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Found 3 results

  1. VG_Kairos

    Dodge that in style

    I think these are hilarious to watch.
  2. Carrier_Lexington

    Show me your Clan/Division mates in Gif Form!

    Hello! I just wanted people to post memes, gifs, and good-humored jokes about their clan-mates or most usual division-mates. Pay attention to that word: good-humored. This is not a place to go divulging people's innermost secrets, nor is it a place to go to insult another user you don't like. Don't ruin the fun for everyone. Also, remember all gifs, pictures, and memes have to be forum-appropriate. Please avoid all swears and pictures of a gory or sexual nature. Remember, if it isn't safe for work, it isn't safe for WoWS. With that being said, here's my take on my clan-mates in-battle (and me): @Carrier_Lexington: (I have terrible survivability stats) @Doomlock @Jnobsir @renegadestatuz @RivertheRoyal @KmsH44 @Dr_Richtofen (hehehe, he's the clan-leader, so he is) (I have other clanmates, but these are the ones I div with most regularly)
  3. yamatotamura

    gif as signiture

    I can't upload a gif on my signature. Yes its within the 468x100. any suggestions?