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Found 1 result

  1. I’m just wondering what everyone’s “Go To” Ship is for your First (and second!) Daily Trial in the Recurring Combat Missions (winning battle while scoring 250 base XP). Anything you score above that 250 base in that first game doesn't count toward the second goal, which is to win the next battle and score 500 base XP. So you don’t want a ship that can’t reach the first goal – nor one that OVERREACHS and often achieves the second goal! You have to consider: BBs too slow to get into combat, Enemy team sails away from your BB, long range gunnery falls short of goal, Allied team sinks nearly all foes before your BB can take part, BB too powerful, consistently makes 500+ pt games, DD gets sunk early by lucky salvo/torp spread DD often has monster game scoring over 500 pts, DD just too durn weak and misses the 250 pts too often, CA with torps can easily have monster (500 pt) games = wasted game. My “Go To” ship for the first Daily Trial is the Dallas. My “Go To” ship for the second Daily Trial is the Cleveland. What’s yours?