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Found 2 results

  1. I just started playing beyond that first daily crate because of the changes to how ARP camo is done, so I am restoring those ships and that made me happy enough to play a bit more. Was playing catch up on the German CV event, zipping thru the first Directives and almost done with the second set so I decided to see what all the prizes would be... All I can find is crates and a red camouflage for a premium ship.. Is this a special camo like the Tirpitz Tanacostrich (sp) camo that gives an additional bonus? Is there a point to it other than how it looks? Is the best I can hope for finishing this event is a bunch of crates and this camo or am I missing something?
  2. Seeing as how WG has chosen to dangle free stuff before its users, only to put a zinger at the end of each chain, thus effectively neutering the possibility of fully participating for the great majority(a minor reason why I don't support this tease company with a dime)... It looks like the only benefit I'll get out of the token collection portion of this 'contest' is whatever silver the German tokens are exchanged for. Has there been any revelation of this amount? 9,000 silver? 15,000 silver. This will help assess whether to use tokens for flags, etc., or just let'em sit until the exchange.