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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all I am grinding through Hipper and I am noticing get that I can improve some. So I am asking today for tips on how to play better as I want achieve a higher damage output. I have noticed that the ap is far more effective than the he is for some reason. I think my main problem is being too agressive on caps. I am trying to get to tier 10 Hindenburg by the wows anniversary as apart of a goal to get to ten tier tens. So I welcome any tips on the tier 8,9,10. Hipper is fully upgraded on Hull c.
  2. This is an idea of a potential buff I thought up while playing Twilight Battles. The cruisers have a long range, 15km, 15 second hydro that has unlimited charges and reloads in like a minute. This serves as a good quick poking tool to see where the enemy generally is and spot some torps you strongly think are out there. The Germans, have been lacking the same utility other cruisers have, such as the radar cruisers. Why not give the German cruisers a similar second hydro consumable like this one to help mend this lack of utility? It doesn’t have to be the same. In the name of balance, maybe it can be a little shorter ranged, have a slower cooldown, shorter duration or limited charges. This is just an idea and I am curious if anyone thinks this is a good idea to give them a longer range poking hydro to work alongside their current hydro (or def aa if you are into that)