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Found 4 results

  1. rafael_azuaje

    Gnenova NEED Buff

    Currently, the Italian Genoa cruise is very rubbish, because it is a weak cruise with the worst main battery, it has a battleship recharge, there is no cruise in the game with 20 seconds of recharging. The very high turret turn that makes it impossible to have a Battle against a destroyer. Defense weapon that are torpedoes are very useless in T5, because they are extremely slow and with very low damage. their SAP & AP shells are basically the same both cause appointment, they should replace the AP with the HE. Every T5 cruiser is always equipped with hydroacoustics, it can carry defensive AA or smoke. slightly improve the shielding is too weak the genova need BUFF IN: 1- remove AP shells for HE 2-keep SAP shells 3-fix reload main Guns 20 secs to 13 secs 4-ADD HYDRO or smoke , all cruiser T5 has hydro. 5- the torpedoes need up damage becuase 9xxx is nothing vs a BB I think that it make better genova. if someone supports me in this ideas well, and if not tell me why?
  2. Please notice the top ship for both the winners and those who did not win...(Losers) Yes my team lost..... How is it that the TOP SHIP for both teams was the much maligned and spit upon Italian Tier V Cruiser Genova?????? Don't listen to the complainers you did just fine War Gaming
  3. which to my mind, is a very good deal. a quick Coop shakedown revealed excellent, if slow, torps (2 x 2 per side, with superb arcs of fire), while the 203 mm punish other t5 ships. Quirky "old fashioned" ww1 looks with traces of pre ww1 armoured cruiser DNA (her stern which you don't see in this screenshot, especially). My Captain (yeh I know, what the hell am I doing with my Roma BB captain in my RM heavy/light cruisers? Stupid I guess, but it seems to work just fine) : Every Italian SAP cruiser needs aiming sys mod 1 in that 3rd slot, it really does make a big difference with their slow rate of fire. Now for a random battle to find out more. FTR there was a Montecuccoli and a Genova on both teams. I was disappointed to not get a chance to effectively use my torps (dealing dmg) they were restricted to area denial sea mine role (which worked as expected). The battle was very unexceptional, very snipy. I made (ok) use of Genova's good top speed to explore the flanks and harrass at range (that was supposed to tbe French cruiser thing, right?). quick and dirty impression : concealment (when captain specced with CE) is quite decent at 10.3 km, coupled with a gun range of 14.3 km, that leaves generous room for safe manouvre and playing touch da fishy. guns, 203 mm at tier 5 are very nice to have. Excellent dmg versus battleships (when broadside) and dds/ But SAP is very unreliable versus cruisers, so it is very helpful to switch to plain AP as soon as you think an enemy cruiser is going to show some nice flat armour at a 90° angle to your shells. agility, very good for a heavy cruiser. Genova is not classed as a light cruiser, so in theory she shouldn't feel anything like her tech tree compagni, but she does. Excellent turn rate, very good speed (35km). Should you buy her? Of course not, don't be stupid, she's FREE!
  4. riverslq

    genova review

    don't bother. it feels like a large destroyer without the speed, without the manuverability, absolutely no armor, oh, and the reload time off something much much larger. and good luck if you're undertiered. you're screwed. this italian line so far is a joke guys. did they somehow get october mixed up with april?