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Found 1 result

  1. Logged on yesterday to discover I'd been kicked into co-op only mode. Reason being, my unstable internet connection dropped me in several games in one day over the weekend. The penalty games piled up, then when I logged yesterday on it was co-op only. Played a couple of those. . . then my internet dropped me on the third one. Logged off in disgust. My internet comes and goes. Sometimes it's great and I can string 15-20 games in a row without getting dropped. Every once in a while it's bad like the other day. At this point though, there's no guarantee I'll be able to string together enough games to get out of co-op jail, so I might just have to quit. I've been looking around at other games I can play that don't require a stable internet connection - or where it doesn't really matter if the connection drops mid-game. Sometime this year I'm going to move. I'd be lying if I said that moving to a place with better internet service didn't factor into that. So maybe eventually I'll be able to play regularly again. It's a shame. I love WoWS, and spend a ton of money on this game. . . but this ridiculous punishment for my unstable internet is going to force me to explore other options. I wish they would get rid of this stupid rule. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with it. As it is, it's going to cost them for quite a while one of their valuable paying contributors.