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Found 1 result

  1. It's everybody's favorite pest, DOG-(approaching but never reaching WOWS)- GET. Admiral Yogi admonished us wisely but obscurely, to take the damn thing. But was he also channeling Jesus Jones and mean Right Here Right Now? My intended quest to get the Fiji, was tempered by yawls advice and so I turned to the Leander. Events led my to look at the German cruiser line, to sea what it would take to get to. say, Tier V. Looking at the Cahonnes Burg, I, of course snooped at the Yorck, then up to the Adm. Hipper. So, being the type of American Churchill had in mind (will ALWAYS do the right thing after trying EVERY other option), I decided to actually look and see what I might have in that line; from which to calculate the cost to get to a gnu Yorck. But lo and behave, I already have (had?) a freakin Nurnberg! Sooooo... My road has a 3-tined fork: Leander, starting from a previous Black Swan; Yorck, and/or on hippity hop to Hipper (leaning to avoid T8, though); Des Moines, my self-perceived raison d'etre and wildest dream (with all that having a <first> T10 would involve). Off-course, they are not mutually reclusive, so they are all within my ken, but still... Good advice is worth its weight in Dubloons. Thanks.