullo como animador no me dejaba tranquilo.. me decia "Debes hacerlo!!" asi que.. Quizas les haga una linda animacion despues xd....
  17. my graf zeppelin will come before the new directive starting wednesday...right? WG will not "postpone" her again right? after a hundred years,we will finally be able to buy her RIGHT?
  18. BloodDragon41

    Y el Graf Zeppelin cuando?

    Buenas.... A pesar de que lo veo poco, en algunas partidas logro ver el mitico cv aleman Graf Zeppelin, se que en el pasado tuvo sus problemas y fue retirado de la tienda premium y que ha estado en proceso de rework constante. Mi consulta es con la nueva actualización ¿pondran el Graf Zeppelin? Y de no ser asi ¿alguien tiene noticias sobre los avances o de cuando volvera? Gracias.
  19. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    2000 battles in a Graf Zeppelin

    2000 battles in a Graf Zeppelin Something many players will think quite disgusting, some will hate me for this. Both are quite reasonable reactions. But I have explored every conceivable strategy in every conceivable random battle setup, with every one of the 2 pre revision loadout combinations and all post revision 6 different loadout combinations with every imaginable captain skill setup that can possibly work (i.e win battles) and many that can't. No other warship in World of Warships comes close to the diversity of gameplay potential as the Graf. It is this cornucopia of endless variations on ways to sink enemy ships, and to win battles, that has made, 2000 battles possible. To @Femennenly WG's resident Air Ace, @Pigeon_of_War WOWS NA producer, and @Gneisenau013 whose topics I have probably mentioned the Zeppelin far too often (everyday?) this is worth remembering, because how many premium warships, on average, are ever played more than a couple of score times by their owners? What happens after 20, 40 or 100 battles? They get bored. I have never had this issue with Graf, or at least, I will admit, not until I hit the home straight and final score of battles for the zweitausend. I accept the CV 2019 rework, I deserve no less than the CV rework, (I still detest the CV rework.) But Graf Zeppelin, has been so much fun, for me. I will miss it. For those that ask, no kittens or puppies were injured during my gameplay. But a lot of players, were very (sometimes rightly) annoyed with me! 95% of my Graf Zeppelin battles, were played solo. My most employed loadout, has been 121AP (1 fighter squadron, 2 normal torpedo squadrons, 1 AP dive bomb squadron). 300/2000 battles were fought with 203HE/AP pre March 2018 revision. But all 6 (8 counting pre March 2018 revision) loadouts are viable. My favourite game strategy has become to launch a blitz strike attack as soon as the battle starts, relying on luck to present me with an ill defended or slow to act target. Because of the nature of random battles and team psychology, this is unsurprisingly, effective for deciding battle outcomes. shoutout to fellow zeppeliners, there are only about 200 of us on the NA server, but still too many to list here, I know you must share similar feelings about this very exclusive bote. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3762272048,Graf-Zeppelin/
  20. Reaver97

    When a cv grows balls

    this has to be on of the few times rushing B works.
  21. "GZ is more or less fine stats-wise, but it will still unfortunately going to be controversial. We're to blame here, both for general state of CVs in the game and for letting GZ-gate to happen in the first place. Now we're doing the best that can be done in current circumstances , but CV rework should erase such problems conceptually." "well I doubt we will rush her sales now, but cannot promise anything here. I'm not in charge of prem shop." So GZ will remain toxic (good/bad news, depends on which side of the fence you are on) GZ is unlikely to return to the Premium shop for a long time.
  22. Graf Zeppelin lacks a 6th upgrade slot, which means its fighters can neither benefit from a 5% speed boost module (Flight Control 2) nor a 15% attack aircraft hp boost (Air Groups 3) nor even a boost to secondary battery reload times (Secondary Battery Modification 3) Rather than complain about the fighters being down tiered, or 2 weak, testers hoping to improve the GZ fighters would do better to argue for this extra 6th upgrade slot, to ensure GZ is treated as an equal to the Enterprise. Currently, there is an objective need for an essential buff, for this ship. I look forward to enthusiastic support from the community on this matter. Nutty.
  23. The following is in no way intended as either criticism or praise, as objective or polemical. Some people may feel offended, others may laugh and think, what an idiot! 100 random pvp battles in the Graf Zeppelin (premium shop version limited edition which was sold for a brief moment at the end of August 2017). First of all, I have enjoyed these 100 battles (well most of them), probably more than any other warship of WOWS, and this despite everything. Perhaps because of the challenge, or perhaps because I felt I was doing well. (For comparison, look to the right of the image to see results with Saipan and Lexington). personal and subjective conclusions after these battles : 'August 2017' GZ has a fluid sense of play, with a manageable tempo of sorties and strikes. Fighters are weak, but sensible usage, avoiding dogfighting, preferring to save them for scouting and strafing opportunities, means they are often sufficient HE divebombers are versatile, capable of dealing out pain in regular waves AP divebombers are not useable in pvp, to be avoided Having little experience with IJN CVs and their heavy reliance on torpedoes, I don't miss them (cue : outrage, "How dare he? Call the cops, a pervert, he doesn't like torpedoes!"). Average damage per game is low in comparison to its peers (Lexington, Shokaku and Enterprise), but this is compensated by its tactical adaptability, and ability to maintain a quite fast strike rotation (take off, attack, return and rearm) Kills with the secondaries are rare, but when they happen they are quite epic and supremely enjoyable, I have on record, sunk 2 destroyers, a cruiser and 2 battleships with the secondaries alone. WG should offer existing owners the right to permanently own a collectors edition Graf Zeppelin, 'August 2017' version alongside the future in development new 'improved' version if there are major changes Anyone who spends so much time playing this CV, and spends so much time on forum talking about it, is probably a masochist. When replaced by the future reworked edition, the 'August 2017' Graf Zeppelin will be missed by few, but those who do will miss it dearly/ please keep replies to this thread on topic, avoid polemic and keep it good natured.
  24. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    EU Q&A transcription CV rework&Saipan Nerf

    See post copy/past summarybelow, reddit links take to long to load!
  25. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Stuka bomber sound

    Stuka dive bombers will make their iconic wailing sound while dive bombing! (Presumably this will not be the case for the level dropping torpedo Stukas). devs also state that custom sounds will now be possible for all CV aircraft in the game.