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Found 9 results

  1. You know, I don't want much for myself. But I am one of those people who enjoys giving things to others and who very much enjoys the social aspect of the game. It would be awesome if I could use my coal to purchase things in the Arsenal and gift them to others. Even if I have to pay a 20% penalty or similar -- if I buy an Aigle for myself it is 49K coal, but for a friend it is 59K... that's no problem. Lots of people in the forums and in games are on disability or fixed incomes and cant cough up $50 for a premium ship... and then we'd have a way to gift them ships they can really use. Make it happen, WG. Please.
  2. This will seem silly but I am clue less here I bought a few of the $3 gifts on the premium shop and see here it says to open them " Received gifts can be opened in the Port on the transport ship" what does that even mean and where is this transport ship it speaks of? I do not see it any where in my inventory or a transport ship for that matter to switch to in my carousal of ships.
  3. Please let me send gifts to multiple people all at once so I don't have to wait until the next day to send only another 8 (my limit is 8 per day due to my credit card). And if I remember correctly, Santa doesn't have a hard cap of sending only so-and-so amount per day. (I know it's unlimited on your end, but on our end, it's a different matter.) So can you please change your gifting system by next year's Christmas so this doesn't happen? Thanks :)
  4. Gifts NOT received!

    My friend has gifted me two gifts last night and paid for them. I have NOT received them even after my crate timer has reset. Why is this an issue? WarGaming I'm looking at you.
  5. Best Santa Gift?

    Last year the best crates for me ended up being the 3 dollar ones. Is this the case again this year? Post what you got and which crates you bought.
  6. The "Thanks, Santa!" Thread

    Just thought I'd start a thread where folks can thank those who sent gifts their way this year, whether it be a few Santa crates, a ship ... whatever. I'll start: Major thanks to delp5117 for the Santa crate! Got me 15 Red Dragon flags -- very helpful to a n00b who despises the Furutaka. Post yours below.
  7. Here is my video for my 20 Santa's Mega Gifts opening. I got 4 ships, and 3 were back to back. That gives about a 25% drop rate for ships in the mega containers. Good luck all, enjoy the video, may your bilge pumps be merry, and your HE bright.
  8. You need to give whomever came up with the Christmas container plan one heckuva bonus... trip to the Bahamas, some gold bars, something... I would expect, just by what one can read all over the net, this Christmas holiday was HUGELY successful for you. Congratulations. It would also be "in the spirit" of Christmas to dole out a bit of coin above and beyond what you'd done in the past to aid and assist the preservation of those ships in need of help. Like the Texas. Or others around your gaming world. But mostly - and seriously - give those folks a raise. Wow. You struck literal gold .
  9. This may be a simple thing but let me explain. I have sent some doubloons as a gift to a friend thru PAYPAL and it worked out nicely so he could continue up the ladder. Okay I sent another 1000 doubloons to him thru paypal but its been over 5 hours and his account has not been updated. I wrote a ticket of this concern and cut and pasted the total WOW email with all the details as to this doubloon purchase. Now they tell me to give them a screen shot of transaction...now Im confused a Screen shot of the EMAIL transaction or the confirmation you get right after the paypal has been sent to WOW? Now that I don't know how to get as thats long gone. Another question is that when the recipient gets the credits...IF I remember right he has to accept them.via some msg or does it automatically add in to the present bank he has? Thanks in advance if you can help out. I have already addressed this thru the WOW ticket system and now awaiting an answer. PPS - my young friend bought the Carolina with XP but needs a measely 40 boubloon on the research and extra doubloon charges. its killing him....