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Found 2 results

  1. enderland07

    Time to say goodbye

    This has been a long time coming. I have spent countless hours over nearly 10k games (plus tons more in test ships) and more money than my wife was happy about over the last five years since that fateful beta test email showed up in my inbox. I have spent way too much of my time reading and writing on these forums over those years and met a lot of great people here, both present and past. There was a time I loved this game. In fact, I spent many years defending it as a great and enjoyable game both here and on Reddit. I have always been a huge fan of World War II naval history. When I was a kid, I wore out the Time Life book Carrier War as well as reading the local library out of all their books on WWII navy... in elementary school. My graduate capstone project was around designing a system for classifying images so that the WarshipPorn subreddit would be searchable (someday I'll actually buikld that system...). I used to love this game. In fact I still love parts of the game - the modeling department for WoWS does an amazing job. The ships are still so cool and well done. The combat animations are phenomenal. I've spent hours in port just looking at ships, chatting with friends.. But over the last few years, this game has become increasingly a chore to "play." The times of spending hours playing WoWS and quitting for the night energized and excited have faded into frustration and sadness as the game balance falls further and further from a well designed game. There are numerous causes of this, none of which are going to be fixed by this post but more importantly, I simply have lost faith these will change for the better. It is sad to see but at a certain point, I must accept this game no longer is what it once was. For me, the glory days of WoWS are long past. It is time for me to move on. Fair winds, and following seas my fellow captains.
  2. The Game launcher states "The Data Obtained from the update service is incorrect" Ok and how do I fix it????