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Found 53 results

  1. I want to make a suggestion, and I know this is a strange request. I would find it interesting that there would be a scenario. where players have to fend off raiders controlled by ether AI or players while defending a convoy. This event would be a special event and would be only available for a short time so that way it would not be a regular thing and would not detract from the sale of gold doubloons. Players defending receive nothing for sinking the ships they are defending. for ever ship that makes it to port or destination they could receive gold doubloons, coal, steal, or even extra credits. or even the possibility of a super container. if the attackers are controlled by players they will get the same rewards by sinking the convoy ships. (player warships don't give any prizes). I know the Halloween mode is coming up. It might be too late for this year but perhaps next year. this event would not be a every day event but only available for a short time.
  2. Purchasing with Gold

    Hi all, Question and maybe support. Im not sure so I will ask the question first. In the past I have been able to purchase ships from the port with my gold. The only reason I buy it. Today I've been trying to purchase the Enterprise but the system gives an error everytime and says try again later. Will I've tried for several hours now and no luck. Is this a bug, is purchasing ships with gold disallowed now? Thank you for your time and replies. Tarran61
  3. Massachusetts

    Hello all, as I’ve been rising through the tiers recently and have been gifted some gold to help me do so I have some left over. I like the NC and asked some clan mates if the South Dakota class battleships were any good and which one was better since, the Massachusetts and Alabama are the same class. Their response was along the lines of Alabama has worse dispersion than the NC and the Mass has worse than the Alabama but better secondaries. If I get one I would chose the Massachusetts. The problem is that WG won’t put her back into the tech tree to be available with gold. Is there any idea of if and/or when WG swill add the Mass back into the tech tree for gold purchase?
  4. Too Many Resources?

    Does anyone else think Wargaming is implementing too many currencies, or resources as they call them? It muddies up the economy, robs it of clarity and simplicity. I thought adding coal and steel was pushing it, but now we see copper and molybdenum coming - yikes. And Oil seems extraneous now. Dev blog explains it below: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/
  5. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/990585/Dmitrii-Donskoi-Russian-warship-South-Korea-gold
  6. I bought my Kongo gold camo but for some reason it is missing. Are gold camo permanent or only per battle? I also play World of Tanks but gold camo there is permanent. But not sure at World of Warships since I am missing the gold camo on my Kongo. Thank you.
  7. For those interested, there is a Price Discount running for the weekend on Permanent Camos. For everyone's knowledge, at 50% discount for tiers 5 to 9, this is the approximate cost breakdowns and savings at a glance: EDITED with my more accurate price model (Tier 5 = Tier 6 as the camo price at those tiers are both 1000 gold)
  8. No reward after mission

    The last two times I played the Hermes mission I did not receive my reward. I reinstalled the game and client as it was very laggy since all this updates and hoped for my reward after that. The game basically was shaking the lagging was so bad. BUT no reward. Can someone please help me out? Thanks to everyone that helps!
  9. So a question: The extended tech tree shows a price for the Kutz, is it actually for sale or is that just an old placeholder? Has anyone tried buying such a ship? I already have the other retired tech tree available ships so I cant afford to 'test' it but I am curious.
  10. So I have a cross economy question: If I purchase premium time in game in WoT's using gold in that client will that premium time activate account wide? I ask because I have a passing interest in buying the Fury: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/advent-calendar-1217-day-04/ but it only comes in a package and I believe that's too low of an amount to send to WoWs. As such, the obvious thing to do is to buy premium time if it transfers to WoWs. Is this the case?
  11. Just want to say thanks to the organizers of Supremacy League, the donors, the refs, streamers, and of course the players and their teams. Another solid season, and exciting times watching teams joust for position. I think in many ways Supremacy League captures all of those critical parts that clan wars misses, and you really get a nice change during the week. As always learned a lot, found respect for a lot of clans, and made some friends along the way. Looking forward to what next season has in store.
  12. Greetings: Over the last 30 some days, have tried 2 times to use a WOWS Prepay card to buy more gold doubloons. For some reason, the web site no longer accepts those cards. I followed the FAQ but that did not help. I was able to get the first card credited after I issued a trouble ticket and posted to the forum. I am repeating this for the second pre pay card that I have. Something in the web site has changed and the pre-pay cards do not work and should not be used. Purchases should be done by credit card, PayPal, or some other means. WG will credit my account in a day or 2 but they do need to see what the bug is with the pre-pay card issue. They have millions of those in circulation and they are useless at this time. Astrosaint
  13. need help ~i didnt get gold

    Dear shotyouoneface! Thank you for your purchase in the Wargaming.net Premium Shop. The items you purchased have been transferred to the account shotyouoneface and are available in the game. Purchase information: • Bundle you purchased: 12,000 Doubloons • Bundle cost: 51.69 USD • Order number: b6942028642e11e786ffd89d67143478 • Transaction ID: 579605309N642392D • Payment method: PayPal e-wallet • Date and time of purchase: 2017-07-08 22:43:03 UTC
  14. Purchased dabloons are MIA

    So I bought 2X 500 dabloon packages with paypal credit. It's been about an hour since my first purchase and about 10 minutes since my second attempt. Neither have shown up in my game. I used my paypal credit and have made plenty of successful purchases with it in the past. Did something happen server side that I don't know about?
  15. The America's Birthday Package can either be a chance to get a lot of USN ships you don't have (or get one or two you're missing), or a 50% off sale on gold, since if you have the ship you get gold value. Using the values in the Wiki (and extrapolating for the Smith, Albany and Sims from same tier & class ships) you should get about 77550 gold value in Doubloons or ships, for $199.99. This works out to c. 388 gold per dollar, the $100 package is 250 gold per dollar. For you 'whales', get your Enterprise through this package and get lots of discounted gold, and keep the server hamsters fed. For the welfare warriors who keep the population up, next time a wallet warrior complains 'if I spend so much I should get something special', point out that this special and the Armada special were 50% discount sales on Doubloons.
  16. I understand that this must be tightly controlled because it's all about the actual revenue that keeps the game going. I am not suggesting players get full value back - no, instead, please consider the following: 1. Trade in through the WG Premium shop for some fraction of their value, redeemable towards another Premium ship (like trading in a car) - more dubs spent, you still come out ahead. 2. Auction - Allow players to bid dubs through WG for someone else's premie - all upside: you get paid twice for the same ship, in dubs. 3. Refund is escrow - some portion of the doubloons go into a "ship account" - the player has them...but, only to spend towards a new premie - again, only upside here. The point here is simple and two fold: you make more money because it encourages spending and experimentation by lowering marginal costs, players win because buying a premium they don't like doesn't sting quite as badly (which may encourage premium buying). Obviously, other things could be made available for dubs as well, to sweeten things up and keep the cash flowing. If you really wanted to blow me away, you could offer a means to convert Captains and Experience between Nations/Tech Trees for dubs (maybe in accordance with the above).
  17. The Missouri 'Mighty Mo' Cost

    Greetings The intention here is not to make one decide to spend any money. On the contrary, many want to booster the speed of getting XP. To that, I read many hints to do that ( combine flags, premium and gold ). In that sense, one can discover that using the wrong combination it will require so many games and also could lead to spend more money than one has purchased the conversion only with gold ! ( 750000 xp - 30000gold - $ 120,00, although this is an approximation, because to achieve that conversion rate one should buy two creates of 25000 gold ). I managed to build an electronic sheet to calculate the real cost ( money and battles ) needed to get USS Missouri. In that table I used to compare different scenarios in order to simulate the best ( time ) and the cheaper way to get the ship. As you know the tarnanstrich camo give 100% more free Xp to the Tirpitz. If you have the Ashan camo it happens there as well. I did put the Tirpitz scenario in the table. The table can be used to any free XP planning, just change the FREE XP meta, battles day ( to optimize the number of battles needed for a premium day in that example ), and base XP. I heard that the HMS Hood will be FreeXP costed too. To those who don´t want to spend any extra money, just adjust the figures to zero, ( gold and cost ). There are some scenarios that do not use flags ( papa papa ,ESCL and packs ) and premium time. So you can figure out how many battles you will need to get there. One can say that I could use just few tables with adjustable parameters ( CamoBonus, PremiumBonus, Flag bonus and so one ). The intention is to compare situations. Stick to the 2 initial sheets. The rest is the draft. Feel free to correct, improve and redistribute. Best Regards Mo Simulator.xls
  18. So here something i noticed, for us, Canadian player, buying 3000 gold is 19.76$, but when you go and buy any amount of money, for the same amount of gold. surprise, 19.88$. I wouldn't be surprise if Wargaming did the same trick for other currency including US dollar. So , WoWs community, pitchfork, tar and feather ?
  19. Here is my proposal to what to do with what can only be described as excessive amounts of Elite Ship XP many players have accrued and how it will benefit everyone, including and especially Wargamming's bottom line. Introduction For simplicity sake, and to avoid questions, Elite XP, as opposed to Elite Commander XP is the XP earned by a tree ships and Premium Ships after which all upgrades and, in the case of tree ships, subsequent ships are unlocked. This XP can be converted, at the Standard Rate of 25:1 and the 'deal' rate of 35:1, of Elite Ship XP : doubloons. While this can represent a great source for Free XP, which is earned at, in individual games with no modifiers, at a rate of 5% of the final, not base, XP of a match, it also has a few sever limitations that overall should be addressed for both game economy, quality of life, and quite frankly, profits for Wargamming. The Situation As I see it, there is a huge problem with the way Elite Ship XP is handled. As it stands, the cost, in $USD$, per 1 Free XP converted at the standard rate of 25:1 (Elite Ship XP to Doubloon), $0.0002376 USD. You get this value from each individual doubloon being worth approximately $0.00594, as found from the "Any Amount of Doubloons" Purchase option seen below: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/gold/1543/ Established Relationships: 1 Doubloon $0.00594 1 Free XP $0.0002376 1 Free XP (standard Rate) 0.04 Doubloons 25 Free XP 25 Elite Ship XP And while yes, you can get doubloons cheaper, from packages, from deals where bonus doubloons are offered, and in game opportunities, this servers as a good baseline. Baring the USS Missouri, which we'll come back to, the single most expensive Ships that can be purchased in game with free XP are Tier 10 Battleships, lets take the G.K. at a research cost of 255,000 XP. If one were to convert that amount of XP, from a FDG that had all hulls researched, it would cost $60.59 USD. The Missouri, at 750,000 Free XP (and the only way it can be purchased), costs $178.20 (again, this is at the 25:1 rate and assuming the base cost of $0.00594 per doubloon) The single most expensive thing to do in game, from a free XP sense, is to take a captain from 0 to 19 points, which takes 1,708,000 Free XP (assuming 0 Elite Captain XP is present) for a cost of $405.82 (so for those that have 3 lvl 19 Captains, you have the equal worth of $1200.00 worth of commanders). Lets put all these in a table to reference later: Item Free XP Amount Cost in USD T9 to T10 Tree Battleship 255,000 $60.59 USS Missouri 750,000 $178.20 19 Point Captain 1,708,000 $405.82 So what does this mean? That the most expensive in game items are actually pretty expensive to purchase flat out with Converted Free XP. The "cheapest" of them is the cost of a full, new Release game, the Missouri is more expensive than almost any premium bundle in game, and a 19 Point Commander, at approximately $400.00 USD, is the single most expensive thing in game, beating the Armada Bundle, which sold this year at Thanksgiving for $396.99 as seen below: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/worldofgravyboats/ That's a lot of money for digital purchases, but I would say that isn't the problem with the current Elite Ship XP system. The problem is the vast, vast majority of Elite Ship XP languishes worthlessly. The Problems In looking and comparing my gameplay stats, insofar as matches played and average XP (only pertinent stats in this case) I find myself to be about average. That said, I hide my stats, many hide their stats, and thus it likely throws off the estimated amount, however, dealing with the known amount of of average games played: 2,500 approximately compared to my own: 5,839. So I have approximately double the games than the average. Average XP per match is 1,263 XP, mine is 1,230 XP, almost spot on the average. Thus with approximately double the games, but same average average XP per match, I can assume my Elite Ship XP total is approximately double that of what the 'average' player has. Obvious issues (for fairness and to get them out of the way early) is that many stats are hidden that may throw off the values in either direction, people may not play an elited ship or premium boat and thus have a different amount of Elite Ship XP than I, and that it is far more likely few 'average' players exist, but rather the distribution being on each end of the spectrum, but for simplicity sake lets take this as is). I have, at time of writing 5,436,210 Elite Ship XP, distributed over a large number of ships with the highest being ~1.2 million on the North Carolina, and the lowest being 21 on the Wyoming. If I were to convert this Elite Ship XP, in it's entirety, it would cost me $1291.64 USD. Now assuming I have double the amount of the 'average,' that means it would cost the average player $645.82 to convert their total Elite Ship XP (2,718,105 Elite Ship XP). That is, unquestionably, a lot of money for what the item is. Yes people value their money differently, but this is objectively a great deal of money for items in a video game, well above what is considered "Whale" territoriality of an individual players spending on a freemium game's in game currency (different sources list different values but an approximate average is about $500.00 for whales, the abnormally above average spenders in games). Now I assume it is far more likely that Wargamming will release total in game performance stats before they released sales data, but despite this I am very curious what the average amount of money spent by players on doubloons used expressly for conversion of Free XP. I assume, so take it for what that's worth, it is a reverse relationship to play time: with less play time a player has spent more on convertible XP than when the same player has played closer to and above the server average, based on the idea you save up more free earned Free XP and also have less sources to pour it into as more ships are unlocked and Elited. I did exactly that. Free XPing early in my in game career to go past ships I didn't like, and now I just play through or at worse use Free XP to research myself out of stock components. I think that is normal by most players. So what is the average value? No way to know obviously but lets give Wargamming the benefit of the doubt and assume high, as, in a manner of speaking, serves in their favor for what I will propose later. Lets assume, on average, players will spend over the course of the game, $150.00 USD on doubloons expressly for converting Elite Ship XP to Free XP. This is probably higher than most but it gives some breathing room on the estimate. That translates into 631,313 Free XP for $150 worth of Doubloons. That represents, for me, 11.6% of total Elite Ship XP, and, obviously, 23.2% of the Average player's Elite Ship XP. That means they have about 2,100,000 left over (4,804,897 for me). Again, this assumes you spent $150 in game expressly for Doubloon conversion of Elite to Free XP. It doesn't include money spent on Premium time, Premium Ships, Flags, or other consumables. Again I feel this is probably on the very high end of estimates, but we'll work with it. Now as established, both myself and the average player, to say nothing of those above average and above me (for which there are a great deal of both), have, as of this moment, at least 3 times *more* the amount of Elite Ship XP than they would ever be reasonably expected to use, making it, as it stands, 100% useless right? Well what about new lines? Well as established by the line splits in WoT's, and the line Split for the IJN DD's, and the leaked rules for the VMF DD's line split, WGing consistently compensates you for researched ships. That is to say, if I have a ship elited, I automatically get the new or moved ships in the tree researched. Meaning that elite ship XP isn't useful in this regard (i.e., saving 255,000 Elite Ship XP on a T9 to unlock a T10 ship as soon as a patch drops is unnecessary, as by the virtue of the T9 being elited you will automatically have the new T10 researched). So Elite Ship XP doesn't serve a purpose here. What about for new modules added at a later date? Like line splits the total value of modules have consistently been tooled in a way where additional Ship XP is unnecessary. So Elite Ship XP is worthless here? So what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Proposal Again, working from the assumption that on average players have 2.1 Million additional Elite Ship XP left over from what they would ever be reasonably expected to use for conversion, what can this over-abundance be utilized for? I propose that it be convertible, at the rate of 1:1, directly to Non-Elited (that is to say, sub level 19) Commander XP free of charge. How does this help everyone, Wargamming including? Starting for the players, it helps by first and foremost giving a use to this established worthless Elite Ship XP. As it stands you have 2.1 Million XP languishing around with no purpose, and likely no purpose ever. At a 1:1 conversion that translates into 2.1 Million Commander XP across your various ships. But is this practical? Is this unfair? Well if that was simply it then yes, but some restrictions must apply: 1. It can only be used up to and including gaining the 19th Point. Why? Because you should have to pay actual money to convert Elite Ship XP into Elite Commander XP. Elite Commander XP is more or less Free XP for Commanders and is intrinsically valuable for both training and retraining and in a manner of speaking has a 1:1 ratio of Free XP value as Free XP can be utilized to train or retrain Commanders. Thus I do not purpose allowing Elite Ship XP to be directly convertible to Elite Commander XP as the straight to Free XP option is essentially that already and avoids players mistakenly "doubling" costs by first converting Elite Ship XP to Elite Commander XP, and then directly to Free XP. Thus restricting Elite Ship XP to only training for up to and including the 19th Point, it prevents a player from "cheating" the system and utilizing a ship with an abnormally high amount of Elite Ship XP from training every Captain in their fleet which brings me to: 2. It cannot be used to toward commander Retraining. Why? Well for example I mentioned I have 1.2 million ship XP on my North Carolina alone. That's more than enough to bring a 18 Point Commander up to 19 Points (300,000 Commander XP). But lets say I want to do that. Well the retraining costs, assuming I use the 200,000 silver 50% partial training, amount to an additional 87,500 XP. But that's a drop in the bucket at that point. In fact, with 1.2 Million Elite Ship XP, I can take, with retraining, 3 full 18 point commanders directly to 19 with still some Elite Ship XP left over. And in theory, do this near instantly. In order to avoid a rapid fire increase in 19 Point Commanders, not allowing Elite Ship XP to be utilized for Retraining, in any value, means no mater what to utilzie the Elite Ship XP for a commander you need to play out the retraining costs, in game, at least twice; once on the ship with the Elite Ship XP, and once to bring it back to the ship you want it on, or pay the doubloon value to instantly retrain a commander (which we will return to later in a bit). This would go in a far ways to reduce jumping a commander from ship-to-ship just in order to quickly level it up, somewhat encouraging a single, permanent commander to remain on that ship. Obviously, Premium boats have an advantage here and I will return to this in a bit. 3. 1:1 Conversion Ratio Why? Because, again, it's non-transferable to other ship's Captains, it's not usable for retraining, and the reality is Captain Skill's costs are actually pretty high. 300,000 to go from 18 to 19 is a lot of Commander XP. Let's say you average, on non-premium time, about 5000 Commander XP on a ship, with flags and camo. That translates into 60 games. Lets say on average those games last 15 Minutes. That's 15 Hours worth of gaming just to go 1 level. That's a decent chunk of time. So how does this justify a 1:1 Conversion ratio? Because you actually earn ship XP at, typically, a lower rate than Captain XP, especially on an Elite Boat where the likelihood of attaching XP flags or Camo is of little worth. That makes the Elite Ship XP of lesser value overall. Additionally, even on the high end of individual ship XP, you could likely only bring 1, maybe 1.5 Captains from 0-19 Points (I am 100% certain this isn't the case for everyone but, again, looking at the average number of people, not the extremes), and that assumes MOST of your Elite Ship XP is on a single ship, not spreed out among many, which is far more likely the case. Even assuming 250,000 on average per ship, which is substantially higher than what it is likely to be, this still translates into at best 1 level at the high end, or a few at the low end. I did the math on my own Elite Ships at a 10:1 and a 5:1 Ratio and found that in the vast majority of circumstances, including my HIGHEST Elite Ship XP ships, I was barely able to go up a single level on a commander at the mid to high levels, thus remaining worthless. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-notes-060/#New%20XP%20Scale%20for%20Commanders Helps the Game's and the In Game's Economy So that's how it helps players, allowing them to utilize the established worthless pot of Elite Ship XP that they will have, and continue to, accrue. How does it help Wargamming though? Don't they lose in the long run on this as now you don't have Elite Ship XP to be converted to Free XP? Setting aside the idea you continue to play, continue to earn Elite Ship XP, up to and including after making the resident Captain 19 Points, and even ignoring that the 88% of what the average player already has is above what can be reasonable assumed to be converted to Free XP for paid doubloons, it actually encourages boosting of various sales of items. Here's how: 1. Makes Premium Ships all the more valuable. With the aforementioned restriction #2, a decent amount of time constraint gets placed on trying to move commanders around with the sole purpose of utilizing Elite Ship XP under the Proposed system. But that doesn't apply to Premium Ships. These ships, within their nation, don't require any retraining costs. That makes them HIGHLY valuable as it does allow a degree of "cheating" the system to promote multiple captains using 1 ship. Why isn't this a bad thing? Because you have to pay for Premium ships. Yes, they often give them for free, but that's WGing's business choice. The vast majority of Premium ships however are indeed paid for and this adds value to both the player buying them and makes them more attractive for sale. As it stands, I don't buy premium boats for some nations because they don't or their Nation's tree ships don't appeal to me that much to invest what isn't exactly a small investment. But if I could for example use it to train up a Captain for the same nation at a drastically increased rate I would definitely buy more of them, and I'd be shocked if I wasn't the only person to feel this way. 2. Makes Premium Versions of Camo, which cost doubloons, more worthwhile. As it stands, once a Ship is Elited, it makes little sense to buy a premium Camo. They have actually reduced in game costs for the duel feature camo and unless Credit earning is an issue, the Additional XP rate is more or less worthless as it stands for an Elite ship. Not so under the proposed change. Now earning a boosted amount of Ship XP serves a genuine purpose and a wise investment in a Premium camo, which you may have forgone (I currently only own 1 and I seldom see them in game), now are far more attractive. 3. Increases play at lower Tiers. This is a huge concern for Wargamming and many players. I don't know why, it really seems only that High Tiers suffer from anemic player counts, but be that as it may there is a palpable fear of WGing of not having enough players in the 4-7 Bracket. Well, allowing Elite Ship XP to be usable certainly helps alleviate this fear. It doubles down on what Premiums are already partially designed to do, as they are all the more valuable to play regularly now, it also means keeping a mid tier boat has a genuine long term usefulness. It also helps the anemic player count at T10. The reality is many of the boats in the 8-10 bracket are popular keepers: Iowa, Montana, Amagi, Yamato, Roon, Fletcher and many, many more. And they take a fair bit of play to get, as many players experience, you have a high level Captain on your T9, which you want to keep, but what do you do for your T10? Do you start a new Commander with 0-1 points? Do you move your T9 commander and start a new one on that ship? Either way your kinda shafted. If Elite Ship XP is directly convertable however, T10 Captains become far more viable, as the vast majority of T10 come pre-Elited at unlock, that means leveling a new T10 Commander is all the more fast. 4. Increases Sales of Flags and Other Consumables For most of the same reasons of #2, you would likely find yourself blowing through more premium consumables, especially XP flags, than normal, as they have a legitimate use on an Elite Ship. That means the likehood of making a purchase of them is more likely. 5. Port and Captain Slots While yes, I and I assume most veteran players have an over abundance of port and Captain slots, new players don't, and, ideally, new players start all the time. They won't have benifited from reshuffling, events, new trees and other sources for the (rather absurd) number of slots that have been given away for free. In conjunction with point #3, this makes keeping and maintaining more tree ships at all tiers more worthwhile which requires more slots and thus more opportunities for Wargamming to sell these items. Fairness So, it helps players, helps Wargamming, how does it hurt? In the interest of fairness I tried to poke holes in this idea and was only able to come up with one way: seal clubbing. Yes, this makes it significantly easier to have a T1 boat with a 19 Point Commander. But here's the thing about Seal Clubbing; I don't think, at least in this game, happens quite as often as everyone thinks. I mean yes, experienced, highly skilled players go down to the lower tiers all the time, but that's just the thing, they, and many others, do it all the time. Between premiums which by design encourage it and obsession with stats, a great many players do this. As a matter of course I tested this today by queuing for a T1 match. I found that out of the 24 players present, only 3 actually had less than 100 games under there belt. Again assuming an average of 15 minutes per game, that's a bit more than 24 hours worth of total game play which, is not what I would call a new player. The reality is that in all likelihood, most attempts of Seal Clubbing result in just playing the same people you meet at T10, just in T1 boats. This is backed up by the fact that most players on their first T1 tend to play in CoOp nearly exclusively until they unlock at least their T2 if not 3 due to how Random Battles and Profile Level unlocks work. So while *yes* it is possible that this proposed system allows for a greater level of seal clubbing, This does however ignore the idea that both sides are all veteran players, or that the team dynamics are always and exclusively All Veteran players vs. All New Players. I think this idea is more apocryphal than reality and thus am reluctant to consider it a genuine con to my proposed idea. If anyone can find a problem with this idea please point it out but assuming you find it interesting and worthwhile, I think this should be included in a general Q/A proposal item for those with the ears of the Devs. TLDR Allowing Elite Ship XP to be converted in a 1:1 Ratio to a *trained* Commander up to the 19th Point allows for approximately 88% of the currently earned, and likely ever to be earned, Elite Ship XP to be utilized rather than languishing in a useless, worthless state, and actually represents a potential benefit for everyone involved, Wargaming included in both a business and quality of life sense.
  20. so i have not really jumped into this game with both feet mainly because there is no unified currency. my question is why? i assume the answer is so that WG can fully differenciate the income that WowS gets so it can fully divorce the income figures from WoT. since WoT and WoP have the same currency, its hard to rteally tell how much of a failure WoP is cause the gold can be bought in WoT and spent in WoP. but wutever, that is just my assumption. and i dont really see my stance changing on this since i really dont want to blow 50 bucks on premium currency that i may not even spend, but if i had it to spend in WoT i would. hell even a "transfer" option to move it back and fourth would be fine. in the end, will someone answer me why? i'll check back in a month or two to see the answer.
  21. Personally I've been very worried about the possibility of gold ammo being introduced. I played WoT as soon as it went live and I remember having to buy a premium account in order to platoon with my friends. Then on top of that they added the gold ammunition. When I seen gold ammo I quit the same day. Since then they've allowed platoons without premium (i think) but I've never returned. The reason I'm so worried about this is because I like wows a lot more than I've ever liked WoT. I'm not sure what I would do but I really hope I never have to decide. What do you think you would do?
  22. Allow us to Test Premium Ships

    i was thinking, what about wargaming give us the chance to test some premium ships before we buy them? i hear of a lot of people that regret buying a premium ship or not being what they expected. so, what if they create a mission (1 per month or so) that upon completion it gives you the rental of a determined premium ship for 5, 10 or (X) battles, or 1, 12, 24, or (X) hours? its a viable mechanic that actually already exists in wot. we also could, depending on their (WG) good will, be offered discounts during the trial/mission period if we decide to buy that ship. so it would work like this: (because thats what atlantas are for) l V certain month theres a mission, for example, kill 50 enemy dds and set 200 fires, and earn the right to play a atlanta for 24 hours, and during that period we get a 1000 doubloon in game discount on the atlanta (11500 from 12500) or a bundle/sale in the premium shop
  23. Is there a way of transferring some of my gold from WOT to WOWS? I have more than i need in tanks but need a few in ships.
  24. "Wheres mah Tirpitzse/Warpitze???"

    now, all the ships youve been crying about other servers getting to buy are finally here (theyre coming within next month): Ships to be added the NA Tech Tree: US Texas - 5150 doubloons IJN Tachibana - 500 doubloons VMF Diana - 500 doubloons Molotov - 4550 doubloons Mikhail Kutuzov - 10250 doubloons SMS Emden - 1500 doubloons Tirpitz - 12500 doubloons RN Campbeltown - 1650 doubloons Warspite - 6500 doubloons ORP Blyskawica - 4800 doubloons ​ no more "wah i was out while they were on sale" or "the # server can buy the tirpitz but we cant". rejoice
  25. i want to change my acc name

    well this is the problem i want to change my account name and have like 9k of doubloons but when i want to change it it says i need gold from WoT and for the moment i dont have cash to buy it, there is another option to do it? i really want to change it thanks