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Found 4 results

  1. I was sitting about get ready to go play the game but I usually try and catch up on the latest views and opinions around the forum, after reading a few interesting threads something hit me I don't know why I was thinking about the new Hamburg dockyard event but then something struck me about the prizes not so much The Odin but the secondary prize Admiral Graf Spee, great ship love it so happy I have it in fact I ground through the first event I was determined to get no matter what, then did the second event and well got it again more less, so I have 2 Captains for with 2 different setups. This ship is a worthy ship for a secondary prize for the event and anyone that missed out earlier will be happy with her and gift and event ship is great to get BUT. Fast forward to the first Dry Dock event not the happiest event we had but we got as a secondary prize The Gorizia now its got mixed reviews by many from the community but its FREE ship ( more less ) none the less so I'm happy having it as premium sister to The Zara. Fast forward some more to the British Cruiser split line and for the players efforts on finishing that we got The London a sister to The Devonshire. Now again I would like to point out WG giving players a chance to earn a FREE premium ship is great however there seems to be something awry in there choice or decision making for the German dockyard event here. lets have a look again Dockyard 1 Gorizia - sister ship - Zara British cruiser line London - sister ship - Devonshire Dockyard 2 Admiral Graf Spee - sister ship - ? where is Admiral Scheer or Lutzow ? Maybe WG plans to create them later so a alternative could have been this Koln - sister ship - Konigsberg or Leipzig - sister ship - Nurnburg Funny the German dockyard event is not following the same trend as the previous events. I could think of a few reasons why this Dockyard secondary event is different, but I will keep those views to myself.
  2. Usually at the end of Christmas Events, WG has put out numbers like the total amount of coal, steel, presents, and premium ships gained through directives. I haven't seen any of this yet and it's coming up on a week since the new patch dropped. Any idea what the holdup is? I'm really curious to see how the results this year compares to previous years (especially the number of Gorizias and Puerto Ricos obtained via directives).

    My Gorizia Review (You're Welcome)!

    CONS: •One of the few Italian cruisers that DOESN'T get torpedos. •Only eight 203mm guns with a FIFTEEN second reload, and as a Italian cruiser doesn't get access to HE rounds. •She's a relatively tall ship making her easier to citadel, even from the front. •Armor scheme comparable to the Atlanta or other very lightly armored cruiser. •Small HP pool. •Terrible concealment, just short of her maximum range. •AA defense is quite bad for a light cruiser. •Her guns can't keep up with her rudder shift time. PROS: •Good rudder shift time •My captain's name is Luigi.