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Found 1 result

  1. It's been nearly 4 years, where is the global map? WG has said they want people to grind the lines to teir 10, but for what purpose and reward, Clan battles? Clan battles is a crappy third cousin to actual clan wars. When I played WoT my driving force was to get a 10 and play in the wars, and be rewarded with gold for all the grind and work. There is nothing like that in ships, and very few if any clan rivalries/alliances, which would also contribute the content on these forums as well, by the way. No map, no doubloons pots, no allies or enemies, just random clan battles against random clans, many of which you probably not run into again for days or weeks on end. So, other than all these money grabbing paper teir 9 and 10 premium ships, how about we FINALLY get an actual war on a map with actual consequences, and rewards for fighting on it.