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Found 7 results

  1. Col_Calibre

    Getting Back Unspent Doubloons

    How do I get back some doubloons that were accidentally spent ? There were only $250. spent for a 24hr time to have a Premium Account. When I pressed the Purchase button, I thought I would get another step before it took the cash. It didn't have one. I've not done anything with it so I haven't spent it on anything. Is it possible I could get them back ??
  2. I want to make a suggestion, and I know this is a strange request. I would find it interesting that there would be a scenario. where players have to fend off raiders controlled by ether AI or players while defending a convoy. This event would be a special event and would be only available for a short time so that way it would not be a regular thing and would not detract from the sale of gold doubloons. Players defending receive nothing for sinking the ships they are defending. for ever ship that makes it to port or destination they could receive gold doubloons, coal, steal, or even extra credits. or even the possibility of a super container. if the attackers are controlled by players they will get the same rewards by sinking the convoy ships. (player warships don't give any prizes). I know the Halloween mode is coming up. It might be too late for this year but perhaps next year. this event would not be a every day event but only available for a short time.
  3. Hi all, Question and maybe support. Im not sure so I will ask the question first. In the past I have been able to purchase ships from the port with my gold. The only reason I buy it. Today I've been trying to purchase the Enterprise but the system gives an error everytime and says try again later. Will I've tried for several hours now and no luck. Is this a bug, is purchasing ships with gold disallowed now? Thank you for your time and replies. Tarran61
  4. embeddeddear97


    Hello all, as I’ve been rising through the tiers recently and have been gifted some gold to help me do so I have some left over. I like the NC and asked some clan mates if the South Dakota class battleships were any good and which one was better since, the Massachusetts and Alabama are the same class. Their response was along the lines of Alabama has worse dispersion than the NC and the Mass has worse than the Alabama but better secondaries. If I get one I would chose the Massachusetts. The problem is that WG won’t put her back into the tech tree to be available with gold. Is there any idea of if and/or when WG swill add the Mass back into the tech tree for gold purchase?
  5. Beatty_10

    Too Many Resources?

    Does anyone else think Wargaming is implementing too many currencies, or resources as they call them? It muddies up the economy, robs it of clarity and simplicity. I thought adding coal and steel was pushing it, but now we see copper and molybdenum coming - yikes. And Oil seems extraneous now. Dev blog explains it below: https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/
  6. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/990585/Dmitrii-Donskoi-Russian-warship-South-Korea-gold
  7. I bought my Kongo gold camo but for some reason it is missing. Are gold camo permanent or only per battle? I also play World of Tanks but gold camo there is permanent. But not sure at World of Warships since I am missing the gold camo on my Kongo. Thank you.