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Found 7 results

  1. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    Hey all. I wanted to get some more recent feedback about the Mogami in terms of her preferred setup. The age old 155mm vs 203mm question. After the commander rework is the 155 still the best? I’ve only got one commander and I’m grinding for Zao so IFHE won’t be happening for the 155. Is it still preferable to the 203 even without IFHE? Or is the 155 with IFHE such an upgrade that it’s worth respeccing the commander to use it? If not then I’ll continue on with the 203s but if it’s worth it then I’ll consider changing some skills.
  2. spudd1

    holiday ops

    I'm not one to shy away from a challenge but I will say that the 20/20 operation was well beyond a reasonable game play for a holiday scenario.
  3. Recently in a clan battle with a bwn. I had been given a very good gift with a British Battleship of tea or number 10. And now since the time I've been in the games to spend this group of people or one person. Their ships are at least a little too overpowered. Just from one strike they've literally destroyed a ship with double armor in line or on the computer screen. I don't know if it's someone who is got into game or if it's someone who is done something in a cheating way. Or anything that is made it look like it is not supposed to happen. But they made it happen. Or one person made it happen. Just to discussion for a concern.
  4. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Premium Ship help

    So I wanted some help in deciding my next premium ship. I already have the doubloons for either Lenin or Prinz Eugen. I already have Alabama and Massachusetts and Tirpitz so those are no longer an issue. I was really looking for a more fun to play credit earner. I had seen mixed reviews on the Lenin and the PE, but I have a considerable love for Baltimore and the CA playstyle in general so I would like to think that the PE would be a good ship for me. However, I tend to grab more credits in BBs and CAs. This would be a hard choice as I have Vladviostock as well and do extremely well in her even after the sigma nerf. So I had discounted the Lenin as a poor ship due to the poor reviews she got upon release. However, when the tier 8 ranked sprint was out there were a few Lenins who did extremely well and even trolled my NC. Granted that particular Lenin that gave me trouble had the legendary captain who he must have met the requirements for to get the massive heal bonus. So killing him was a nightmare as he was angled away and we kept trading shots over and over. As for the Lenin itself it seems like a decent ship with the soviet fun of the Vlad. But my friend who is a very good player and a veteran player has recommended the PE. He had really been pushing the Kidd and the Cossack and I have the Kidd but do poorly in her. DDs are not my strength at the moment and so I would like something that is fun to play and makes great credits. Granted he is a CV and DD player so I lack the skill he has with those two classes. So his advice would be dubious on this topic for me. So I was hoping to get some opinions on which ship is preferred among those who own them. I would like a CA to grind credits with as I only have Alaska for that a good ship like PE would be a great ship to have but I am unsure about how I will do in her. The Lenin on the other hand would maybe be more familiar if she is even a fraction of the fun of the Vlad. I am unsure as to which ship to choose but my games in Alabama tend to get boring and my Jean Bart is a great credit earner but tier 9 MM as of right now is rather brutal and my tier 8 mm seems to be much more friendly to me. I was almost sure on Lenin but I saw she has atrocious torpedo protection. I would think Lenin would be more of a one trick pony but fun to play. And that PE might be less fun but would have more utility. In this sense I would wager fun > utility as a fun ship is more playable, meaning I would be more than happy to play a fun ship over and over for credits instead of dreading to press the battle button like in my Jean Bart. So while Lenin might be what I would lean toward I would also think the PE could be a real gem to play. Unfortunately my div mate who I mentioned previously was adamant for me to free xp the Hipper and so I did and did not play it. I would wager she is decent as I see Hippers do very well even in tier 9 games. So maybe I was wrong to skip the Hipper but I did like the Yorck and like the Roon. Although I still feel like I need more experience in tier 9-10 games as I am not as experienced in those as I would like and for that reason I struggle a bit more on Roon. So with the information stated above and maybe a look at my probably poor stats I would like some opinions on which ship I would do better in. The main concern being that while Lenin looks more appealing to me I would think that I have too many premium BBs and would like to have a different option for credit grinding. Thanks in advance to any help that could be offered.
  5. Let me preface by saying it's a tier X game. Oh well, we get these from time to time-- I'm expecting something around 50k damage, like any other tier 8 would in this kinda game. Well, let's just say he started off the match feeding me his entire squadron of rockets to my rocket squadron deployed fighters, he gets some back home, living barely. Alright, great so far... Let's see what else happens-- He then proceeds to run his torpedo squadron into a Gearing.... Who has a torpedo squadron deployed fighter squadron above him... Mine, of course-- so now his torpedo bombers are slowly but surely recharging after the encounter. Alright.... Kinda really questionable at this point, but let's keep going. At this point, I had been harassing some ships but it's been pretty modest, just stoking coals at this point, waiting for the mid game to pop up. I go for the Gr. Kurfurst on their team with some planes, it was whatever. And then I watch this Enterprise throw his entire torpedo squadron into a Georgia... You know, that ship with pretty darn good AA, let alone being a tier above the Lucky E captain? There were no survivors of course. At this point, the enemy team is folding up into a corner of the map, we're slowly but surely winning-- I do eventually become food for the shima, but it's fine, I got a torpedo squadron before I crumpled and that squadron will eventually haul me over the 50k benchmark I give myself for damage output. As I'm flying my torpedo squadron out to do some damage, this Enterprise proceeds to whine in ALL chat that his planes died in one pass to a tier X, and how is he supposed to deal with that. So of course, I call him out on his stupidity, questioning why he would even think that's a smart idea, and to "go for another target lol". Game closes out, he's last one alive, so I have my remaining torpedo bombers scout him out, and as soon as I do, he pulls out his torpedo bombers with the sole intention of putting down a fighter squadron on top of himself and his carrier automated one. At this point, I'm just and keep him lit up for the team. Game ends, and I question the capabilities of someone who has a tier VIII premium CV, thus reasonably assumed to be something of a CV player himself, and then play that poorly, handle his resources in such a mediocre way, and then to blame the system itself for his mistakes; whereas I started playing CVs a few weeks ago sans the period of two weeks I played them back in CBT Do I intend to undermine the legitimacy of the under powered state of CVs? Not really, more along the lines of undermining the capabilities of these "CV players" \ As something I told him, and something I'm now seriously thinking about-- the AA and CV reworks helped in blocking high tier CVs from actually garbage players playing them, walling them off so that actually good players, with actual potential for viability can play carriers in higher tiers. Lets people expect more than just a coin flip like way back in the beginning where the accessibility was ridiculous, and the skill ceiling infinitely more so. I don't think this is a healthy thing for other ship classes, but for carriers, whom you only see 1 or 2 (or 3 in low tiers currently due to influx) of in a game, it's perfectly adequate in my sincere and humble opinion.
  6. If you're just looking at first five days its fine. Cannot scroll down to look at any further days. I like immediate satisfaction(just ask my wife). Its frustrating that I cannot scroll down to see what todays loggin reward will be! I want to know my reward before I sacrifice myself to better players!
  7. Soooo I got this nice 43" 4k monitor and it makes the game look super good when im rolling it stock, however it messes with my aim in world of warships and actually makes everything feel like its going in slow motion. So my question is, do any of yall know how to fix that without messing with the resolution and making the game look like pixilated garbage. Thanks.