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Found 5 results

  1. I recently got Erich Loewenhardt and I've played a few games with it. So far it is a fun CV to play, I don't have enough battles with her to give an overall impression. At any rate, I was curious & decided to test E. Loewenhardt's secondaries vs. her tech-tree counterpart, the Weser. Both have 5 x 2 105mm guns, but E. Loewenhardt has additional 8 x 2 150's in the hull, 4 turrets on each side. The test is as follows: both ships are taken into a training battle vs. a stationary Fuso bot. Both Weser & Loewenhardt have the secondary battery ship module, with a secondary signal mounted. I used my Graf Zeppelin captain, who has BFT, & AFT. Both ships secondaries reach 7.6 km fully spec'd. The carrier was approx. 7km away from the Fuso for each test & all secondary guns were able to fire on target. A timer was started when the secondaries began firing & stopped when the Fuso was sank. Each test was repeated 3 times for both Weser & Loewenhardt (6 tests total), to get an average of three. Here are the results: WESER vs. FUSO (Averages): Secondary Battery: Hits - 223.6 Shots fired - 1,037.3 Damage - 16,641.3 Fires: 4.3 Damage Caused by Fire: 40,458.6 Time to Sink: 5 min. 11.3 sec. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERICH LOEWENHARDT vs. FUSO (Averages): Secondary Battery: Hits - 147.3 Shots fired - 1,082.6 Damage - 14,517.3 Fires: 4.6 Damage Caused by Fire: 42,582.6 Time to Sink: 4 min. 2.6 sec. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For every 4-5 shots fired by Weser, 1 would hit the target. (4.63) For every 7-8 shots fired by E. Loewenhardt, 1 would hit the target. (7.35) Based on the data & observations from the testing, E. Loewenhardt does not have the improved secondary dispersion & accuracy that Weser & the tech tree German CVs have. It seems to have standard secondary dispersion patterns, like other nation's CVs have. However, Loewenhardt was able to sink the Fuso quicker than Weser. Weser relies on her 5 x 2 105's, which pen 26mm by default. Loewenhardt's additional 150's can pen 38mm of armor. Fuso's central deck armor is 36mm, while her bow, stern & side plating are all 26mm (not including her side casemate armor, which is 152mm). Weser could only pen Fuso's superstructure, side plating, bow & stern, whereas Loewenhardt's additional 150's could pen all that plus the deck armor. So, in conclusion, E. Loewenhardt doesn't have the improved secondary dispersion the tech-tree German CVs get, but having the additional 150's makes up for the accuracy difference. I believe this test would go a lot differently vs. a smaller cruiser or destroyer instead of a Fuso, Weser might win in those cases. Any comments or questions are welcome! - FairWindsFollowingSeas [NA]
  2. One thing I like about the new tech tree German CV's is that their dive bombers fly at high altitude. As soon as they launch, they go near-vertical to achieve that altitude, and I really like the view of looking down at the battlefield from such height. Sometimes, even the battleships look like tiny destroyers, and I get a sensation that I'm really soaring high, lol. Of course, Graf Zeppelin's dive bombers aren't like that, because GZ is an older ship, preceding the new tech tree ships. So I was wondering if it would be okay to suggest an update to GZ, so that her dive bombers fly at such high altitude too. Just saying. And while at it maybe even change her dive bombers' aiming reticle, from the useless (lel) perfect circle, to a more elliptical shape of her tech tree counterpart. I think this would also make her dive bombers a little more useful than they're now, TBH. Plus, maybe even make the stuka sirens a little louder, for all German CV's? LUL. Thank you for your time, lal.
  3. We're going hardcore tonight: I'm unlocking the German Tier 4 carrier. Gonna do some Midway and GZ games...and will be opening containers. May very very very well offer some loot today for subscribers. Open to divs as well, lets have some fun people!
  4. Submarine_M1

    Manfred von Richthofen

    WARNING-------WiP INC.... this is where i had some info on it- https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/04/manfred-richthofen-german-tier-x-aircraft-carrier.html?fbclid=IwAR0jWWJ-GfUO5J9vv_64X8vPslinasff2Y-K5DA56fWhgFDlmq3mWFPBoK8 based on it, and some current capt skills and abilities, it would be a meme boat, even without the amount of secondaries as the USS midway... basically, 10.44km sec range, 10.78 km concealment, and 32 ifhe pen would make it....interesting...... and with 100 sec hits, without the 2 pointer capt skill, will give it 1.675 reload (after 100 sec hits with Lutjens) , so i think it would outgun many DDs, if angled, and if they use he (ap would shred secondaries easily, from the rapid firing guns) i have an 18 point commander Lutjens just 4 that ship.....on the 19th, and with the last point, would PT, AS, or LG be best? (i had IEB for the 1st point, along with IE, BFT AFT IFHE and CE on the 18 point capt. its for the memes :v ) with that being said, i'll also try to get another commander, this time 4 a recommended build, starting with when the ships going to be released, and use that for competitive, if possible/necessary..... otherwise, i'll use the lutjens commander with a 2 gearing div, as it would benefit from the smoke, and with, i assume, good dispersion on the secondaries and concealment/range, would be....interesting..... for the module, i will list it here as well in the pic below- here's the build, with lutjens in place of the stock commander- ik the aircraft survivability is horrible and its secondaries is not enough to make it good, and also is a WiP, but i wanted to see if i could make it interesting to play.... good luck and fair seas <0
  5. Please hear me out first... because I think the idea actually has some merit. So, after the CV Rework, Graf Zeppelin lost her Stukas, and got some kind of a phantasy-navalized version of Ta 152 as her bombers. Fair enough, since this game has chucked the idea of 'adhering to historical accuracy as much as possible' out the window... so why not, right? LOL. I mean, since we came this far on such phantasy setups on all kinds of botes in the game... why don't we have Me 262 as the planes for the upcoming Tier X German CV, Manfred Richthofen? WeeGee can maybe somehow "navalize" the Me 262 (using their magik), and put it into the game as the first jet plane of World of Warships! I think the idea is mouth watering, TBH... but that's just me, lel. In short, put this: On this: So that we can go WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH and ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM on the battlefield... lul. I mean, when I really think about it... it kinda makes sense. It looks like the whole gimmick of the German air group would be their fast flying speed... and Me 262 fits in so nicely into that mold, because it was really, really, really fast, back in its time. A biggest irony that I see here is that Me 262 was a REAL aircraft that saw REAL actions during World War 2. Only "phantasy" part of would be that the plane would be "navalized" to fit into the game... but otherwise, a real aircraft on a phantasy carrier bote. Imagine that... or maybe it's just me again, lal. Still, it may sound very fake overall... but I say that at least it would be very kewl and awesome, lol. I bet doing this would make the line very popular too... me thinks, lel. If I had my way, Me 262 would fill the roles for all three plane types... but if that's too much, then having them as just the rocket planes would be enough, I say. Besides, look what I found on Wikipedia... lul. Something similar to that would fit the mold very nicely... wouldn't you say? LAL. Thank you for your time, and stay safe... lol.