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Found 2 results

  1. coldsteelfury

    Gneisenau AA

    I've got a Gneisenau with second hull and the following commander skills: PM, AR, BFT, AFT AA rating roughly 81, which I thought was pretty good. Except when I was in a game with an enemy T8 Lexington, the enemy CV didn't seem to fear me at all. Not even though I was next to a friendly T9 Kii. I had read how awesome the Gneisenau's AA was meant to be but I was disappointed at how the ship's AA didn't really seem to affect the CV strikes against me. I kept being visited by dive bombers and I recall one instance where I was dive bombed and the squadron only took one casualty. Pretty poor! It seems like if you don't spec the Gneisenau to be full AA with the the MFCAA and turn her into AA-death, that her AA suite is pretty average and no real source of comfort or security. As I've only got a 10 point commander, I'm experimenting with the AA 2 module to extend my AA range and buff my AA rating to 93. I'm hoping that will provide some protection from CVs until I get 14 points and decide whether I want to go full AA [edited] or manual secondaries. I'd rather go manual secondaries but I'm wondering if I have to go full AA to be safe. Thoughts? [edited]
  2. I'm not exactly a standout player, I've been an on again, off again type since Closed beta. I only have 3 Tech Tree Tier 7's, Shchors, Gneisenau, and the Pepsicola's replacement. I'm literally Autistic (I have Asperger's syndrome), which has a tendency to screw with my social skills, I work night shift on Weekdays, in Central Texas (1pm-10pm), and I sometimes let bad games get the better of me in comms, even when it shouldn't. I only have 3 Kraken Unleashed, and I tend to push way too hard at the opposition, especially when our destroyers refuse to even try spotting targets, and think hiding behind islands is a much better use of time. I would really like to play on a better level than I currently do. If there's a clan that wants a player that usually tries too hard, can be too emotional, and above all else, just wants to be better at the game, I would like to try being part of a clan. I am embedding a video of my latest outing in my Jianwei as a way of showing my deficiencies, even as I score a Kraken in said battle. Thank you for your consideration.