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Found 2 results

  1. SpartiasClanRatings

    I've made another sheet! Okay... I might be... doing a few too many of these by now... but I really enjoy it! I learn something new every time I make a new sheet. This one is very simple. All you have to do is enter a clan tag and the current date. The point of the sheet is to not only give the user the current overall data of the players in the clan, but to also compare it to a month ago as well. The sheet has 30+ hidden sheets that scan back a month and find the oldest day that the user has data in. The sheet then compares the two data sets. This is why you will see for example a "Win Rate" column as well as a "Win Rate Change" column. The win rate change column is how much the player has improved or degraded over the past month in regards to win rate. The sheet also gives the user a rating similar to wtr. The difference is that you the user get to set what each value is worth in the formula by editing the Rating System Weight Scale. The color representations of the rating system are linked to the numbers in the color scale itself. If the owner of the sheet edits the values of the color scale, then the sheet will reflect that for the rating. This was necessary since the values of the rating system itself are editable. Currently the color scale is set to mirror the default values of the Rating System Weight Scale. An example of the sheet in use: As you can see, the sheet searched up the various members of the clan and returned the relevant data. Main Battery Accuracy and Average Scouting Damage cannot be tracked over time via the native support given by Wargaming, so they are standalone current stats. If a player hasn't played during that month, the sheet will return their overall data, however it will not retrieve anything else. So if you're a clan leader and you're looking for a way to rate your clan, but you don't necessarily like any of the current metrics out there right now, this should give you the ability to set your own metrics! You decide what matters in the rating. The sheet is sortable by the player's rating as well as by the player's monthly rating. The monthly rating takes the values of everything that can be tracked over the month and returns a standardized improvement rating. By sorting the sheet by the Monthly Rating, the user may see who in the clan is the most improved over the previous month regardless as to the users overall stats. The Monthly Rating doesn't care if you're a 300 wtr player or a 2200 wtr player. It's going to rank based on self improvement. The higher the monthly rating, the more that player improved over the previous month of play. If this sounds like a tool that you'd like, then pick up your own copy with the following link! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wVSxFS-SVWewgkN5xPFu5Mmjmk9TLSDLlw6XraPHfPE/copy *** EDITS *** 9-24-2017 - Updated the sheet to now work with clans of a size up to 50 members. There are a total of 60 searchable slots for players now in order to make room for 10 additional player names entered via manual entry. That way even a full clan of 50 members can enter up to 10 additional players for comparison and/or recruitment purposes. 9-27-2017 - Added a new sort feature. Beneath the "Sort By" drop down menu there is a new drop down menu. This menu allows the user to choose between showing the overall data, which works like before, and only the data from the previous month. This allows the user to exclude all of the player data that is older than a single month. The non applicable data cells in the sheet that do not show data in this new feature remain blank. The rating under this new feature is reflective of the previous month of play. 10-2-2017 - Added a new sort feature to the "Time Frame" drop down menu. The user is now able to sort and see only the players most recent games. 12-14-2017 - Minor Bugfixes. Sheet wasn't working properly with clans over the size of 30.
  2. *** I decided to just re-edit my original thread for this instead of cluttering stuff up with another thread. My target audience would be coming here anyways heh. *** Okay so here's a scenario. It's training night and you have a bunch of people on. Some you've played a lot with and others not. You have to create the teams and you want it to be somewhat representative of something competitive so your people can get some experience. You make a team and another guy make a team. Maybe you're just different sub-clan leaders within the overarching structure of your clan. What are the three questions that are either constantly being asked, or the answers to such are constantly being offered up to a sometimes annoying degree? 1. What ships you have? 2 How many captain points do you have on that? 3. What kind of a build is it? With this all you do is give your guys a link to the sheet, and they enter all of that into the database tab. Then all you have to do is select a potential loadout of ships that you'd like to bring, and see if it's viable based upon what people have and are willing to play. Here's how it works: 1.Give your people a link. You can get a copy of the sheet from this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_EydVR3wnP7mzNyY1F9nHvmCLwFwjTs_ThImpzezQxA/copy 2. Instruct your people to look at the bottom left of the sheet. There they will see two tabs. Instruct them to click on the one labeled "Player Database." 3. Have your players pick an empty row and enter their information. I have protections set up on the sheet so that you'll be able to change anything, but they won't be able to change something that might break the sheet. 4. After they've entered their information you'll be able to use the primary tab of the sheet to change the potential loadouts of the 9 man practice squad in order to see what people have. No more questions... just information... No more chaos... lets get to training and playing. The sheet dynamically adapts to the ship selections you make. At the moment, the sheet will tell you if you're bringing more than three battleships or more than one CV. The skeleton framework is there for me to add in other rule violations later on, but since there isn't a set and confirmed ruleset for the upcoming League I haven't added any more. I have left the 72 point stuff in the sheet simply because I like it. On training nights it can still be used to spice things up a bit. If you have an acronym for a ship captain loadout that I haven't added yet, then you're in luck! I made it super easy to add stuff to that list. When you're in the Database tab, scroll to the right until you see a green list. Add your new acronym to it and you're good to go. Anyone can add stuff to it. Those cells are not protected against editing so that your fleets can add and edit as necessary. This way you can basically say... "edit your stuff and keep it up to date if you want to be involved with trainings and yada yada." There are currently spots for up to 500 players in the database. Let me know if you find something you'd really like added or changed! I very much appreciate any and all feedback. If you like the idea of the sheet, but can't seem to make it work. I do not mind stopping by your voice coms to have a chat about it. ********************************************* EDITS 8-17-2017 - Updated to my newest version of the sheet. All it really did was clean up some stuff and add the composition rules. It will now tell you if you've made a team composition that is against the rules. It's not smart enough to know if you have the module equipped or not... so it simply assumes that if it can... it is equipped. 9-12-2017 - The sheet now has several added functionalities. The sheet now has two extra tabs. One of the new tabs is a calendar with sign up options for events. The other tab is an attendance sheet that calculates the attendance percentage of each player once it has been denoted as to if they attended or not. The largest new functionality however is on the "PlayerDatabase" tab. This tab now has the option for each player to denote their two favorite type of ships to play (BB, CA/CL,CV,DD). Once the player has made their selections, the sheet pings the website wows-numbers.com and retrieves their overall rating description for that type of ship. One can alse instead see their number of battles instead for that type of ship. As well as each players two favorite type of ships to play as, the sheet also informs the user of the player's overall description be it unicum, good, bad, etc. This is only intended to make it easier for the user to set up relatively even teams in a pinch for trainings. User judgement and personal knowledge about the players is still paramount. I also added the British battleships for tiers seven and eight to the drop down menus. An example of the new player description functionality below: (I used myself since "Example Player" doesn't exactly bring anything in from the website heh)