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Found 7 results

  1. OK, so I usually pilot ships with crappy AA and I have learned to be alert for planes and zig, zag, turn into them when they are close to attacking and even take a course near mountain islands to prevent an assault from that direction. Well, the other night, near the end of a match,I'm not more than a few hundred feet from a tall mountain island when a torp squadron attacks and magically torps appear in front of this mountain and delete me broadside. It took me a few moments to realize this had actually happened. There's no way in the real world a plane can descend through rock and once torps are released, suddenly arm themselves. So, there's two bugs in one here... flying through obstacles, and instant torp arming. Has anyone ever experienced this? If there are a lot of affirmative replies, this is a real issue that the design team needs to correct.
  2. consumables resupply.

    I have lost three battles today, 09/28/2017 due to fact that the auto resupply on Hindenburg does not work. I have plenty doubloon's for resup, but every so often the resup does not work and I end up with a Mk1 everything. As I believe in attack the repair facility is vital. When I start the battle all is on P2P. Once in battle, it changes. Anybody else have this problem? Have also had (twice) a hang up on torps on Zao which got me killed. I am not whining, as I get killed +50% of the time anyway, but I usually take a couple of the bad guys with me.
  3. Anyone have glitches with Atlanta?

    In 2 battles she has simply stopped firing or torping. Can't do anything but drive at a certain point. Very odd. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. Giant rocks in my Port lol!

    once upon a time several giant rocks visited my port
  5. 3 Glitches since 5.10

    So I've got 3 glitches that are ready to make me pull my hair out, two started with 5.10 and the other with 5.11. I'm wondering if anybody else is having these issues, and if anyone knows any fixes for any of them. The first 5.10 glitch is that after I fire a salvo, my shell type keeps immediately switching to my other shell type, without my directing it to do so. This is annoying, but also problematic when you're playing destroyers or cruisers, where AP rounds aren't really useful, and your shell type gets auto switched from HE to AP on you, and you keep having to switch back. The 2nd is that I keep getting briefly disconnected during game play. I can log right back in, but it takes 30 seconds or so for the whole process, and in the midst of exchanging salvos, that often results in logging back in to a sinking ship. I've contacted my ISP and they did a line test and said everything looked good. I've also run a ping test (pingtest.net) and speed test (speedtest.net), and my connection looks good with both of those as well. This is also the only game I have this issue with. The 5.11 glitch, is I'm friggin pink and I haven't TK'd or caused any team damage in over a week and dozens of missions. I wasn't even pink the last time I played, but when I logged in today, I'm pink and it will not go away. I've just played 5 back to back missions, going to the opposite side of the map from any teammates to avoid any accidental team damage, and the pink badge of dishonor will not go away. WTH?? Is anyone else suffering any of these, or have any suggestions for resolving them?
  6. Graphics Glitches in battle

    I recently upgraded to the latest Windows 10 and ever since then WOWS starts and runs fine, but as battle progress I start getting graphics glitches that start off minor/annoying, but become progressively worse as the battle goes on.
  7. My ship is in battle and its been hours after I went in. I can't sell it or get it out in any way. Any help?