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Found 3 results

  1. Tommycooker_1

    IFHE and the Kurfurst

    I must be missing something because I see tons of coments about using the IFHE for Kurfurst secondaries. The option to take IFHE does is X'd out for my captain. What are people talking about?
  2. I was attempting to put IFHE on my Bismarck to boost its secondaries, but the option was locked. Is it possible to put IFHE on the Bismarck and if so how?
  3. So, on friday I finally managed to get a 14 pts captain, which means I could finally get the secondary build to "fully work" with the maximum range and minimum dispersion...but then...this was the result: Even though I was able to do a lot of damage with main battery, it was due to the fact that players were broadsiding me often and so I was able to citadel A LOT even while using 380mm guns, I even managed to citadel the Tirpitz and the dreaded USN Bismarck (Massachusetts). But for a secondary build, the secondary damage was horrible, it was a pain to grind for the 14 pts captain, specially with the need to respec every tier up, and after this result I asked for help in the forum. And one of the suggestions was to go for IFHE, well, I was dead set for the IFHE for my future 18pt captain but I thought the 20% increase in range was better, specially because WG says that the skill is innefective for my ship. Well...today I was proved that WG is at mistake here... Before IFHE I did 62 damage per secondary shell. After removing the increase in range and putting IFHE, I started doing 246 damage per secondary shell. THAT'S ALMOST 400% INCREASE IN DAMAGE PER SHELL How can WG put IFHE as a not recommended for KM BBs? This is the biggest bait ever for people trying out secondary builds, IFHE is the best option for german BBs and this should actually be highlighted for players, instead of adding a warning saying that it's inneficient. So, I ask for WG to change this, maybe put additional info stating that this skill works for secondary weaponry of if it's actually recommended for secondary build on certain ship. My captain at the momment: