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Found 1 result

  1. OK, so, I was last place. My question is, was my contribution a factor? Battleship with first blood, we won, but I was bottom on the team, was my sacrifice worth it, would you have played it another way? I followed @Space_Jimmy after I was sunk, I think he did no bad moves. I complimented the team, until my compliments ran out. WOWs, my compliments ran out in 1 battle, go figure. Couple of pictures and a replay. The other team held well too. I am happy with my contribution, last place player on a Victory is still first place and if you believe that the victory is because of your own self .... Take out a DD right? That's NASTY poke out the enemies eyes. Tank some damage. Was my play critical in this battle. Jimmy and his NASTY bunch were also critical to the conclusion. @Lord_Zath what do you think? 20190914_002959_PFSB109-Alsace_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay No Matter Just Asking. It was a great Battle by all involved. Boring? Did you watch it? or are you just my baby troll?