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Found 2 results

  1. A lot of changes happen in rapid succession over CVs, and a lot of them are about the planes, not the hulls, not fixing technical errors, or pathfinding of the CV, so let's take this one at a time. Hull issues: A balance hellscape. When a player cannot control their avatar, they are in their most vulnerable state, generally games compensate by automatically controlling the avatar in the most sensible means possible, but with the current system it's even worse than if the game controlled the Player Avatar (Carrier) so a bunch of survivability changes are on them, such as being only able to: Burn for 5 Seconds, Flood for 5 Seconds, conventional immunity to Detonations, and most carriers are at least somewhat armored. This is because of the godawful Control systems, which I'll go over In a bit, but most importantly, people feel like they just can't kill the carrier, as if they have a Lead-Up (VERY IMPORTANT) they can easily run away and break contact or force a stern chase, even with the broken autopilot. Stand-Out technical errors: 404 Stability not found. The AA is pretty, I won't deny that, but people on weaker rigs basically can't play because AA is such a graphical sledgehammer now, there isn't even a low res version of the tracers either, and because all the tracers are white, can't really tell the difference. I don't have a problem with performance graphically and frame wise, but other people are. Another thing is the crashes, freezing, and the, what I'll just call; "Dont look away" glitch. Where if you have your mouse DPI set somewhat high, and you look up and to the side just when you spot someone AND initiate a DB attack, the game freaks out and locks your screen with the graphic of the view of the planes from below, albeit it seems I can only replicate it in operations, I'm pretty sure I got reported for AFK or ragequit enough to turn pink as it's been happening a lot recently. And before anyone asks, no, it isn't computer performance/file integrity/having to reinstall, computer shows green lights across the board, files are all correct and I reinstalled the game twice. Finally: the biggest issue, the autopilot. As much as there is *somewhat* of a balance issue regarding carriers, i still feel this takes precedent, as no other ship has to rely on a means of movement that is a dice roll if it will kill you, work as intended, or just pull a Notser on seemingly nothing. The current state of Autopilot enforces a really passive, campy, back of the map CV style, Ive tried on more battles than I can count, random, co-op, operation, training, all trying to see in any of these modes if a close support carrier can work, and it can, on One, Co-op, where victory is almost a guarantee, I haven't tried Ranked because 1. Toxic ranked community would torpedo TK the bejeezus out of me, and two, no T10 CV for me yet. But im grinding it out. Back on to the autopilot problems and how it enforces this style of play, it's well and truly terrible, it can't read waypoints, has terrible route selection, and it's rudder/engine authority is worse than a player with 6 games in a tier 4 DD trying to torpedobeat 6 Shimas, in other words, it crashes into Islands, players, and can only stop when it hits something, it's just bad enough you NEED to adapt, and i sort of have, but it's inconsistent enough you CANT adapt, for instance, telling it to reverse the ship and go slightly left, it will ALWAYS go FLANK FORWARD AND LEFT. Sooooooo, what do you all thing about this?
  2. Whenever i play cv about half of the matches ill pick where i want autopilot to go and than it changes the course for no reason and shows the course line in the middle of the map and than i die. I don't know if its a known glitch but it keeps happening and it wont stop.