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Found 12 results

  1. Since it's recently been a topic of discussion, these are the restrictions for the Clan season. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/128 Not a CB player, though afaik the bans/limits make sense. Mogador packs were reported to be pretty common, Musashi without CVs and overmatch capability was in a strong spot, Georgia with the quick heals, 30mm overmatch capability and nigh DD speed. Wondering what CB players have to comment on these changes.
  2. So I got Georgia for coal, and now with the news of some premiums going away, is it worth getting the Massa? Like is it worth having both premiums or will Georgia suffice my need for a secondary ship? I also have a bunch of gold from free Santa crates and a coupon so I can get Massa half off, however, I also really want Warspite.
  3. barbaroja_Ar

    Update 0.10.1 date?

    Hi all When is Update 0.10.1 due? February? 9.11 is in PTS, so it should be December I assume 0.10 will be January @Hapa_Fodderis there official release dates? TIA
  4. Mechduck

    PvE Ship Choice

    I know I have seen various takes on this, but I'm looking for a PvE specific answer. Most of what I have seen are more Random/Ranked/Clan Battle related. Please forgive me for asking again. Once I get all the steel/coal from the New Years event, I will have enough coal to purchase one of two ships: Georgia or Pommern. My dilemma is that I'm a PvE main, but I'm also a split USN/German main. I have plenty of tech tree ships from both, but I also have a handful of USN premiums. My favorites are Texas, Sims, and Massachusetts. I absolutely love the Mass. She's probably my favorite ship currently. On the other hand, I also have both the Gneisenau (yes, I actually kept her... fun ship) and the Bismarck, both of which are in my top 5. I do not have Tirpitz or Scharnhorst (though I'd love to have the latter). I'm also not afraid of ships that get mixed-at-best reviews, or have screwball mechanics. I run (and thoroughly enjoy) the Graf Spee in COOP and Scenarios. If you want to pull my ship stats, by all means see if there are any hints. I tend to prefer mid range combat over long range sling out battles. There is a possibility of me getting into Ranked Sprint at some point, but I'm still going to be mostly PvE. The biggest issue I have, is I can only get one. I know Georgia is leaving the shop very soon, but if I go with her there's a really really good chance I won't build up enough coal to get Pommern before she leaves the Armory. And financially I can't spend actual money to get either. So, if you had to choose one of them and only one, which would you choose?
  5. Here are the ships I am certain have better than average secondary battery accuracy: USS Oklahoma, USS Massachusetts, USS Georgia, and USS Ohio. If you know some of the other ships with this characteristic, please list below. Thanks!
  6. American_777

    Georgia for Doubloons?

    I’ve heard that Georgia may be available by in game doubloons, is this true? I would like to pick up the Georgia before she leaves. Will try and get Thunderer before 0.10.1. If I play all the daily containers for coal every day will I be able to get Thunderer for 189k? If I convert steel to make the purchase? I have 40k at this moment. Just got back to WoWs so I have like no resources.
  7. This is for my clan mate mrphill who is deployed overseas for the US Army. This match was played on the Army's contractor network know for laag. GG WP mrphill Random Battle - Northern Lights Map 176k Damage, 2.5k Base XP Confederate, Fireproof, Double Strike, Close Quarters Expert, Dreadnought, Kraken, High Caliber Replay source here
  8. Picked up one of these beasts for Coal, figured I might make a thread like the other BB's (why doesn't every ship in the game have it's own specific thread here in this sub-forum?). US Battleship Georgia - T9 Premium - The Big Gun Box O'Gimmicks Key Points & Features: It has 6 gigantic 457 mm (18 inch) main battery guns (compared to the Iowa class with 16 inch). Very accurate over long distances. They can absolutely crush ships of any class, overmatch 30mm plate and have at or near the best single shell damage in the game. If you get a citadel in this it's going to wipe off a huge portion of that ships health pool. They are also quick loading (for a Battleship) with a 26 second reload time. A large amount of long ranged 127mm secondary guns. With appropriate upgrades, captain skills and flag you can get as far as 11.3km on them. Improved cooldown Repair Party. Premium Camo with reduced service and higher XP gain. While it doesn't have an "inbuilt" credit modifier like an Atlanta, it still makes a high amount of credits. A cruiser level Engine Boost consumable with a 15% speed bump. You can approach 40 knots with this and a speed flag on on, and if you shell out for the Engine Boost modification (available for coal in the Armoury) it lasts 4 minutes 30 seconds. This can get you out of a tough spot, or get you into one where your team needs you, very quickly. Or get you a ram on an enemy battleship. Concerns: You need to be able to aim accurately to use this ship effectively. It has a low overall DPS on the main battery and with only 6 guns you need to make shots count and position yourself to not waste time on firing. Even with the improved accuracy, you will still get RNG'd and miss, if you get tilted by RNG this might not be the ship for you. Has typical American floaty shells, to make aiming even harder. It is relatively squishy compared to many other T9 and TX BB's. It is also quite prone to main battery knockouts. Angling only gets you so far. The secondaries, quick heal & speed boost will cause some players to overpush and get caught out of position and get smashed. This ship is capable of brawling, but it isn't a tank like other ships are. Modules: Spotter vs Fighter doesn't really matter. Personal preference. Upgrades: Main Armaments 1 is the obvious choice. The special DCP Mod 1 can be useful as it gives you an extra 8 seconds of flood & fire immunity when you use it. The Coal Engine Boost Modification for more engine boost time. If you don't have it, then the Damage Control System Mod 1 for reduced fire/flood. Secondary Battery Mod 1. If you aren't playing this ship as a pushing brawler then you shouldn't be playing it, there are far better snipers out there. Damage Control System 2 Concealment Mod 1 or Ship Consumables Mod. Most people will say "always take concealment". But you have a very fast ship. If you are in a place where you need that concealment you've probably failed to use this ship correctly. Take the boost to your heals & damcon. Artillery Plotting Room Mod 2. You need the better disperson. Captain Skills: THIS SECTION IS OUTDATED due to the Captain Skill rework. Left here for archive reasons. I don't play the game any more, the rework seems like a gigantic nerf to secondary BB's. Might as well just take all the secondary skills and just accept you're going to get farmed to death from long range HE spamming BB's. There's a few ways to go here. A tank build will do fine in this ship without fully playing to it's strengths, presumably coming from captains from other BB's in the US lineup that you want to train in this. One note is I don't bother with Concealment Expert in this ship. 4 points for a 1.44km reduction in concealment, when you're in a Battleship isn't worth it imo, especially when you will often have the engine boost to get away much quicker than normal Battleships can. Completing the American "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign ends with the reward of special captain Halsey, who has a really good Expert Marksman, which is a superb skill in this ship. I use a "hybrid" captain, which takes some tank skills (most importantly, Fire Prevention) and most but not all, of the secondary skills: Priority Target Expert Marksman Superintendent Manual Secondaries Advanced Firing Training Fire Prevention Preventative Maintenance Full Bore Secondaries. Tier 1 Skill (up to you) Expert Marksman Superintendent Manual Secondaries Advanced Firing Training Basic Firing Training Adrenaline Rush I've been playing this ship as a flanking ship, and trying to pick the moment to charge forward. Avoid the middle. Shoot anything that's broadside and avoid giving your own broadside. Ramming is a surprisingly easy thing to do against enemy Battleships when the speed boost is active. How are you guys liking it?
  9. Hey all, I'm just looking to get a feel for what people think is the best option. My stats are public, so you can see that I'm a mediocre/middling player. I play every class these days, CVs the least by far. I've got enough coal for any one of the top-tier armory ships right now. I hear the Georgia is really good, nice guns and good secondaries. I've also heard that the Thunderer is an excellent investment, and possibly OP. I don't know what coal ships people are expecting to be released in the near (3-6 months) future, so I don't know if it's worth saving my coal. I still have my coupon thankfully, so that'll help me reduce the cost of whatever I choose somewhat. Right now I play German BBs, German DDs, French BBs, and American Cruisers, and French DDs the most. I'm pretty flexible, just not necessarily great. I thankfully got Nelson and Mushashi for free XP.
  10. Oldschool_Gaming_YT

    I just love my new Georgia!!!

    So I jumped the gun last night and bought Georgia, which was a ship that had went a bit under the radar for me, hadnt really seen much of it. But O...M....G what a ship!!! This is my first game I played in the ship and I got: 6 Kills 177 K Damage Kraken Unleashed Confederate (triggering Halseys perk with faster reload) High Caliber Devestating strike 2 x Close Quarters Expert I read the review from Little White Mouse and followed some of his/her advise for captainbuild (went a bit in between tank and manly build) What is you setup on you Georgia? Is there a better build for it? My setup and captain build in the end of the video.
  11. Well, I think everyone with a Mass and everyone who doesn't have a Mass will be queuing for this if she is released in that iteration. She seems to take this type of gameplay to the next level. I don't know if the Engine Boost is needed though; maybe toning it down a bit duration or extra speed wise, especially if you consider how many cruisers and DDs can get caught up by Georgia. As with all CC content, take it with a grain of salt, it's WiP content.
  12. Here’s a preview of Georgia. Her guns pack a punch. She’s a good boat but can be very RNG dependent. I’ve got no issues with her other than why? So many other USS BBs, why go the paper route. Still, I suspect she’ll be a popular option.