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Found 2 results

  1. scheduledbeatings

    (DIEBL)Diet Bleach Recruitment

    Greetings fellow Captains, Diet Bleach is currently topping off its roster. We are all aware of the tactical and economic benefits that a clan provides, and the low hanging fruit is there for the taking. Daily squad ups are a norm if you live within the PST-EST time-zones, and we strive for a +50% W/L ratio. We encourage Discord, but mics aren't necessarily necessary. Diversification of our clan fleet this season is a huge priority, and Tier 8-10 players will be priority to us. We can also match anyone tier for tier with ships and provide thorough insight into the statistics and game-play mechanics of the game. Playtime/stats are not an issue if your current progress looks promising. https://discord.gg/YFtPySV our discord is a good place to apply, or in game of course! Cheers!
  2. We all know Ranked is a salt grinder fest. So I wanted to Wish Everyone Good Luck with Ranked and Hope for the Best for Everyone who gives it a go.